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Yoga has been recognised internationally for a very simple fact, the health benefits that it offers. Yoga is a complete exercise that can attune your body and mind and help you stay healthy and fit. Furthermore, Yoga also helps in reducing your health insurance cost. 

Surprised? Don’t be! Though indirectly but practising Yoga sure can help you lower your health insurance cost. Here are five ways how –

1. Lower premiums when buying the policy

When you practice Yoga regularly, you can stay fit and healthy. This fitness determines the premium calculation when you buy a health insurance policy. If at the time of buying the health insurance policy, you suffer from a medical complication, the premium of the policy would be increased to bear the increased health risk. However, if you are healthy, you can avoid this loading and enjoy lower premiums.

Infact, some insurance companies also offer discounted premiums for healthy individuals. You can avail of such premiums when you practice Yoga and are healthy.

2. Enjoy no claim bonus

No claim bonus is a reward that health insurance plans offer if you don’t make claims in the previous policy years. When you practice Yoga, you can stay fit and avoid possible lifestyle illnesses and complications. This reduces the probability of claim allowing you the no claim bonus in the policy.

The no-claim bonus can either be given as a free increase in the coverage amount or as a premium discount on renewals. In either case, your health insurance cost goes down. If the sum insured is increased, you enjoy higher coverage at lower rates. Alternatively, you can reduce the premium outgo if there is a renewal discount offered by the insurer.