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Turtlemint Makes Health Claim Submissions Easier

How often have you stressed just thinking about making a health claim submission? Do you know the actual claim process that insurers require you to follow?

You should know the process to easily settle your health insurance claims. If you miss any step or a document, your claim can get jeopardised. If the medical insurance claim goes awry, you not only suffer inconveniences but can also face financial losses. 

With Turtlemint, you don’t have to!

Turtlemint has a dedicated set of individuals to help you out with your health insurance claims. Whether you go for a cashless claim or for a reimbursement one, all you need to do is follow two steps –

  1. Inform Turtlemint 
  2. Relax!

Yes, you read the second one right! 

With Turtlemint’s end-to-end assistance with your health insurance claims, you can leave behind the hassles, stress, worries and even headaches of getting your claims settled. If you are wondering how to claim health insurance, here’s the health insurance claim process that you have to follow for an easy and quick settlement – 

Claim process:

  • Just Inform Turtlemint in any of the following modes –
    • Call on their toll-free number – 1800 266 0101
    • Intimate the claim by sending an email to claims@turtlemint.com
    • Visit the Turtlemint website at www.turtlemint.com and submit your claim request

Thereafter, Turtlemint would handle your claim with your medical insurance claim process starting from claim intimation to insurer, document submission till claim settlement.

Moreover, in your claim, Turtlemint will keep you informed about the claim status. 

The documents required for health insurance claims are as follows: 

Documents required for cashless claimsDocuments required for mediclaim reimbursement claims
. Insurance Card / Policy Copy
. Claimant ID Proof with Photo.
. Claimant Address Proof.
. Duly Filled CKYC Form of claimant, if Claimed amount is above Rs 1L.
. Admission notes from the treating doctor.
. Previous OPD consultation papers with reports, if any.
. Previous discharge summary or any other medical records available with you.
. Duly filled and signed Claim form by claimant
. Insurance Card or Policy Copy
. Medical Certificate signed by the doctor.
. Original discharge summary & Original consolidated final bill.
. Break-ups required for the submitted final bill.
. Cash paid receipts of hospital/pharmacy/lab.
. Bank details of payee name with printed.
. Supportive investigation reports.
. In case of implants used, invoices are required.
. In case of Accidental injuries, MLC/ FIR is required.
. In case of death of the main member, details of the nominee (as per policy schedule), along with address & ID proof of claimant.
. In case claim value above Rs 1 lakh, CKYC form with mandatory columns filled, with a photograph of the claimant and cross-signed on it.

So, don’t just buy health insurance from Turtlemint. If you have been worrying about how to claim medical insurance, be rest assured that there is nothing to worry about. You only need to follow the medical insurance claim procedure and get claim assistance, too, and Turtlemint’ s insurance experts would help you avoid the hassles that you might face. Get easy and quick claim settlements so that your health plan fulfils its promise of financial security. 

Please Note : Information above is just for reference. Kindly refer to the T & C of policy thoroughly.


The final decision of the claim is with the insurer and Turtlemint will not be liable for any repudiation of the claim or representation towards the claim.

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