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All you need to know about CM’s health insurance scheme in Tamil Nadu

All you need to know about CM’s health insurance scheme in Tamil Nadu

The Government of India takes various steps and initiatives to promote social welfare among the Indian population. Among these initiatives are various insurance schemes which provide insurance coverage to the masses. These schemes are either provided free of cost or at nominal premium rates. While the Aam Admi Bima Yojana (AABY) is a health insurance scheme for the national population, there are several State sponsored health insurance schemes too. One such scheme is the Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme (CMCHIS) which was launched by the State Government of Tamil Nadu. Let’s understand what this scheme is all about –

What is CM’s health insurance scheme CMCHISTN?

The Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme Tamil Nadu (CMCHISTN) is a health insurance scheme designed for the underprivileged residents of Tamil Nadu. The scheme was launched initially in the year 2009 when DMK was in power. The scheme was, then, widened for a more comprehensive coverage in the year 2012 when the Government was replaced by AIDMK. The CMCHISTN is an indemnity oriented Chief Minister’s health insurance plan which covers the emergency medical expenses incurred by the insured.

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What is covered under CM’s health insurance scheme CMCHISTN?

Coverage under Chief Minister’s health insurance scheme CMCHISTN is available for the following benefits –

  • Hospitalisation expenses incurred on general medical treatments as well as specified surgical treatments are covered up to INR 1.5 lakhs
  • Specific illnesses which are mentioned in Annexure D of the scheme are covered for up to INR 1.5 lakhs
  • Follow-up procedures are also covered. The coverage limit depends on the type of procedure done and is mentioned in Annexure E of the scheme
  • Diagnostic procedures are also covered up to specified limits which are mentioned in Annexure F of the scheme

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Features of CM’s health insurance CMCHISTN

The Chief Minister’s health insurance scheme CMCHISTN has the following features –

  • The scheme is a family floater health insurance scheme where the coverage limits are applicable on a floater basis
  • Spouse, dependent parents and dependent children can be covered under the floater cover
  • The scheme allows cashless treatments at empanelled hospitals across the State
  • The Scheme works in tie-up with United India Assurance which offers the coverage
  • 1027 treatments, 154 follow-up procedures and 38 diagnostic procedures are covered under the scheme
  • Hospitals which are empanelled under the scheme also offer free medical health check-ups to the beneficiaries. These check-ups are conducted monthly in different districts of Tamil Nadu
  • A phone helpline has been established for any type of services relating to the scheme

Eligibility criteria for CM’s health insurance CMCHISTN

Individuals who fulfil the below-mentioned eligibility parameters can avail coverage under CMCHISTN –

  • The individual should be a resident of Tamil Nadu. The residency status can be proved by owning a family card issued by the State Government. If the family card contains the name of the dependent family members, the members would be covered without any additional proof
  • The annual income of the individual should be lower than INR 72,000. To prove the income the individual must avail an Income Certificate from the Village Administrative Officer
  • Refugees from Sri Lanka who live in camps can also avail cashless medical treatments under the scheme even when their income exceeds the income criterion of the scheme
  • Orphans can also be enrolled under the scheme
  • Migrants who have come from another State can apply for the scheme if they have lived in Tamil Nadu for the last six months. To apply for the scheme they would need request letter and a list of eligible members which is issued by the Labour Department

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Documents required to apply to CM’s health insurance

To apply to Chief Minister’s health insurance CMCHISTN, the following documents would be required –

  • Income certificate of the individual issued by the Village Administrative Officer
  • Ration card, both original and a copy
  • Family card of the individual

How to avail coverage under CM’s health insurance?

To enrol under CMCHISTN, eligible individuals should follow the below-mentioned steps –

  • The individual should visit the district kiosk from where enrolment into the scheme is allowed
  • Submit all the relevant documents at the kiosk
  • The operator of the kiosk would verify the documents and if they are found to be in order, the biometric details of the individual and his family members would be captured
  • After the biometric details are availed, an ecard would be issued which would serve as a proof of insurance coverage. The card would contain the photographs of all the family members who are covered under the scheme

Smart cards under CM’s health insurance scheme

The ecard issued under the Chief Minister’s health insurance scheme is called a Smart Card. The Card is essential for the identification of the beneficiaries who are covered under the scheme. The card contains the details of the beneficiary, the family members covered and the available coverage level. In case of hospitalisation, the beneficiary is required to produce the Smart Card to avail cashless claim settlements. To check the details on the Smart Card, the following steps can be taken –

  • Go to the website https://www.cmchistn.com
  • Choose ‘Beneficiary’ and then choose ‘Member Search/ecard’. There would be a tab for ‘Instructions’ and you should choose it
  • On the ‘Member Search page’ you can enter the URN number mentioned in the Smart Card for checking the members who are covered under the Chief Minister insurance scheme and the sum insured available
  • The Ration Card number can also be entered to check the details of the beneficiaries

Linking the URN with Aadhar Card

Since Aadhar Linking has been made necessary in many instances, the CM’s health insurance scheme also allows beneficiaries to link their URN with their Aadhar cards for easier identification. The process to link URN with Aadhar Card is as follows –

  • The beneficiary should open CMCHIS online and enter his 22-digit URN number
  • Accept to enter the Aadhar number
  • Click ‘Enrol Now’ when a new page would open. In the next page the Aadhar Number and the mobile number of each covered family member should be entered
  • Enter ‘Submit’ when a OTP would be sent to the mobile numbers entered
  • Once the OTP is entered, the Aadhar card would be linked to the URN

Benefits of CM’s health insurance

The CM’s health insurance scheme is a good step towards the welfare of the people of Tamil Nadu. The benefits of Chief Minister insurance scheme are as follows –

  • The scheme offers free health insurance coverage to the economically weaker sections of the society
  • Surgical procedures, diagnostic treatments and even follow-up treatments are covered under the Chief Minister insurance scheme
  • The sum insured is decent allowing poor people to access quality healthcare facilities
  • The scheme can be easily enrolled into
  • Since the claim is settled on a cashless basis, the beneficiary does not have to shoulder the expensive medical costs himself

The CM’s health insurance scheme is a right step taken by the Government of Tamil Nadu. The scheme provides free health cover and helps poor people avail quality treatments for their medical emergencies. If you are also eligible, enrol under the scheme and enjoy good coverage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the helpline number of the scheme?Individuals can contact the toll-free number 1800 425 3993 for any queries that they have about the Chief Minister insurance scheme. An email can also be sent at tnhealthinsurance@gmail.com or cmchis@uiic.co.in for any queries.
  2. Do coverage limits vary for varying treatments?Yes, there are specified package rates for each type of surgical treatment, diagnostic treatment or follow-up procedures.
  3. Can grandchildren be covered under the scheme?No, coverage is available only for dependent children. Grandchildren cannot be covered under the Chief Minister insurance scheme

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