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Future Generali Insurance – Compare Plans, Features & Benefits To Buy

Future Generali General Insurance is a name to reckon in the Indian insurance space. The brand is a joint venture between two powerhouses, Future Group of India and Generali Group, a major financial and insurance marquee from Italy. The company started its operations in 2007 and in merely 6 years, broke-even, which is an achievement. Over the decade, the brand has expanded its horizon of insurance categories and policies. And it is safe to say, it is one of the most trusted brands in the country. The brand has managed all of this due to a very customer-centric approach and an excellent portfolio of products.

Interesting Facts About Future Generali General Insurance

Here are some facts about Future Generali General Insurance that you will find quite interesting.

  • The brand has sold more than 82 Lakh policies across the country
  • The brand has served more than 16 Lakh customers
  • Future Generali has more than 3000 corporate clients
  • The AUM or Asset Under Management of the company is over INR 3629 Crores
  • The brand is present in more than 125 locations in India
  • Future Generali settles on an average 2,10,000 claims every year
  • You get access to more than 5100 network hospitals and 2500 network garages, where you can avail of cashless benefits
  • The insurer is ISO 9001:2008 certified for Quality Excellence
  • Also, ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 for Information Security Management System Standard
  • Future Generali employs more than 7000 active insurance advisors

Types Of Products Offered By Future Generali General Insurance

Future Generali offers a myriad range of insurance solutions meant for individuals as well as businesses. Let’s discuss the variety of general insurance products sold by the company and the plans under each category –

Motor Insurance

Motor insurance plans include insurance plans for motor vehicles which run in India. As per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, motor insurance plans are mandatory for all motor vehicles so that they can run legally on Indian roads. Due to the mandate, every vehicle is insured and Future Generali offers different types of motor insurance policies for all types of vehicles. The range of motor insurance policies offered by Future Generali is mentioned hereunder –

  1. Future Secure Motor Insurance Liability Only Policy 
    This is a third party liability only policy which can be taken for any type of vehicle. This policy provides the specified mandatory coverage as listed in the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The plan covers third-party liabilities which arise when the vehicle causes third party injury, death or property damage. In such cases, the policy takes care of the financial liability payable to the third party.

  2. Future Secure Motor Insurance Commercial Vehicle
     This policy provides a comprehensive scope of coverage for vehicles used for commercial purposes. Such vehicles can be goods carrying vehicles, passenger-carrying vehicles or other vehicles used for business. Being a comprehensive policy, coverage is offered for third party liability as well as for damages suffered by the vehicle itself.

  3. Future Secure Motor Insurance Two Wheeler
    This is a comprehensive motor insurance policy for two-wheelers. The policy offers coverage for third party liabilities, damages suffered by the bike and also accidental death and disabilities. There are a range of add-on coverage benefits too which can be chosen for an extensive scope of coverage. With a 95% claim settlement ratio, bike insurance claims are also handled by Future Generali effectively.

  4. Future Secure Motor Insurance Private Car
    This is a comprehensive car insurance policy offered by Future Generali. Besides an all-inclusive scope of coverage, the policy also offers the free towing facility for damaged cars. You can seek cashless repairs across more than 2100 garages which are tied-up with the company and Future Generali also offers the facility of personalized services through its Future Xpress and Future Xpress+ claim process.

Health insurance 

Health insurance policies have become the need of the hour to tackle the ever-rising medical expenses which prove unaffordable for many middle-income individuals. Health insurance plans act as a financial shield against medical costs and help policyholders avail quality healthcare without worrying about affording the associated costs. Future Generali offers a range of health insurance plans each of which offers a comprehensive scope of coverage. All the plans offered by the company fulfil one or the other health insurance need which individuals might have. These plans include the following –

  1. Health Total
    This is a comprehensive health insurance plan which covers the medical costs incurred on illness or injury. The plan comes in three variants offering coverage of up to INR 1 crore. Coverage is allowed for OPD expenses, maternity expenses, the sum insured restoration, emergency medical evacuation, vaccination expenses and newborn baby cover along with other basic coverage benefits. There are optional coverage features too to make the policy all-inclusive. You can also get a 50% increase in sum insured if no claim is made in a policy year while the premium does not increase.

  2. Accident Suraksha 
    This is a personal accident plan which allows a host of coverage benefits besides accidental death and disability. The plan covers terrorism-related claims, repatriation of remains as well as funeral-related expenses. Coverage is allowed worldwide and you can also buy the plan for your family members.

  3. Future Vector Care
    This is a fixed benefit health insurance plan which covers vector illnesses caused by mosquitoes and pays a lump sum benefit in case of claims. Coverage of up to INR 75,000 is allowed under the plan and tenure of up to 3 years can be selected. Seven types of vector illnesses are covered under the plan which includes Zika Virus, malaria, dengue, Chikungunya, Kala-Azar, Japanese Encephalitis and Lymphatic Filariasis. 

  4. Future Hospi Cash
    This is also a fixed benefit health insurance policy which covers hospitalization if it occurs for 24 hours or more. A daily cash benefit is paid in case of hospitalization which doubles up if the insured is admitted to the ICU. The plan also allows a lump sum convalescence benefit if hospitalization exceeds 10 days. There are three plan variants with different cash benefit options and you can choose a variant as per your requirement.

  5. Future Criticare
    This is a critical illness health insurance plan which covers twelve critical illnesses and surgical procedures. If the insured suffers from any of the covered illness or undergoes any of the covered procedure, the plan pays the sum insured in a lump sum. This lump sum benefit helps the insured to tackle the financial crisis faced due to critical illnesses. The policy can be taken on a family floater basis also covering self, spouse and dependent children under the same plan.

  6. Surakshit Loan Bima
    This is a health insurance policy which is offered for loan borrowers and helps borrowers manage their loans in case of medical contingencies. The policy covers 18 critical illnesses, accidental death, total permanent disablement and loss of a job. There are five coverage options and the coverage depends on the option selected. In case of a claim, a fixed benefit is paid which helps the insured to repay the loan easily.

  7. Future Health Surplus
    This is a top-up health insurance plan which allows you to supplement an existing coverage at affordable premiums. You choose a deductible and a sum insured under the policy and if the claim exceeds the deductible, the excess is paid by the plan. The policy can be taken on a family floater basis and allows cashless treatments across 4200 hospitals in India.

  8. Future Advantage Top-up
    This is a super top-up health insurance plan which provides coverage if the aggregate claims in a policy year exceed the chosen deductible. Coverage of up to INR 1 crore is available under the plan to help you provide maximum coverage. There are premium discounts for lower premiums and the premium can be paid in instalments. You can also waive the deductible and avail coverage for the full sum insured by paying an additional premium.

  9. Future Health Suraksha 
    This is an indemnity oriented health plan which covers the medical costs incurred in case of hospitalization. The plan has four coverage options and offers sum insured of up to INR 10 lakhs. Daily hospital cash allowance, patient care, sum insured recharge, etc. are some of the coverage benefits of the plan. There are premium discounts too and a no claim bonus of 10% increase in the sum insured which is allowed when no claim is made under the plan.

  10. Future Arogya Bima
    This is an affordable health insurance plan which provides a good scope of coverage at lower premium rates. Coverage of up to INR 5 lakhs is allowed and the tenure of the policy can be taken for up to 3 years. There are three coverage variants with a different sum insured levels. Premium discounts reduce the premium and the premiums can be paid in instalments.

  11. Future Varishta Bima
    It is a senior citizen health insurance plan which is allowed for senior citizens. Coverage is allowed for up to INR 10 lakhs and the insured and the spouse can be covered under the policy. Besides the inbuilt coverage benefits, add-ons are also allowed so that the coverage becomes exhaustive. There are premium discounts too which make the policy affordable.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance plans cover financial emergencies faced when you travel abroad or within the country for work or leisure. Especially in case of international travel, travel insurance plans prove beneficial as they cover the expensive medical treatments which you might have to take in case of any medical emergency. Besides covering medical emergencies, travel insurance plans also provide a host of other coverage benefits which help you deal with any possible financial contingency which you might face on a trip. Future Generali offers a range of travel insurance plans which are as follows –

  1. Future Travel Suraksha Select
    This is a comprehensive travel insurance plan which comes in three variants and also covers senior citizens. Coverage is available for up to USD 100,000 and the coverage features include daily hospital allowance, trip cancellation, delay or curtailment, compassionate visit, financial assistance and automatic policy extension among others. You can take the policy for yourself or your whole family and enjoy good coverage.

  2. Future Easy Travel Worldwide
    This is an international travel insurance policy which covers trips taken anywhere in the world. There are six plan variants and you can avail coverage of up to USD 500,000. Cashless treatments are offered by the policy across the globe as it has tied-up with service providers in all countries of the world.

  3. Future Easy Travel Schengen 
    This international travel insurance plan covers trips taken to Schengen countries like Greece, Germany, France, etc. When visiting Schengen countries an international mediclaim coverage plan is essential and this policy fulfils this need. There are six coverage options and a sum insured of up to Euro 200,000. Medical repatriation, trip cancellation, missed flight connection and hijack allowance are some of the coverage benefits offered by the plan.

  4. Future Travel Suraksha Asia
    This travel insurance plan is designed for trips taken to countries in the Asian sub-continent. In case of medical emergencies, cashless claim settlement is allowed if treatments are taken at networked hospitals. In the case of non-networked hospitals, claims are settled on a reimbursement basis. No medical check-up is required to buy the policy and coverage can be availed for up to USD 100,000.

  5. Future Travel Suraksha Worldwide
    This policy covers international trips taken anywhere in the world and can be taken as a single trip policy or as an annual multi-trip policy. Coverage is allowed for up to USD 500, 000 and there are different plan options to choose from. The policy covers senior citizens and also provides child escort benefit. Worldwide assistance is also provided in case of medical emergencies and other travel-related contingencies.

  6. Future Travel Suraksha Schengen 
    This policy is designed for trips taken to Schengen countries which are 26 listed countries in Europe where a travel insurance policy is mandatory. Coverage is allowed to individuals aged up to 70 years and there are three coverage options with a sum insured of up to Euro 100,000. Coverage is available for medical emergencies, trip delay, sickness dental relief, loss of passport, etc.

  7. Future Student Suraksha
    This travel insurance policy is designed for students who travel overseas for higher education. Coverage is tailor-made for students and includes medical care, maternity coverage, personal accident, personal liability, sponsor protection, bail bond, etc. There are five plan variants and the available sum insured is up to USD 500,000. 

Home Insurance 

Home insurance plans cover the financial loss suffered if the house and/or its contents suffer any damage. Home insurance plans are important for both homeowners and tenants as losses related to the structure of the house and its contents can be considerable. Future Generali, therefore, offers a comprehensive home insurance policy which is discussed below –

  1. Home Secure
    Home Secure is a comprehensive home insurance plan which covers both the building and its contents. Coverage under the plan is also allowed for loss of rent, terrorism-related damages, purchase protection and cost of alternate accommodation. You can avail coverage for your valuables, portable electronic equipment, household appliances as well as for the family members against accidental death and disablement. 

Lifestyle Insurance 

Lifestyle insurance plans are designed for individuals and cover specific lifestyle-related risks. Future Generali offers three types of lifestyle insurance plans which are mentioned below –

  1. Golfers Insurance 
    This policy is designed for individuals who play golf and covers specific risks faced by them. Coverage is allowed for loss of golf equipment due to theft, personal accident, public liability, hospitalization expenses, dental expenses, Hole-In-One celebration expenses and personal accident coverage for the caddy.

  2. Art Insurance 
    This insurance policy covers valuable pieces of art including paintings, sculpture, printmaking, etc. The policy offers an ‘all risk’ cover which ensures that any loss suffered by the artwork is duly compensated.

  3. Wedding insurance
    This policy is taken against the risk of cancellation of an organized wedding and the costs incurred thereof. Coverage is also extended to include loss of valuables and jewellery, loss of money, accidental damage, personal accident cover for the bride and groom, etc.

Commercial insurance

Commercial insurance plans are plans offered by Future Generali for the risks faced by businesses and industries. Future Generali offers a range of commercial insurance policies for the varied risks faced by businesses. These policies include the following –

  1. Standard Fire and Special Perils Policy 
  2. Business Interruption Insurance
  3. Industrial All Risk Insurance
  4. Burglary Insurance
  5. Shopkeepers Package Insurance
  6. Office Package Insurance
  7. Educational Institution Package Insurance
  8. Erection All Risks Insurance
  9. Contractors All Risk Insurance
  10. Contractors Plant & Machinery Insurance
  11. Electronic Equipment Insurance
  12. Machinery Breakdown Insurance
  13. Public Liability Insurance
  14. Product Liability Insurance
  15. Errors & Omission Insurance
  16. Commercial General Liability Insurance
  17. Employees Compensation Insurance
  18. Marine Insurance
  19. Future Events Insurance

Group Health Insurance 

Group health insurance plans are offered to recognized groups to cover their members against medical emergencies. A single Master Policy is offered under group schemes which cover all the named members. Future Generali offers the following types of group health insurance schemes –

  1. Sukshma Hospi Cash Group Insurance
  2. Group Health Insurance
  3. Group Personal Accident Insurance
  4. Janata Personal Accident Insurance
  5. Group Loan Bima Insurance
  6. Future Vector Care – Group
  7. Alpa-Bima Group Insurance
  8. Shubh Yatra – Group Insurance
  9. Future Health Protect – Group Insurance
  10. Future Advantage Top-up – Group Insurance

Social and rural insurance 

These insurance policies are offered to individuals living in rural areas and cover the specific risks which the rural population faces. The range of rural insurance plans offered by Future Generali is as follows –

  1. Sukshma Hospi Cash Insurance
  2. Cattle Livestock Insurance
  3. Sampoorna Suraksha Insurance
  4. Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana
  5. Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana

How to Buy Future Generali General Insurance Plans?

Once you make up your mind to buy Future Generali General Insurance, the next step is to actually buy the policy. There are different methods by which you can buy Future Generali policies. Primary classification allows policy buyers to opt for the online or offline purchase of plans. The traditional method of buying a policy is known as the offline method, where you would interact with an insurance advisor or visit a branch office of Future Generali to buy a policy.

To buy Future Generali General Insurance plans online, you would have to visit the website of Future Generali and look for the policy that interests you and buy it from the website.

The smarter way to buy your Future Generali General Insurance policy is to do it through Turtlemint. Irrespective of whether you are looking to buy a health insurance plan or a car insurance plan, Turtlemint is your best bet. The website connects you with various insurers across the country and enables you to buy a policy that best suits your needs and wallet. Turtlemint lets you compare Future Generali General Insurance plans with those of other insurers. Here are the simple steps to buy a policy from Turtlemint.

  • Open a browser of your choice and access https://www.turtlemint.com
  • Choose the policy category that you want to buy, i.e. car insurance, travel insurance, health insurance, etc.
  • Should you opt for a health insurance plan, Turtlemint would expect the following information from you:
    • Gender and age of the people you want to buy the policy for
    • Any pre-existing diseases
    • The annual income of the applicant
    • PIN code of your area of residence, to check the list of network hospitals
    • Once you provide the above information, Turtlemint will list all the applicable health insurance plans
    • You can then compare different policies and plans and opt for the right choice
    • The next step requires you to fill an online application form and pay the policy premiums
    • Turtlemint will send a digital copy of the insurance policy to your mailbox within a few minutes
  • Should you opt for a motor insurance plan, you would need to provide the following details
    • Vehicle’s year of manufacture
    • Manufacturer and model of your vehicle
    • Details of the previous policy
    • Whether or not if you made any claims in the previous year
    • Date of expiry for the current policy
    • On providing the above information, Turtlemint will provide a list of all policies valid for the information provided
    • You can compare different policies based on policy coverage and premiums and zero down to one
    • Provide additional details, make the premium payment and receive a digital copy of the policy in your mailbox within a few minutes

How To Renew Future Generali General Insurance Plans?

You can renew your Future Generali General Insurance policy with much ease. You can use the same methods as buying a new policy. However, policyholders looking to save time and money would prefer renewing the policies online. You can visit Future Generali’s website and look for the renew a policy. You would be redirected to a page where you can enter the details, proceed to pay for the policy and complete the renewal process.

Things are a bit easier with Turtlemint. Existing customers can log in to the website and choose the policy they want to renew and click on the renew button. If there are no changes in the policy, you can renew the policy then and there. Renewing your policy from Turtlemint can save you a lot of time and can be extremely handy if the policy expiry date is close.

Claim Process For Future Generali General Insurance Plans

Policyholders having a Future Generali General Insurance plan would hope to claim their policy without any hassles. Being aware of the process will make it a bit easier for policyholders. Here are the steps that you would need to follow to claim your Future Generali General Insurance plans.

  1. Motor Insurance Plans
    Policyholders would need to carry out the following steps to claim their Future Generali motor insurance plans.
    • Intimate Future Generali general insurance about the incident for which you wish to make the claims
    • To avail cashless benefits, you would need to take your vehicle to the nearest network garage as per the list provided by Future Generali general insurance
    • Future Generali would send an independent surveyor to assess the damages
    • The insurance firm will settle the expenses directly with the network garage
    • If you have opted for a non-network garage, you must make the payments and apply for reimbursement by submitting the bills
    • Once the insurer approves the bills, they will transfer the fund to the account details provided in the claim form

You can stay out of most of the hassles mentioned above by reaching out to Turtlemint. If you have bought your policy from Turtlemint, you can call them on 1800 266 0101 or email them at claims@turtlemint.com. Turtlemint’s experienced staff will then aid you in the process of claim settlement. You would only have to assist them with the necessary documents.

2. Health Insurance Plans

  1. Cashless Facility
    • You will have to fill out a pre-authorization form with the network hospital and send it across to your insurer
    • Your insurer will reach out to the hospital for necessary documents
    • Once the request is approved, Future Generali will settle the payments with the hospitals.
    • You do not have to make any payments unless the expenses exceed the sum insured of the policy or you have opted for any deductible
  2. Reimbursement Claims
    • If you do not have access to a network hospital, you can still proceed with the treatment and opt for reimbursement of expenses at the end
    • You must inform your insurer at the earliest about the hospitalisation
    • Once the treatment is complete, you must submit all the required documents to your insurer
    • Future Generali would assess the documents and once approved, will transfer the funds to the account number mentioned in the claim form

An easier alternative is to file for a claim with the help of Turtlemint. The experienced staff at Turtlemint will help you with the entire process starting from registering a claim to the documents that you need to submit for a smooth claim. You can visit the website to file a claim or call Turtlemint at 1800 266 0101 or email them at claims@turtlemint.com.

Documents Required For Claims In Future Generali General Insurance

To submit your claim for Future Generali general insurance, you are required to submit supporting documents along with your claims form. Here are the documents that you might have to submit.

  1. Documents needed to file a claim for Future Generali Motor Insurance Policy
    • A claim form which is duly filled and signed
    • Copy of Driving license
    • Copy of insurance policy
    • Copy of Registration Certificate
    • An estimate of the repairs
    • Final repair bills
    • A cancelled cheque along with the name, IFSC Code, account number, etc. for reimbursement cases
  2. Documents needed to file a claim for Future Generali Health Insurance Policy
    • A claim form which is duly filled and signed
    • Supporting diagnostic reports (Laboratory tests, X-Rays, CT Scans, etc.)
    • All medical bills and prescriptions in original
    • A copy of the discharge summary
    • A cancelled cheque along with the name, IFSC Code, account number, etc. for reimbursement cases

Company Address And Contact Information – Future Generali General Insurance

Address: Future Generali India Insurance Co Ltd., Indiabulls Finance Centre, Tower 3, 6th Floor, Senapati Bapat Marg, Elphinstone Road, Prabhadevi (W), Mumbai – 400 013.

Phone numbers: 1800 200 233, 1860 500 3333, 022 67837800

Email Id: fgcare@futuregenerali.in

SMS service: send keywords to 922 2211 100 (Keywords include, SERVE, PRODUCT, REN, MOTORCLAIM, HAPPY and UNHAPPY)


Yes. You can choose among 8 add-ons for your car insurance policy from Future Generali. You can choose from Zero depreciation, personal belonging loss, NCB protection, return to invoice, tyre damage cover, engine protection cover, loss of keys, and inconvenience allowance.

Primarily you must ensure that you do not miss out on paying the premiums regularly. Secondly, update the policy details with any changes regularly as well. Your personal details along with nominee details should be a part of the policy.

Yes. Future Generali offers a 30-day grace period, where you can renew your policy. However, it is recommended that you renew the policy before it expires to continue with its benefits.

If you are not happy with the policy that you receive or its coverage, you have 15 days to cancel the policy. The 15 days period starting from the day you receive the policy documents.

If you fail to pay the policy premiums by the due date and even after the grace period, your policy will lapse.