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About Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance

Bajaj Allianz is one of the most trusted names when it comes to insurance.Running as a joint venture by Bajaj Finserv Ltd. and Allianz SE,Bajaj Allianz offers a wide range of insurance products for individuals and businesses as well.Trusted by many,Bajaj Allianz offers one of the best car insurance policies which meets all the requirements of insurance and provides comprehensive coverage while protecting the rider/insured. The easy system at Bajaj Allianz makes it a brand that provides utmost customer satisfaction and convenience. With add on covers, one can enhance the coverage of the car insurance policy. Whether it is about the cashless settlement or 24*7 roadside assistance,Bajaj Allianz is always available to help its customers. One can really trust Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Plans for securing their ride.

Bajaj Allianz Claim Settlement Ratio


Bajaj Allianz


Industry Average

Car claim settlement ratio is the percentage of claims settled against the total claims received by the insurance company in a given fiscal year. Bajaj Allianz has a claim settlement ratio of 98%, as compared to the industry average of 94.67%.

Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Plans Overview

Bajaj Allianz car insurance offers 2 car insurance plans. The premium of these plans starts from Rs. 2094/yr. Details of the comprehensive coverage provided by the following 2 Bajaj Allianz car insurance plans are listed below:

Own Damage

Starting Premium- ₹ 2,868/yr

There are two types of Bajaj Allianz Own Damage plans:

  1. Damage or loss due to natural calamities

Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance policy covers the policyholder in case of loss or damage due to natural calamities like earthquake, typhoon, flood, hurricane, cyclone, storm, fire, self-ignition, explosion, landslide, etc.

  1. Damage or loss due to man-made activities

The insurance policy provides coverage for man-made causes of loss or damage like theft, strike, burglary, terrorist activity or damage due to transit(road, rail, waterway, air, lift or elevator).

Third Party

Starting Premium- ₹ 2,094/yr

There are types of Bajaj Allianz Third-Party Liability plans

  1. Third-Party Liability

Bajaj Allianz also provides protection for third party liability occurring due to the accident and damage caused to any third party resulting in permanent disability or death.

Bajaj Allianz Premium Calculator

Use our Bajaj Allianz car insurance premium calculator to estimate Bajaj Allianz car insurance premium for your car within 30 seconds

Add-ons Available Under Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Plans

Add-ons are additional coverage benefits which can be chosen voluntarily by paying an additional premium. Add-ons help increase the scope of coverage of the Car insurance policy. Bajaj Allianz Car insurance plans offer the following types of add-ons with the comprehensive policy:

Bajaj Allianz provides all-round assistance of on spot support to help its customers in case of sudden breakdown or accident anywhere. Under the policy, customers also get legal assistance along with the repair of the flat tire, battery jumpstart, etc.

The insurance policy also gives you the option to get your car keys replaced and dealing with the expenses in case they are stolen or lost.

The Bajaj car insurance policy also bears the cost of replacement and repair of damaged or lost consumable items like the engine box, brake oil, gas oil, engine oil, power steering oil, etc.

Among the add-on covers, the policy also gives cover against any injury, permanent disability or death for the driver or the passengers.

In case of oil leakage or water regression causing damage to the engine or the gearbox, the add on cover assists in managing the cost of any repair or replacement of the damage for just one time. This needs prior approval from the company before beginning the repair.

The Bajaj Allianz motor insurance also has an ad-on option for per day cash assistance according to the plan selected in case the vehicle is in the garage for repair for more than a day. The policyholder gets per day cash as per the selected plan.

Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Plans comes with the coverage of INR 2 lakh for the driver/owner to provide protection against uncertain events or accidents. Optional accident coverage is also available for the hired driver/ driver or co-passenger.

Features Of Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Plans

Some of the key features of Bajaj Allianz Car insurance Plans are

  1. Bajaj Allianz provides insurance policies for both private and commercial vehicles
  2. It also provides a towing facility in case of an accident or breakdown
  3. 24*7 assistance support for queries related to the insurance policy
  4. Lock and key replacement option for new and existing customers
  5. Add-on cover features like conveyance benefits, consumable expenses, and accident shield
  6. Easy and quick settlement of insurance claim through a hassle-free process

Bajaj Allianz comes with a handful of benefits for the policyholders

  1. Bajaj Allianz provides fast claim settlement and hassle free process of inspection for settlement
  2. This is the first company that provides a vehicle tracking system called DriveSmart Telematics Device
  3. Bajaj Allianz offers a transfer of 50% of No Claim Bonus discounts
  4. Bajaj Allianz has a network of more than 4000 garages all over India
  5. Bajaj Allianz also comes with a key replacement, zero depreciation add on covers
  6. The repair cost up to 75% is reimbursed to consumers in case of normal reimbursement
  7. Easy status update of claim settlement through SMS

Exclusions Under Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Plans

The policy also has some exclusion for insurance claim like

  1. Wear and tear arising out of normal ageing of the car
  2. Consequential loss, if any
  3. Electrical or mechanical breakdown
  4. Wear and tear of the consumable accessories like tubes and tires
  5. Using vehicle otherwise other than in accordance with the limitations of its use
  6. Driving without a valid driving license
  7. Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs
  8. Damage or loss due to war, nuclear attack or mutiny

How To Raise A Claim Under Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance

There are multiple instances for claiming a Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance plan.

The claiming process of Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance can be explained properly in the following steps:

  1. Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Accidental Claim:
    1. Contact Bajaj Allianz at their toll-free number 18002095858
    2. Fill claim form and lodge the claim
    3. Submit a copy of the driving license, policy document, and vehicle registration certificate
    4. Copy of the FIR, if required
    5. Original bill of the estimated cost
    6. Receipt of cashless service,if any
    7. For reimbursement submit original payment receipts and invoice and estimated bill
  2. Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Theft Claim:
    1. Contact Bajaj Allianz at their toll-free number 18002095858
    2. Fill claim form and lodge the claim
    3. Submit original keys along with driving license, policy document, and vehicle registration certificate
    4. Copy of the FIR
    5. Signed form 28,29,30 and 35
    6. Confirmation and ‘No trace report’ by the police of the insured vehicle
  3. Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Third-party Claim:
    1. Contact Bajaj Allianz at their toll-free number 18002095858
    2. Fill claim form and lodge the claim
    3. Copy of the FIR
    4. Copy of the driving license, vehicle registration, and policy document

Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Claim Process:

All Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Plans can be either cashless or reimbursed.

Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Cashless Claim Process

The steps to claim for Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Plans are:

  1. You need to contact Bajaj Allianz at their toll-free number 18002095858
  2. Make an appointment with the surveyor
  3. Take the vehicle to the authorized garage of Bajaj Allianz General Insurance for repair or cashless service and submit the document to the surveyor
  4. Fill claim form and lodge the claim
  5. The insurance company will confirm the liability
  6. Opt for cashless facilities for the settlement of repair bills

Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Reimbursement Claim Process:

In order to claim Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Policy as a reimbursement, you need to pay for the expenses first and then submit all relevant documents with original bills to the company for reimbursement.

Alternatively, you can also avail claim settlements through Turtlemint. If you bought your Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance policy through Turtlemint, you can inform Turtlemint and the company would then help you in getting your claims settled. Turtlemint has a claim handling team which handle the claims of their customers.

You can get in touch with the company’s team of claim experts through their number 1800 266 0101 or post an email to the claim team at their ID claims@turtlemint.com.Once the team is informed of your bike insurance claim,they would take up the claim process on your behalf and coordinate with the insurance company to get the claims settled.

Documents Required For Claims

Claim process Document:

  1. Policy document
  2. driving license
  3. Copy of the FIR, if required
  4. Original bill of the estimated cost
  5. Fill claim form and lodge the claim
  6. Signed form 28,29,30 and 35 if require
  7. No trace report’ by the police of the insured vehicle if require
  8. vehicle registration certificate 9.Receipt of cashless service, if any 10.original payment receipts and invoice

Bajaj Allianz Customer Care

Customer Care Number

Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Renewal Process

Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Renewal:

Some of the features of Bajaj Allianz Car insurance renewal are

  1. It provides cashless claims at more than 1500 garages
  2. Provides towing facility in case of breakdown
  3. Updates through SMS on claim status and other updates
  4. More than 1500 workshops for hassle-free inspection of vehicles
  5. Cover against loss due to natural calamities
  6. Cover against loss due to man-made calamities
  7. Accident cover for driver/owner
  8. Third-party liability cover

Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance renewal online through the company website

Process of Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Renewal through the official website of the company:

  1. It is convenient and gives quick renewal options to its customers. With just a few simple steps on Bajaj Allianz General Insurance website, one can renew the insurance policy online
  2. Click on the renew tab on the main page of the website and choose private car
  3. Fill the details required for the renewal process
  • Name
  • Contact number
  • Email address
  • Vehicle registration number
  • Existing policy number

After filling the details click ‘proceed for renewal’ and you will be guided towards policy details page followed by premium and policy dispatch details.After filling all the required details, the policy will be renewed. Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance renewal online through Turtlemint:

  1. You need to login https://www.turtlemint.com/car-insurance
  2. You need to put in your vehicle’s registration details and then click enter
  3. The details of your vehicle would be automatically spooled, which you can check or change, if necessary. The details include:
  • Make & model
  • Manufacturing Year
  • Fuel Type Petrol OR Diesel
  • Variant
  1. Enter the policy expiry details and type of previous policy, whether third-party or comprehensive and claims made in the previous year along with the No Claim Bonus of your last policy
  2. Then you need to mention which the name of the insurer from which you had your previous policy. If it is not Bajaj Allianz, the same would be ported to Bajaj Allianz, with all continuity benefits
  3. You also need to mention whether the policy was previously taken from Turtlemint or not
  4. Then you need to enter your name, email address, phone number and click “Next” to get the quotation
  5. Then the list of policies from would be shown as per your details along with the quotation for you to choose the best possible option and click “buy”
  6. Then you need to purchase the policy online by filling in your details and make the payment online
  7. The policy document will be sent to your registered email address.

Documents required to renew the policy

  1. Name, Date of birth, address, gender and occupation and proof of identity
  2. Driving license
  3. Vehicle registration certificate and number
  4. Old insurance policy
  5. Recent photographs


To pay the premium online for Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Plans, you need to enter the vehicle registration number and the policy number. Click on proceed and make payment through net banking, credit or debit card.

Personal accident cover protects against the risk involved to the driver/owner of the insured vehicle. If the accident causes permanent disability, the insurance company pays INR 2 lakh and in case of death of the driver/owner, the sum assured is paid by the insurance company to the nominee or the policyholder.

A policyholder can reduce the premium value by maintaining a No Claim record and get a discount of up to 50% and also by opting for voluntary payment of claim settlement.
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