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Common causes of road accidents and what can you do to avoid them

Common causes of road accidents and what can you do to avoid them

According to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, India accounts for about 12.5% of road accidents worldwide. The number of road fatalities is more than 1.45 lakhs in a year and one accident occurs every four minutes (Source: https://www.indiatoday.in/education-today/gk-current-affairs/story/india-accounts-for-over-1-45-lakh-road-accidents-a-year-govt-launches-a-new-programme-1369017-2018-10-16 ). The numbers are alarming. As the number of vehicles has increased on Indian roads, the number of road accidents and fatalities has also gone up. Some common causes which lead to road accidents involve the following –

1. Speeding – driving at very high speed levels for seeking thrill or to reach somewhere quickly

2. Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs

3. Talking on the phone when driving the vehicle

4. Violating safety rules like not wearing helmets when driving bikes or not wearing seatbelts in cars

5. Violating traffic rules – not stopping the vehicle on ‘red’ traffic light, driving the opposite way in one-way lanes, etc.

6. Giving your vehicle to minors who have no driving license and experience to drive the vehicle safely

Any of these reasons can result in a major accident which would not only cause severe injuries and/or death to you, it would also damage the vehicle involved.

Watch a video on the top common cause of road accidents in India :

How to avoid road accidents

Some safety tips and tricks are all you need to avoid causing or being involved in road accidents. These tips are as follows –

– Follow safety measures

Safety rules and measures are there for one specific purpose – to reduce the possibility of accidents. They should, therefore, not be ignored. Always follow the safety rules when driving. Don’t talk on the phone, wear a helmet or a seatbelt, install airbags in your cars and do everything possible which makes driving safe.

– Follow traffic rules

Violating traffic rules not only cause accidents, they incur heavy fines too. Do you want to pay such fines?

Always follow traffic rules to safeguard yourself from hefty fines and also to avoid possible accidents.

– Have a valid driving license before you drive

A valid driving license is a must for driving the vehicle. Since the license is issued to adults and after imparting driving skills, it ensures that the individual holding the license is aware about the basic road traffic rules and safety measures. If you are caught without a license, you face severe fines. So, ensure you have a valid driving license before you venture out to drive a vehicle.

– Don’t drink and drive

Alcohol and driving don’t go hand in hand. If you have been drinking it is best to take a cab rather than drive because driving under the influence has a very high chance of accidents.

These measures help you avoid road accidents. However, despite observing all safety tips, accidents can happen due to uncontrolled elements. For instance, if you are driving safely but a drunk driver rams into your vehicle, there would be a major accident. Similarly, if the tyres of your vehicle burst or the brakes fail, accidents are unavoidable. As such, insurance becomes a necessary requirement. There are two insurance policies which help you deal with the implications of a road accident. They are –

i.   Motor insurance
ii.  Personal accident insurance

Motor insurance policies are mandatory as per law. Every vehicle should have a valid motor insurance cover to be eligible to run on Indian roads. In the context of motor insurance policies, a comprehensive policy is recommended. The policy not only covers the mandatory third party liability, it also pays for the damages suffered by the vehicle.

Besides the mandatory motor insurance policy, a personal accident policy also proves to be a great help against road accidents. The policy covers accidental deaths, accidental permanent disablements and also temporary total disablement due to an accident. As such, the policy helps in taking care of the financial loss you suffer in an accidental contingency. The premiums are low and the policy can also be enhanced to cover medical expenses through extensions available.

You now know the reasons of road accidents and also the tricks to avoid them. Along with knowing the tips, you should also invest in a motor insurance and personal accident insurance plan to be prepared if an accidental contingency does strike. After all, it is always better to be prepared, isn’t it?

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