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Information on RTO offices in Maharashtra

You must have often heard the word RTO or RTA in various aspects of vehicles like driving license, registration of vehicles, learner’s license, number plate etc.. Regional Transport Office or RTO is a Government body and an association which is a warehouse of the data with respect to all the vehicles that runs across the country. According to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 for each and every state and city there is a separate RTO which exists. The main intention of RTO is to ensure proper operation and running of the vehicles allotted under each state as per the law. There are many roles which an RTO performs for any state and therefore is responsible for numerous activities related to vehicles. If you are staying in any city in the state of Maharashtra you will get to know about RTO Maharashtra and understand the various functions which an RTO does as we will take you through the same below.

The Regional Transport Department of Maharashtra was formed under Section 213(1) of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. RTO Maharashtra imposes the rules and regulations on all the vehicles which are running in the state under the leadership of the Commissioner of Transport in Maharashtra. Each and every district of a State has a Deputy Regional Transport Officer who manages and monitors their respective RTO.

Roles and responsibilities of RTO Maharashtra

You won’t get a driving license or maybe a learner’s license or a permit and you don’t know whom to approach and what to do. So, you must know the roles and responsibilities which an RTO performs so that you know where to go for any of the services pertaining to your vehicle or driving licences. We will help you in understanding the same.

RTO Maharashtra has specific roles and responsibilities of functions which the office has to perform.

Here is a comprehensive list of all the functions for your better understanding:

  • Issuing of Learner’s License
  • Issuing New or fresh Driving License
  • Issuance of Duplicate driving license
  • Renewal of Licenses
  • Performing a Driving Test
  • Permanent as well as Temporary registration of vehicles
  • Renewal of Registration certificate
  • Transfer of Ownership
  • Loan initiated Transfer of ownership
  • Issuance of No Objection Certificate or NOC
  • Changing personal details like address
  • Issuance of duplicate license for all the Radio Cabs
  • Renewing of license for all Radio Cab
  • Road Tax collection
  • Permission of all Tourist Vehicles
  • Lading Bill
  • Permission of National Permit
  • Permission for National Certification for Public Carrier
  • Permission for Special Permit
  • Permission for All India Tourist Vehicles
  • Permission for Service Permit for Definite State Carriage
  • Permission for Specific Contract Carriage
  • Permission for Private Service Vehicle
  • To issue License for Goods Carriage
  • To provide National Permit / Tourist License Authorisation
  • To issue License for Explicit Contract Carriage for Regular Usage
  • Tourist Permit Authorization
  • Permission for Specific Stage Carriage
  • Permission for Stage Bearing Services
  • Permission for Temporary Permit

Now let us see the number of offices with RTO codes and offices spread across the state of Maharashtra as below and we will understand how big the network is so that you don’t have any difficulty when it comes to your vehicle in any place in Maharashtra.

Mumbai – EastMH03ThaneMH04
Mumbai -SouthMH01Mumbai- WestMH02
Pune NorthMH27BuldanaMH28
NandurbarMH39Wadi (Nagpur -rural area)MH40
Navi MumbaiMH43Ambejogai, BeedMH44
Malegaon, NashikMH41Baramati, PuneMH42
Mumbai NorthMH47Vasai-VirarMH48
Akluj, SolapurMH45PanvelMH46
Nagpur EastMH49KaradMH50

The registration process in RTO Maharashtra

Let us see the registration process in Maharashtra which is very easy and easy to do. The registration steps are very simple to follow and below are the steps at a glance:

  1. You need to visit the Maharashtra RTO with the required documents- as mentioned below
  2. You will have to submit the required documents with the required charges
  3. After you submit the necessary document, Maharashtra RTO will then verify those and the same will be confirmed after which the registration number will be given to you
  4. In today’s fast world, everything runs online and hence here also RTO Maharashtra gives you the online services provided by the Motor Vehicles Department in Maharashtra registration numbers. You will just have to visit the official website maharashtra.gov.in and follow the necessary steps which are very user-friendly and you will be able to do it smoothly.

List of Documents required for registration of the vehicle in Maharashtra RTO

There are a certain set of documents for registering the vehicle with Maharashtra RTO which you need to submit:

  • Vehicle registration application – Form 20
  • Sales certificate from the dealer- Form 21
  • Safety and suitability of the vehicle from the manufacturer confirming the vehicle is in accordance with the rules and regulations with respect to the standards of the Indian roads- Form 22
  • Loan hypothecation- Form 34
  • Dealer Invoice
  • Document for insurance
  • Your address proof as to the owner
  • Your Identity proof
  • Invoice in case of imported vehicles
  • For trailer vehicles STA approval for the design
  • Certificate from the Manufacturer to register the carriage
  • Temporary Registration number, if there is any
  • Sales Tax clearance certificate where the vehicle is bought in Maharashtra however the same was registered in a different state
  • Demand Draft of road tax paid
  • Your passport-sized current photographs
  • You need to pay the Vehicle registration charges as appropriate

RTO Registration Charges in RTO Maharashtra

For your ease, you can refer to the below table for a quick view about the RTO Registration Charges in Maharashtra.

Type of VehicleType of Vehicle
Light commercial vehicle or LMV1000
Heavy Good Vehicles1500
Imported Vehicle5000
Rickshaw / Cart1000
Sure License716
Renewal of License416

Now let us see the charges for renewing the RC book for various kind of vehicles:

Type of VehicleCharges (INR)
Invalid Carriage50
Medium Good Vehicles1000
Medium passenger motor vehicle1000
Heavy passenger motor vehicle1500
Imported Motor Vehicle5000
Imported motorcycle2500
Other vehicles not listed above3000
Motor Cycle300
Three-wheeler/Quadricycle/Light Motor Vehicles- Transport1000
Three-wheeler/Quadricycle/Light Motor Vehicles600

Process of transferring the registration from one state to RTO Maharashtra

If you want to transfer your vehicle from one state to the other, what you will have to do and whether this will be allowed or not is a question? So, to answer these questions here is the reference. You will have to get your vehicle registered with the respective state to transfer a vehicle from any other state to RTO Maharashtra. Form 26 which is the application for the issuance of duplicate registration and Form 20 which is the application for the registration of the vehicle are the respective application forms which are needed for the transfer along with other required documents. In simple language, in case a vehicle is bought from a different state, the same needs to be registered with RTO Maharashtra to get the RC.

Below is the list of required documents:

  • Form number 33 which is the application and intimation to the RTO for address change
  • Form number 29 which is an application for the transfer of ownership of the vehicle) with the necessary details. All required information about the seller and purchaser of the vehicle needs to be filled in
  • form number 30 which is an application that gives the details about any pledge or hypothecation, hire, under the lease, if the vehicle has any) duly filled with all the necessary information essential NOC or No Objection Certificate needed from the financer in case a loan has been taken- Form 28
  • Form TCR- an intimation of transfer by the seller and TCA an intimation of transfer by the buyer are needed for commercial vehicle
  • You will have to give an affidavit confirming that the vehicle is not involved in any accident or crime or robbery
  • You will have to submit all the required documents for the vehicle
  • Form named FT- in case you have bought the vehicle under a Union Territory jurisdiction are needed

Process of issuing duplicate RC from RTO Maharashtra:

There might be a situation when you lose the registration or the smart card, you don’t have to worry, just follow the below process of issuing duplicate RC in RTO Maharashtra and get a duplicate RC:

  • You will be given a challan saying ‘Registration Certificate is Lost’
  • You can download and fill the Form number 26 application for the issuance of duplicate registration from the authorized website of RTO Maharashtra
  • You will have to obtain the NOC or No Objection Certificate needed from the financer in case you have bought the vehicle on loan
  • Attested xerox of the insurance document of the vehicle
  • Driving test papers are needed
  • A copy of your driving license
  • 3 copies of Form number 26 together with the authorization of the registration authority
  • You will also have to submit all the necessary documents to the RTO Maharashtra
  • Charges to be paid for getting duplicate RC

After completing the necessary steps, you will get a duplicate Registration Certificate by courier to your registered address.

How to renew the registration certificate under RTO Maharashtra?

The next obvious aspect which you must be pondering on is the renewal process of the RC. As per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, all private vehicles need to be re-registered after a period of 15 years for every 5 years, from the 1st year of registration.

And hence you need to submit the below documents which are compulsory for renewal or re-registration of the vehicle with RTO Maharashtra:

  • Form number 25 which is the application form for renewal of the registration certificate
  • Original Registration Certificate
  • Certificate for Pollution Under Control or PUC
  • Appropriate Insurance documents of the vehicle
  • Re-registration or renewal charges
  • You will have to produce the vehicle for inspection in front of the RTO Maharashtra
  • RTO Maharashtra will issue the fresh and new Registration Certificate after authentication of all the necessary documents.

Various types of RTO forms

A good to know information as to what are the forms that you can get from the office of RTO Maharashtra.

Following are the types of RTO forms which are available with RTO Maharashtra:

  • Form Number 20- Application for vehicle registration
  • Form Number 21- Sales Certificate
  • Form Number 23- Registration Certificate
  • Form Number 24- Registration of Motor Vehicle
  • Form Number 29- Notice or intimation for transfer of ownership of the motor vehicle
  • Form Number 38A- Inspection Report
  • Form Number 50- Bill of Lading
  • Form Number 51- Insurance Certificate
  • For Number 54- Accident Information report
  • Form number 57- Foreign Insurance Certificate

It is always beneficial to know about something in a bit detail before even applying for it to have a fair idea of how the process works, how will you approach etc. Hence, now if you are residing in Maharashtra or planning to move to any place in Maharashtra, you are well aware of the facts pertaining to your vehicle and can go ahead and deal with it smoothly and effortlessly.


Under section 39 of the Motor Vehicles At, 1988, one has to register the vehicle with any RTO in India in order to be able to drive the vehicle.

There are a total of 50 RTOs in RTO Maharashtra.

Yes, each state has a definite and exact RTO code.

You can get a learner’s license in RTO Maharashtra in both ways online or offline. You need to download the form from the official website and fill the same appropriately.

The forms needed to register a vehicle in RTO Maharashtra are as follows:

  • Form 20
  • Form 21
  • Form 22
  • Form 22-A
  • Form 26
  • Form 28
  • Form 29
  • Form 30

Yes, you can, to get a fancy number for your vehicle in RTO Maharashtra, you need to follow the below steps:

  • You will have to apply for getting the fancy number as per the rules of Motor Vehicles Act 1988 to RTO Maharashtra
  • You will have to to pay the necessary charges to the registering authority
  • Cases where more than one application is made for a definite number, the number will be prearranged and given through an auction
  • You can reserve the decorative or fancy number for 30 days period, however, the registration process should begin within the 30 days
  • You need to give in writing in case you want a fancy number at the respective RTO Maharashtra, for all the non-transport sequences
  • Lastly, the RTO Maharashtra assigns the registration number for your vehicle.