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Corona Rakshak Policy : Buy COVID Rakshak Health Insurance Online

Coronavirus now has become our daily companion. This super contagious and deadly virus is on the verge of doing the maximum destruction it can. The huge toll it takes on an individual’s mental and physical health, the hospital bills and the rising numbers of deaths have become a piece of everyday news for everyone now. The heavy financial drainage and uncertain life after COVID-19 is giving chills down the spine to everyone. So, what can be done at this time to keep up with your peace of mind?

What is the Corona Rakshak Policy?

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India ( IRDAI) has come up with the Corona Rakshak Policy, which can keep you and your loved ones protected under the coverage of the insurance. It makes sure that you can go through a hassle-free treatment while not fretting over the expenses. The Corona Rakshak Policy comes with a sum insured up to 5 lakh, which could provide coverage for other costs which are usually excluded in all health claims such as PPE kits, gloves, masks, and other items. 

Features of Corona Rakshak Policy

The Corona Rakshak Policy comes up with many multifaceted features that make it one of the greatest coverages to purchase. Here are the features that this corona insurance policy comes up with: 

  1. Corona Rakshak Policy comes up with a coverage amount from INR 50000 to INR 2.5 lakh. 
  2. For Corona Rakshak, pre-medical screening is not mandatory during the purchase 
  3. 100% of the sum insured is paid in the form of a lump sum amount provided that a positive diagnosis of COVID-19 is made by a Government-authorized centre, and you require hospitalisation of 72 hours or more than that
  4. The insurance claim can be made after a very short waiting period of 15 days only
  5. The premium of the insurance paid is eligible for tax exemption under the Section 80D 
  6. This plan of insurance does not come up with any deductibles 
  7. The coverage for the Corona Rakshak Policy is offered on an individual basis
  8. Once the pay-out is made by the insurance company, the policy is terminated
  9. For Corona Rakshak the policy period is for 3 ½ months, 6 ½ months or 9 ½ months

Benefits of Corona Rakshak Policy:

The For Corona Rakshak Policy comes up with more than one benefit, which makes it a must-have for all those who wish to keep themselves financially covered during this perilous time. Here are the benefits it has to offer: 

  1. Financial Back-Up
    Having a Corona Insurance Policy can save you from the huge hospitalization bills, which is a primary concern of all people right now.
  2. Lump-Sum Payout
    One of the most important aspects about Corona Rakshak is that the policyholder can receive a 100% of lump-sum payout if he/ she gets diagnosed with COVID-19 and needs hospitalisation of over 72 hours. The payment that the policyholder gets comes as a lump sum irrespective of the hospitalization expenses.
  3. Short Waiting period
    The 15-day waiting period is quite short, which helps you with faster claim processing.
  4. Easy Eligibility
    Any person within the age group of 18-65 years can purchase this policy any time, no pre-policy medical check-up is needed.
  5. Standard Health Plan
    These policy benefits are standard for all insurers throughout the country, no matter from which company you buy the policy.
  6. Waiting Period
    The short policy tenure for the Covid insurance policy is also very flexible. It can range from 3.5 months to 9.5 months.
  7. Tax Benefits
    Policyholders can save more money with the tax benefits that are available on the amount of the premium paid towards the Corona Rakshak Policy under section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961, in case the policy premium is made in any other method than cash.

What are the inclusions under Corona Rakshak Policy

The coverage inclusion of the Corona Rakshak Policy is strictly specific to the treatment of Covid-19. When the policyholder gets diagnosed with COVID-19 through a government-registered diagnostic centre and requires a 72-hour hospitalisation for the same, he/ she will receive a lump sum payout during the policy term offered by the health insurance company. The following are the inclusions of the Corona Rakshak Policy: 

  1. Payout in Lump-sum
    Covid Rakshak Policy offers a fixed benefit that can range between INR 50000- INR 2.5 lakh in the multiples of INR 50000. This payout can save you from many financial hardships.
  2. Wide Coverage
    The Corona Rakshak Policy will help cover all the expenses that you incur at the hospital or even at home due to your illness.

Exclusions under Corona Rakshak Policy

Few exclusions are also applicable for the claims, which get filed under the Corona Rakshak Policy. The insurer need not pay under the following conditions: 

  • Diagnostic test or the treatment that is taking place overseas 
  • Claims that have been filed based on the diagnostic reports from unauthorized testing centres
  • Travel histories that are traced to any of the restricted countries
  • No migration or renewal is applicable for the Covid Rakshak Policy
  • Any diagnosis, which is not related to COVID-19
  • Covid Rakshak Policy does not offer any compensation for the medical expenses incurred due to OPD and daycare procedures, even if it is arising due to COVID-19 treatment.
  • The policy does not cover the insured for any treatment which took place primarily for the diagnostics and evaluation
  • No claim requests will be accepted if they are made during the waiting period or prior to the commencement of the date of the plan.

Best Corona Rakshak plans in India:

Best Corona Rakshak plans in India Premium Sum InsuredClaim Settlement Ratio
Aditya Birla Corona Rakshak Policy NAINR 50000- INR 2.5 lakh 99.36%
Bajaj Allianz Corona Rakshak Policy INR 792 onwardsINR 50000- INR 2.5 lakh 98.61% 
Digit Corona Rakshak Policy NAINR 50000- INR 2.5 lakh 99.65%
Future Generali Corona Rakshak Policy INR 552 onwardsINR 50000- INR 2.5 lakh 93.34%
Manipal Cigma Corona Rakshak Policy INR 1,923 onwardsINR 50000- INR 2.5 lakh 99.96%
Edelweiss Corona Rakshak Policy INR 609 onwardsINR 50000- INR 2.5 lakh 99.72%
Oriental InsuranceINR 636 onwardsINR 50000- INR 2.5 lakh 92.71%
Iffco Tokio General Insurance InsuranceINR 1.167 onwardsINR 50000- INR 2.5 lakh 81.67%

Source (Economic Times)

Why buy Corona Rakshak Policy

Due to the massive surge of COVID-19 transmission and infection in our country, it has become essential to stay protected. The vaccination and treatment, which are offered through medical centres though are effective but they take time but can take time. Unlike the availability of the vaccine, the infection is spreading out on a huge scale. In this situation, only a comprehensive health insurance policy can save you from unforeseen situations and financial drainage. 

Whether you do or you do not have health insurance cover at this time, you can purchase Corona Rakshak Policyin both situations. Even when you have a health plan and are uncertain about its adequacy, this extra protection against the high-cost Covid treatment can come in very handy. The sum assured that you receive in lump-sum, would help you to cover the cost for the treatment or deal with a financial crisis that may arise at home due to your sickness. 

Buy the Corona Rakshak Policy to:

  1. Keep your savings intact and not having to spend them on hospital bills
  2. Fill in whatever gaps there may be in your medical bills and the existing coverage 
  3. Keep yourself tension-free that even in case you fall prey to this contagious virus, you have a financial back-up

How to claim and how to buy Corona Rakshak Policy

The claim for the Corona Rakshak Policy is easy to make if you test positive with COVID-19 and get the diagnosis from any of the government-authorized diagnostic centres. When you receive the report of your test and doctor prescribed hospitalisation certificate, you can inform the insurer and process the claim. 

Buying the Corona Rakshak Policy is quite simple too. You can purchase the Corona Rakshak Policy online from the insurer. All you need to do is select the policy from any of the insurance providers as per your preference. You can explore the different benefits that are being offered by the health insurance companies and then pick the one that suits your requirements as well as your budget. After that, you need to fill in the application form, make the payment and receive the policy over email. You can also get this process done by visiting the company office physically. 

Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind before you buy the Corona Rakshak Policy: 

  1. Opt for the right sum insured
    Pick a sum insured option that you feel is properly suitable for you. Based on how much coverage you need, what kind of treatment you prefer, you can pick the coverage. It is better to avoid low-sum insurance just because you want to save on your premium. Make sure the insurance you are picking is based on your age and your healthcare condition and requirements. Also, consider the number of members for your health insurance policy when you buy it on an individual basis.

  2. Start early
    The Covid-19 infection is susceptible for all age groups. It is being estimated that the third wave of COVID-19 is more vulnerable for the young age group. This is why it is better not to wait too long for the insurance; try to start early for the insurance so that you can stay ready at any time.

  3. Choose a suitable Term
    Corona Rakshak Policy is a short term policy that can be for 3 ½ months, 6 ½ months or 9 ½ months. As it is very certain that the world is going to be under the covid scare for quite some time, it is best to buy the policy for the longest duration.

  4. Choose the Insurance company wisely
    To get the issuing and claim settlement for your insurance policy is an easy and quick manner, you must opt for a company that maintains a good claim settlement ratio. Buy Corona Rakshak Policy online to accomplish the task faster and easier to maintain the social distance and contactless service. 

Corona Rakshak Policy Cancellation: 

The insurer may cancel the Corona Rakshak Policy at any time in case the policyholder encounters any fraudulent activity or misinterpretation by the insurance company. Also, in case of non-disclosure of the information, a cancellation can take place by giving 7 days of notice. In case there is a misrepresentation of the information, then the premium will not get refunded by the provider of the health insurance. 


When the entire globe seems to be engulfed under this deadly virus, it may not always be possible to save yourself from falling prey to Covid. Under such circumstances, it is only prudent that you invest in a health plan that not only helps to cover up the medical costs but also compensates for the loss of income that your sickness may cause. Corona Rakshak Policy is a great option to secure your financial future in this time of disease and infections.


Covid Rakshak Policy and the Corona Kavach are both covid-specific health insurance plans, but they have some clear cut differences. TheCorona Rakshak or the Covid Rakshak Policy comes as a benefit-based plan, this means that when the policyholder is diagnosed with Covid and requires hospitalisation for over 72 hours, he would receive 100% of the sum insured that he has opted for. On the other hand, in the case of the Corona Kavach Policy, it is an indemnity plan that would pay the medical bills of the policyholder when he is hospitalised due to Covid for 24 hours or more.

Yes. You can easily buy the Corona Rakshak Policy for your whole family. You can simply buy the Corona Rakshak as an individual plan for your family members, where each member would have a separate sum insured.

Corona Rakshak Policy comes as a one-time benefit offering plan. The benefit of it is applicable for the entire term policy of the cover, and it shall be terminated upon the payment for only one time.

Yes, the company can cancel the policy on the grounds of any misrepresentation, no disclosure of facts, and fraud by the insured person based on a 7 days notice.

No, the Corona Rakshak Policy does not cover the insured policyholder for any treatment, which has been undergoing primarily for the purpose of evaluation and diagnosis.

The Corona Rakshak Policy does not cover compensation against the medical expenses caused due to OPD and daycare procedures, even if it is arising due to the treatment of Coronavirus infection.