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How To Ensure Speedy Motor Insurance Claims With Turtlemint

How often have you stressed about motor insurance claims, whether it be a car insurance claim or claim for a two-wheeler? There are often hurdles with filling up the claim form, attaching the relevant documents, waiting for a surveyor to assess damages and then taking the car or your bike to the garage for repair. And in the process if anything goes wrong or is a miss for instance incomplete documents or sharing wrong information could affect liability / settlement of claim leading to financial losses.

But with Turtlemint’s support and assistance for motor insurance claims, you don’t have to worry! 

Turtlemint has a dedicated & experienced claims team to help you out with your motor insurance claims. Let us understand the process, which would give better clarity on the hassle-free journey for settlement of your motor insurance claims. Whether you go for a cashless claim or for a reimbursement one, all you need to do is follow two steps –

  1. Inform Turtlemint 
  2. Relax!

With Turtlemint’s end-to-end assistance of your motor insurance claims, you can leave behind the hassles and stress of getting your claims processed. Here’s the claim process that you need to follow:

Claim process:

  • Claim intimation or registering your claim within 3 days of the loss taking place and within 24 hours of theft taking place. Inform Turtlemint via any of the following modes –
    • Call on our toll-free number – 1800 266 0101
    • Intimate the claim by sending an email to claims@turtlemint.com
    • Download the Turtlemint mobile application on your smartphone and intimate the claim with just a few taps
    • Visit the Turtlemint website at www.turtlemint.com and submit your claim request here.
    • If need be, Turtlemint can assist you to provide RSA (Roadside Assistance) if not covered under your policy

Thereafter, Turtlemint would handle your claim process further.

 There are 2 types of settlement that take place,

  • Cashless Settlement
  • Non Cashless Settlement

Cashless Settlement

Cashless settlement takes place in Insurance company preferred garages, wherein after the insured’s vehicle is repaired and final repair liability shared by Insurance company. The insured pays their part of the liability amount and takes delivery of the vehicle. The remaining liability amount is paid by the Insurance company to the dealer directly.

Non Cashless Settlement:

In these cases, the insured pays the entire amount to the garage. Post submitting the final repair invoice and paid receipt and relevant documents to the Insurance company / Surveyor, the final liability amount is processed by the Insurance company

Moreover, in both the claims, Turtlemint will keep you informed about the claim status. 

The documents required for health insurance claims are as follows: 

Documents required for Own Damage claims Pvt / 2W vehiclesDocuments required for Theft claims
Claim Form filled & duly signed
RC Copy
Driving License copy

Commercial Vehicles :
Claim Form filled & duly signed
RC Copy
Driving License copy
FIR case to case basis
Load Challan
Fitness Certificate
Route Permit
Final Repair Invoice
Paid Receipt
Claim form filled & duly signed
RC Copy
Driving License copy
Original 2 keys of the vehicle
Cancelled RC
Original Policy
NTR of vehicle certificate issued by court

So, now you have an option to not just buy Motor Insurance Policies through Turtlemint but to also take help for getting hassle-free claims. Turtlemint’s Insurance experts are there to assist you for easy and quick claim settlements for your motor claims. Just Call on our toll-free number – 1800 266 0101 or raise a claim by dropping an email to claims@turtlemint.com.

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