Easily Organize, Claim and Renew Insurance!

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Some insurance companies load the renewal premium if you make a claim on your policy in the previous year. This enhances the premium outgo making the plan dearer. However, with Yoga, you can stay healthy and avoid claims. When there would be no claims, there would be no claim-based loading allowing you to keep your health insurance costs affordable.

5. Get the best deal

Lastly, when you practice Yoga and stay fit you get a variety of health plans to choose from. You can compare the coverage across multiple policies and choose a plan that offers the best coverage at the most affordable rates.

There is a reason Yoga is acknowledged worldwide to be a way of healthy living. It improves your body functions, and its systems and helps you stay fit and healthy. In fact, if practised regularly, you can also bid adieu to common lifestyle illnesses. If you also add meditation to your routine, you can improve your mental health too.

So, this World Yoga Day, add Yoga to your lifestyle and witness a positive change in your health. Use this chance to get low-cost health insurance plans which offer a comprehensive scope of protection. Maximise the full potential of this age-old practice and benefit physically, physiologically, mentally and financially.