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Honda Car Insurance : Compare Plans, Renewal, Coverages & Reviews

Honda Cars India Limited (HCIL) is India’s leading manufacturer of premium cars. Honda Cars India Ltd was established in the year 1995. It is a subsidiary company of Honda Motor Company Ltd, Japan. The first manufacturing unit of HCIL was set up in 1997 at Greater Noida, U.P. It provides commitment to Indian Customers to provide latest passenger car models with advanced technologies. With its head office situated at Greater Noida in U.P, HCIL has three offices in Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. The company has over 371 dealership outlets across 121 cities in 20 States and 3 Union Territories. Honda Cars have also launched an application known as “Honda Connect” on their 20th Anniversary making their cars digitized and Smart.

Popular Honda Models

Honda Cars offers a range of cars in India. Let’s discuss about some of its popular models:

Name of the ModelSalient Features of the Model
Honda CityHonda City continues to be the strongest product in India of Honda Cars over a number of years. It has advanced features which includes one touch electric sunroof, auto folding door mirror, Shark fin antenna and R16 diamond cut alloy wheel. Honda City is also longer and wider and it comes in three variants with two BS6 complaint engine options.
Honda AmazeHonda Amaze is a solid and powerful 1.2 i-VTEC petrol engine with aggressive front and imposing shape It also allows you to seamlessly connect your drive with your smartphone enabled digital lifestyle through easy to use controls. Honda Amaze delivers great driving pleasure combined with good fuel efficiency. It has 14 variants and is currently available in Diesel and Petrol engines. 
Honda CR-VHonda CR-V is available to be brought in a single fully-loaded petrol variant only which means it is only available with a 5-seat layout. Honda CR-V is offered with a BS-6 Complaint petrol engine paired with CVT gearbox. Honda CR-V offers advanced features which includes a panoramic sunroof, rear parking sensors, six airbags, hill launch assist, dual-zone climate control, 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system and more
Honda CivicHonda Civic is offered with a BS6- compliant in both diesel and petrol-powered engine. Honda Civic has one of the most spacious cabins in its class and has plenty of room to stretch your legs. It brings you home comfort combined with luxury. Its features include front side airbags, hill start assistance, anti-lock braking system, reverse parking sensors and more.
Honda WR-VThe Honda WR-V is an impressive city runabout. Honda WR-V has a spacious cabin with excellent visibility, spacious gear seat and amazing light controls giving it an edge over the competition. The safety features of the model include dual airbags, reverse parking camera, ABS with EBD and rear parking sensors.

Honda car insurance plans

Whatever model of Honda car you own, you need a valid car insurance policy on the same. The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 mandates a valid insurance cover on all Honda cars. Thus, when you buy a Honda car, you should also buy a car insurance policy with it.

Types of Honda car insurance plans

There are two types of car insurance plans which you can choose for your Honda car. These policies are as follows –

  1. Third party liability plans
    Third party liability plans are those which cover the liability that you suffer if you cause injury or damage to third parties. The policy excludes coverage to your Honda car itself. This cover is mandatory as per the Motor Vehicles Act and is the basic cover for your car.
  1. Comprehensive car insurance plans
    Comprehensive policies are not mandatory as per the Motor Vehicles Act but they are recommended. These plans cover the mandatory third party liability as well as the damages which your Honda car might suffer. Comprehensive plans, therefore, have an inclusive scope of coverage and provided complete protection in case of car related emergencies.

Inclusions in Honda car insurance

Your Honda car insurance policy covers you in the following types of contingencies –

  1. Financial liability suffered due to death or physical injury suffered by a third party due to your Honda car
  2. Financial liability suffered due to third party property damage involving your car
  3. Damages to the car suffered due to natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, landslides, etc.
  4. Damages to the car suffered due to man-made disasters like fire, riots, strikes, malicious acts, etc.
  5. Theft of the car
  6. Damages to the car suffered when the car is being transported to another place

Third party liability plans cover only the first two instances of claims while under comprehensive plans all the above-mentioned inclusions are available.

There is also a personal accident cover for the owner/driver of the car. This cover is mandatory for you but if you have a personal accident cover in another plan, you don’t need to have this cover again.

Exclusions in Honda car insurance

There are some instances which are outside the scope of coverage of Honda car insurance plans. These instances are called policy exclusions and claims incurred due to such exclusions are not paid. Common exclusions in Honda car insurance plans include the following –

  1. Depreciation of the car and its parts
  2. Normal wear and tear suffered due to usage of the car
  3. Consequential losses
  4. Mechanical or electrical breakdown of the car
  5. Damages suffered when you drive the car without a valid driving license
  6. Damages suffered when you drive the car under the influence of intoxicating substances
  7. Damages suffered when the car is used against its usage limitations
  8. Damages suffered when the car is used for illegal or criminal activities
  9. Damages suffered if you drive your car outside the territory of India
  10. Intentional or deliberate damages
  11. Damages suffered when the car insurance policy has lapsed

Add-ons under Honda car insurance

Comprehensive car insurance policies for your Honda car contain a range of add-ons which help in enhancing the scope of coverage. These add-ons are optional in nature and if you choose an add-on, additional premium would be payable. Some of the most popular add-ons available under Honda car insurance plans include the following –

  1. Zero depreciation add-on
    Under this add-on, the amount of depreciation, which is deducted from the claim amount, is covered. The add-on provides coverage for depreciation of the parts of your Honda car even though such depreciation is not included in the policy. Thus, by choosing this add-on, you can increase the amount of claim payable under your Honda car insurance policy.

  2. Roadside assistance add-on
    This add-on comes to your assistance if your car breaks down in the middle of the road and you are unable to tow it to the nearest garage. The roadside assistance add-on includes a host of coverage benefits right from towing facilities to flat tyre replacement, fuel assistance and accommodation if you are stranded among others. Under this add-on you would get 24*7 assistance from the insurance company for any car related emergencies.

  3. NCB protection add-on
    NCB is the no claim bonus which you earn if you don’t make a claim in your car insurance policy. This bonus allows a discount on car insurance renewal. However, if a claim is made, the bonus is wiped out. The NCB add-on protects the bonus even if there is a claim. The add-on, therefore, helps you earn a premium discount even after making a claim in your Honda car insurance policy.

  4. Personal accident cover for passengers add-on
    Under this add-on, personal accident cover is allowed for the passengers travelling in the car. If the passengers suffer from accidental death or disablement due to the car, the add-on would pay a lump sum benefit.

  5. Return to invoice add-on
    This add-on proves useful if your Honda car is stolen or if it is damaged beyond repairs. In such cases, the car insurance policy would pay the Insured Declared Value of the car which is lower than the price at which you bought the car. However, if the add-on is taken, the insurance company would pay the invoice value of the car and compensate you optimally.

  6. Engine protection add-on
    If the engine of your car gets damaged due to water-logging, your car insurance policy would not cover such damages. However, if this add-on is selected, engine damages due to waterlogging would get covered under the scope of the car insurance policy.

  7. Consumables cover
    Consumables are not covered under car insurance plans but with this add-on you can get coverage for the cost of consumables used at the time of repairs of your car.

Premium of Honda car insurance

Third party premiums for Honda cars are fixed by the IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority). These premiums are reviewed every year and can be changed. Comprehensive premiums, on the other hand, are fixed by the insurance company depending on the value and other details of the car being insured.

Following are the estimated premium rates payable for a comprehensive Honda car insurance policy for different popular Honda car models if the car is bought in Mumbai – 

Name of the ModelPrice Range
Honda CityRs 22,501- Rs 42,674
Honda AmazeRs 17,725- Rs 31,676
Honda CR-VRs 62,357- Rs 93,185
Honda CivicRs 64,342- 1,05,203
Honda WR-V Rs 20,525- Rs 34,443

Discounts available under Honda car insurance

Comprehensive Honda car insurance policies are eligible for premium discounts which lower the premium outgo. These discounts are allowed in the following instances –

  1. If you choose a voluntary deductible under the policy
  2. If you have no claim bonus at the time of renewals
  3. If your Honda car is fitted with safety devices approved by ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India)
  4. If you buy the policy online

How to apply for Honda car insurance through Turtlemint?

Turtlemint allows you to insure your Honda car online in some simple steps. You can also compare some of the best car insurance policies on Turtlemint’s platform since it is tied up with leading car insurance providers of India. Thus, if you buy your car insurance policy through Turtlemint, you can compare and choose the best and the most comprehensive car insurance policy for your Honda car.

To buy Honda insurance through Turtlemint, here are the steps which you should take –

  • Visit https://www.turtlemint.sanity.turtle-feature.com/car-insurance/ and enter in your car number
  • You can also view car insurance plans without a car number if you have bought a new Honda car and are awaiting its registration. In that case, you would have to provide the registration location
  • Once the registration details have been provided, you should enter in the details of your Honda car – make, model, fuel variant, registration year, etc.
  • You can also leave your contact details for Turtlemint’s executive to get in touch with you and help you choose the most suitable car insurance policy
  • When you proceed, you would be shown the list of the best car insurance plans. Compare and choose the best plan and click on ‘Buy’ to buy the car insurance policy online

How to renew your Honda car insurance policy?

Renewal of Honda car insurance plans is necessary so that you can enjoy uninterrupted coverage and comply with the traffic rules of having a valid insurance policy. Renewals of your car insurance policy can also be done online. You can visit the website of the insurance company from which you bought the policy and renew online by providing your policy number and details.

Alternatively, you can renew online through Turtlemint if you are an existing Turtlemint customer. To renew, log into your Turtlemint account, choose the policy and calculate the renewal premium. Pay the premium online and the policy would be renewed instantly. If, however, you have not bought your car insurance policy through Turtlemint, you can buy a new policy for renewing your existing one. You just have to provide the details of your Honda car and existing policy and you would be able to check the best car insurance plans for renewal. Pick a policy and pay the premium online and your policy would be renewed instantly.

How to make a claim in your Honda car insurance plan?

For any claim in your Honda car insurance policy, you should inform the insurance company immediately and follow some specific steps. These steps are as follows –

  1. Register your claim with the insurance company by calling the company’s claim helpline number
  2. If your car has suffered any damages, the company would give you the details of the nearest networked garage wherein you can opt for cashless claims
  3. You should take your car to the networked garage where the insurer’s surveyor would visit and assess the damages
  4. The surveyor would file a claim report based on his assessment and the insurance company would approve cashless repairs once the surveyor’s report is accepted
  5. Thereafter, the garage would start repairing your car and once the repairs are done, you can take the delivery of your car and the insurance company would pay the bills directly to the garage
  6. If you take your car to a non-networked garage, you would have to bear the repair costs from your pockets. Thereafter, you can file a claim with the insurer and submit the original repair bills to get reimbursement for the expenses incurred 
  7. In case of third party claims, you should file a police FIR. The claim would be transferred to the motor accidents tribunal which would decide the third party compensation payable. Once the decision is made, the insurance company would pay the compensation directly to the third party and the claim would be settled
  8. If your car has been stolen, you should file a police FIR. The police would try to find your stolen car and if they are unsuccessful, they would issue a non-traceable report. Submit this report to the insurance company to get the settlement of your claims

You should remember these steps of claim filing to get your car insurance claims settled easily. Alternatively, you can take Turtlemint’s help for your car insurance claims. You just have to inform Turtlemint of your claim and Turtlemint would follow the claim process on your behalf so that the claim is settled at the earliest. Inform Turtlemint at 1800 266 0101 or by sending them an email at support@turtlemint.com and you would get complete assistance at the time of your car insurance claims.

Documents needed for Honda insurance

To get your car insurance claim successfully settled, you should submit the following documents with the insurance company –

  • Filled and signed claim form
  • Policy bond
  • The RC book of your car
  • Driving license
  • Police FIR in case of third party or theft cases
  • Non-traceable report from the police in case of theft of the car
  • Identity proof of the policyholder 
  • Repair bills in original


In case of lapse of the car insurance policy, the no claim bonus is preserved till 90 days after lapse. If the policy is not renewed within 90 days of lapse, the no claim bonus would be lost.

The no claim bonus depends on your claim experience. Here are the rates of bonus which you can earn depending on the number of claim-free years on your policy –

Claim –free yearsNo claim bonus rate
One claim-free year20% 
Two successive claim-free years25%
Three successive claim-free years35%
Four successive claim-free years45%
Five successive claim-free years50%

Premiums of a comprehensive car insurance policy depend on the following factors –

  • Make, model and variant of the car
  • Year and place of registration
  • The Insured Declared Value
  • Add-ons selected
  • No claim bonus in the last policy year
  • Premium discounts, if any

The coverage amount of personal accident cover is INR 15 lakhs.

IDV means the Insured Declared Value of your car. It depicts the current market value of the car after depreciation. The depreciation which is deducted from the market value depends on the age of the car and is as follows –

Age of the carDepreciation rate
Up to 6 months5% 
More than 6 months but less than 1 year15% 
More than a year but less than 2 years20% 
More than 2 years but less than 3 years30% 
More than 3 years but less than 4 years40% 
More than 4 years but less than 5 years50% 

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