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About National Bike Insurance

National Insurance Company Limited is one of the most renowned insurers of the country. However, not many would be aware that it is the oldest insurer in the country when it comes to non-life insurance products. And it belongs to an elite group of only four PSUs (Public Sector Units) that handle General Insurance in India. One of the core reasons why the brand has managed to stay relevant and a strong insurer is due to its several first in the market products.
National Insurance was the first insurers for general insurance in India to provide customizable products. It has been at the forefront of several ideas and implementations surrounding customers.National Insurance was founded on the 5th of December 1906 in Kolkata. During the initial days, National Insurance was a subsidiary of General Insurance Corporation. National Insurance got the status of a Nationalized insurer in 1972 and has been run by the government ever since.

  1. National Insurance is the second-largest general insurance company in the country
  2. The insurer employees a workforce of more than 14902 people
  3. In 2015, National Insurance managed to have the maximum share for motor insurance in India
  4. The insurer is known for a quick and efficient claim settlement system in place
  5. National Insurance has a variety of policies with a ton of customizations, which will ensure that you get a plan as per your needs
  6. The insurer has one of the highest claim settlement ratios in the country

National Claim Settlement Ratio




Industry Average

Bike claim settlement ratio is the percentage of claims settled against the total claims received by the insurance company in a given fiscal year. National has a claim settlement ratio of 93%, as compared to the industry average of 94.67%.

National Bike Insurance Plans Overview

National bike insurance offers 2 types of bike insurance plans: Comprehensive and Third Party. The premium of these plans start from Rs. 714/yr. The coverage under National two wheeler bike insurance would depend on the type of policy you choose, check the details below:


Starting Premium- ₹ 714/yr

As the name suggests, it offers comprehensive coverage for your bike. National Insurance two-wheeler comprehensive plan includes third party liability cover and builds on it. It offers coverage for Own Damage along with Third-Party Liability. National Insurance two-wheeler comprehensive plan offers coverage against natural calamities such as cyclones, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.

It also covers man-made calamities in the form of strikes, riots, etc. The plan also offers a personal accident cover of INR 15 lakhs. However, policyholders who already have a personal accident cover of INR 15 lakh can choose not to take this cover.

Third Party

Starting Premium- ₹ 714/yr

Third-Party liability insurance is one of the most basic forms of bike insurances. It is also mandated by the Motor Vehicle Act of India. The policy provides liabilities against damages or injuries caused to other individuals or properties by your two-wheeler. The policy has your back in the event of bodily injuries, death of an individual or damages to property.

Since the coverage on offer is not very exhaustive, the premiums of a third-party liability policy are low as well. The Motor Vehicle Act has undergone an amendment that now requires all new bikes to be sold with a mandatory 5-year third party liability policy.

National Premium Calculator

Use our National bike insurance premium calculator to estimate National bike insurance premium for your bike within 30 seconds

Add-ons Available Under National Two Wheeler Insurance Plans

Add-ons are additional coverage benefits which can be chosen voluntarily by paying an additional premium. Add-ons help increase the scope of coverage of the bike insurance policy. National two wheeler insurance plans offer the following types of add-ons with the comprehensive policy:

During every repair or service, your needs consumables which do not have any significance after an accident. Getting a consumables add-on for your policy would ensure that you don’t have to pay for the consumables from your pockets. Common examples of consumables include grease, brake oil, engine oil, washers, screws, etc.

Nil or Zero depreciation add-on also aims at reducing any payments that you might have to do otherwise. For repairs or replacement, insurance companies usually consider the depreciated amount of a product. Thus, leaving you to pay the difference between the actual price and depreciated price. However, under this cover insurance company must pay the full amount for repairs.

This add-on comes in handy if the bike is stolen. Insurers pay the IDV or the insured declared value of the bike in the case of theft. But with this cover, the insurer will pay the total amount to you.

Features Of National Two Wheeler Insurance Plans

Features and benefits of National Two Wheeler Insurance Plans

  1. National Insurance offers bike policies at a lower cost without compromising on the services or coverage on offer
  2. National bike insurance has several add-ons, which you can buy by paying an additional premium to improve your base policy
  3. National Insurance has a dedicated team that handles claims, making way to quicker settlements and they work 24/7
  4. You can buy National bike insurance policies both online and offline
  5. You can save money on insurance premiums via NCB or no claims bonus for every year that you do not make any claims
  6. The insurer offers roadside assistance for its bike insurance policyholders, for the times you are stranded on the road
  7. You will be able to buy National Insurance long term bike insurance policies at reasonable rates
  8. The insurer boasts of an excellent customer support team, that can handle and reply to your queries in a very short span of time
  9. National bike insurance offers a personal accident cover of INR 1 lakh for the co-passenger

Coverage National bike insurance policy offers the following coverage.

  1. Liabilities arising out of accidents for third parties including individuals or properties
  2. The plan offers a personal accident cover of INR 15 lakh for the death of the policyholder or in case of total permanent disability
  3. Personal accident cover for pillion or co-passenger of INR 1 lakh
  4. Cover the damages or loss, if the bike gets stolen
  5. Cover the damages or loss if the bike meets with an accident due to external factors
  6. Cover the damages or loss due to burglary, theft, housebreaking, etc.
  7. Cover the damages or loss due to natural calamities like cyclone, flood, hurricane, earthquake, etc.
  8. Cover the damages or loss due to fire or explosion
  9. Cover the damages or loss due to man-made calamities such as riots, terrorism, malicious activities, strikes, etc.
  10. Cover the damages to the bike while it is in transit, by rail, road, waterways or by air

Exclusions Under National Two Wheeler Insurance Plans

The exclusions of National bike insurance plans are as follows

  1. Damages due to normal wear and tear of the mechanical or electrical parts of the bike or breakdowns
  2. Any sort of consequential damages
  3. Any loss or damages while the rider of the bike is under the influence of alcohol or intoxicants
  4. Any loss or damages when the bike is not used as per its limitations (e.g. bike used for speed tests, reliability tests, etc.)
  5. Any claims that arise out of contractual liabilities
  6. Any loss or damages due to any wars or nuclear perils

How To Raise A Claim Under National Two Wheeler Bike Insurance

The claims process for National Insurance Two Wheeler Insurance Plans

A policyholder must carry out the following steps if they wish to claim their National Insurance two wheeler policy.

  1. Accidental Damage to the bike
    1. Registration certificate copy
    2. A copy of the driving license of the person riding the bike at the time of the accident
    3. Repair estimates
  2. Theft of Bike
    1. Submit a duly filled claim form
    2. Submit the final policy report as soon as you receive it
    3. Offer support and cooperate with the insurance company during investigation and claim settlement
  3. Third-Party Liability Claim
    1. Submit duly filled claims form along with a copy of the Registration Certificate, FIR and Driving License

Documents Required For Claims

Documents required to buy/renew a National Insurance Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy

To buy National Insurance two-wheeler insurance, you might have to submit the following documents:

  1. Identity proof (PAN, Passport, Driving License, Aadhar, etc.) of the owner applicant
  2. Registration number of the bike
  3. Original Registration Certificate of the bike
  4. Address proof (Passport, Driving License, Government identity card, etc.)
  5. A photograph of the applicant

For National Insurance renewal bike policy, you just need to provide your existing bike insurance policy number, along with some other details. Under most circumstances, one does not have to submit any additional documents for renewal other than:

  1. Previous policy details, if there is no change in the same
  2. Copy of the owner’s driving license

National Customer Care

Customer Care Number

National Two Wheeler Bike Insurance Renewal Process

National Insurance renewal bike policy is relatively easier. You can either visit National Insurance’s website and look for the renewal option. You must enter the existing policy number for the insurer to check its validity. The next steps require you to enter additional details of your bike, personal details and get a quote.

While there is nothing wrong with renewing the policy from National Insurance’s website, doing it from Turtlemint has additional benefits. One of the major benefits of Turtlemint you can compare different policies and pick one that is ideal for your requirements and wallet. You can avail of a host of other features that Turtlemint offers such as help during claims even for people who haven’t bought their policies from Turtlemint.

Purchasing a national insurance two-wheeler insurance policy as its own share of benefits, however, if you were to compare the top two-wheeler insurance companies and their prominent features, you will be in a better position to choose for the most ideal two-wheeler insurance policy.

How To Buy National Bike Insurance

Buy National Insurance two wheeler policy from the insurer’s website. You need to look for the buy option, look for the quote that they provide and if you are happy, you can proceed with the payment.

The easier alternative is to visit Turtlemint. The website will help you to buy a bike insurance policy with added convenience. Turtlemint allows its users to compare different policies and an enhanced search which makes things easier. To buy your policy from Turtlemint, you would need to do the following.

  • Visit https://www.turtlemint.com/two-wheeler-insurance
  • Enter the registration number of your bike
  • The website provides various available plans
  • Provide details of your bike such as
  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Year of manufacture
  • Fuel type
  • Variant
  • Previous policy details
  • Claims made during the previous policy
  • Previous policy provider
  • Assess the plans and premiums on offer
  • Proceed with the purchase of the plan that you are most satisfied with


Yes. You can renew your bike insurance policy either online or offline. There is no denying that renewing the policy online comes with a host of convenience and lower premiums.

National Insurance offers a host of payment options that you can choose from. You can make your payments through net banking, Debit card and Credit card. For the offline method, you can use all the above methods and pay by cash as well.

Yes, you can cancel your two-wheeler insurance from National Insurance at the time of need. To initiate the process, you must complete the surrender form and ask for cancellation. Once complete, the insurer will refund the policy premium after necessary deductions and the policy would stand cancelled.

If you have purchased your policy through Turtlemint, you will be able to see its status after logging into the portal. For purchases made directly through National Insurance, you can view the details after logging to the portal.

NCB or no claim bonus comes into the picture if you have not made any claims during the previous policy year. It starts from 20% for the first unclaimed year and 50% for the fifth consecutive unclaimed year.
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