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Hero Bike Insurance : Compare Plans, Renewal Process, Coverages & More

Hero MotoCorp Limited is a leading two-wheeler company in India with a head office based in New Delhi. It was formerly known as Hero Honda. The company holds the position as a dominant market leader with over 50% of the share in the domestic motorcycle market in India with about 90 million two-wheelers sold till date. In the year 2001, Hero MotoCorp became the largest two-wheeler manufacturer in the world and also in India. Hero MotoCorp has been known for designing and developing innovative and technologically advanced two-wheelers for its customers all around the world. The largest two-wheeler manufacturing company has seven benchmarked manufacturing facilities across the globe, five of which are in India. Hero MotoCorp has world-class research and development capabilities with its global hub, Centre of Innovation and Technology (CIT) located at Jaipur. It has become the largest manufacturer with a production capacity of 9 million units annually.

Popular Hero Bikes

Here is a table showing the popular Hero bikes in the market

Model NameSalient Features of the Model
SplendorHero Splendor Plus is one of the most popular and recognised series of motorcycles of Hero MotoCorp. It is a 4-stroke, single-cylinder, OHC type with advanced Programmed Fuel Injection. It is offered in three variants and a variety of colours with key features which includes Drum Brakes Front, Digital Fuel Indicator, Tubeless tyre, Alloy Wheels, etc.
Hero HF DeluxeHero HF Deluxe is the cheapest and most affordable model of Hero MotoCorp with advanced features. It is a commuter bike and is available in 5 variants and colours. It has xSens powered programmed FI technology and is powered by a 97cc BS6 engine. The engine of HF Deluxe works in conjunction with transmission of a 4-speed.
Hero Passion ProHero Passion Pro is an average ranged model which is available in two variants and in four colour options. Hero Passion Pro is the second most popular brand. It comes with a BS6 compliant motor and is well-styled for a 110cc bike with i3S Start Stop Tech and optional front disc brake.
Pleasure PlusHero Pleasure Plus has a 110cc BS6 engine. It is available in two variants-FI BS6 Alloy Wheel and FI BS6 Sheet Metal Wheel. It is powered by advanced technology with smart sensors fitted which automatically adjust the performance of the vehicle depending on the driving conditions. It has advanced features such as mobile charging port and utility box, LED boot lamp, integrated braking and tubeless types.
Xtreme 160RXtreme 160 is the most premium model of Hero MotoCorp with exclusive features and aggressive styling. It is powered by a 163cc air-cooled engine and fuel injected BS6 compliant motor. Xtreme 160R is available in two variants- Rear Disc and Rear Drum. This bike features a full -digital instrument console and all LED lighting making it look stylish and lavish. Xtreme 160R is said to be one of the most powerful motorcycles in its segment.

Hero bike insurance – Why is it needed?

Whatever Hero bike you buy or own, you are required to insure your bike under a valid bike insurance policy if you want to drive your bike in India. The need for insuring your Hero bike is as follows

  1. The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, which govern the traffic rules, mandates that every two-wheeler in India should be insured under a third party policy
  2. If you invest in a Hero two-wheeler insurance plan, in case of any accident or contingency, you would be covered for the loss suffered. This coverage would give you financial assistance and protect your pockets from any strain
  3. In case of injury or death of a third party from your bike, you face a considerable liability for the financial loss caused. A bike insurance policy covers this financial liability and compensates the third party for the loss suffered. This helps you avoid the financial strain which would have otherwise fallen on your shoulders 

Types of Hero motor insurance plans

There are two types of bike insurance policies which you can buy for your Hero bike. These policies are as follows

  1. Third party liability policy
    The third party liability policy is the mandatory cover which is required on your Hero bike according to the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The policy covers third party liabilities which you might face if you injure or cause death of an individual due to the bike or you damage third party property.
  2. Comprehensive policy
    A comprehensive Hero two wheeler insurance policy provides dual coverage. One, it covers the mandatory third-party liability which you might suffer for causing any harm to third parties. Secondly, it also covers the damages suffered by bike. If your bike is damaged in an accident or stolen, the policy would cover the financial loss suffered.

Comparison between the third party and comprehensive bike insurance plans

Here is a comparison between the two types of bike insurance plans available for your Hero bike –

Third-party liability planComprehensive plan
This is a mandatory coverThis policy is optional and can be taken for a wider scope of coverage
The policy covers only third party liabilitiesThe policy covers both third party liabilities and the damages suffered by the bike itself
There are no optional add-ons provided under the planThere are a range of optional add-ons which are available under this type of policy
The premium for third party plans is fixed by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India. It is fixed for all insurance companies and is lowThe premium is fixed by the insurance company itself. The premium, therefore, varies between different plans. The premium is also higher than the premium of a third party liability policy
No premium discount is allowed under these plansDifferent types of premium discounts are allowed under these plans

Hero bike insurance – inclusions

The coverage of Hero Corp insurance plans depends on the type of policy that you buy. The coverage features of comprehensive plans are as follows

  1. If an individual is physically injured or hurt due to the bike or if the injured dies in an accident involving the bike, the financial liability suffered is covered under the plan
  2. If the bike damages any property belonging to a third party, the financial loss associated with such damage would be covered
  3. If the bike is damaged due to natural causes, the cost of repairs would be covered. Natural causes include earthquakes, lightning, storm, hurricane, typhoon, landslide, flood, roadside, subsidence, inundation, etc.
  4. If the bike is damaged due to man-made causes, the repair costs would be covered. Man-made causes which are covered under the policy include fire, self-explosion, riots, malicious damages, etc.
  5. If the bike is stolen, the financial loss suffered is covered
  6. If the bike is damaged when in transit by rail, road, water or air, the cost of repairing the damage would be covered
  7. If the owner/driver of the bike suffers accidental death or permanent disablement in an accident, such contingencies would be covered. A lump sum benefit would be paid in such cases.

Third-party plans cover only the first two instances of third party liabilities and allow personal accident coverage for the owner or driver of the bike. Comprehensive plans, on the other hand, cover all possible types of losses and provide an inclusive scope of cover.

Hero bike insurance – exclusions

Both third party liability and comprehensive Hero Corp online insurance plans have a common set of policy exclusions. If a claim is made for any of these exclusions, the claim is not paid. These exclusions include the following –

  • Consequential losses
  • Depreciation and normal wear and tear due to usage of the bike
  • Damages suffered when you drive without a valid driving license
  • Damages suffered when you drive under the influence of intoxicating substances
  • Damages suffered when performing hazardous stunts or being involved in criminal activities
  • Damages suffered when you use the bike in violation of its usage limitations
  • Damages suffered when you drive the bike outside the geographical boundaries of India
  • Deliberate accidents and the damages suffered thereof

Hero bike insurance – add-ons available

Besides offering an inclusive scope of coverage, comprehensive Hero motor insurance plans offer different types of optional coverage features which you can opt for at an additional premium. These coverage benefits are called add-ons as they can be added to your base policy. Commonly available two-wheeler add-ons include the following –

  1. Roadside assistance
    If you choose this add-on you get an assurance of round-the-clock help from the insurance company in case of an emergency. If you are stranded in the middle of nowhere and your bike breaks down, you can call the insurance company for assistance and the company would provide the necessary help that you need.
  2. Zero depreciation
    Under this add-on, the effect of depreciation on the bike’s parts becomes nil. When you make a claim in your bike insurance policy, the insurance company does not deduct depreciation from the parts which have been repaired or replaced. You, therefore, get the full cost of repairs paid as claimed if the add-on is selected.
  3. NCB protection
    NCB is the no claim bonus which you get every year when you don’t make a claim. The rate of bonus also increases after every successive claim-free year. If a claim is made, however, the NCB becomes zero. If this add-on is selected, however, you can preserve the NCB even if you have made a claim in the policy.
  4. Return to invoice
    Under this add-on, if your bike is totally damaged beyond repairs or if it is stolen, the insurance company pays the invoice price of the bike. The add-on, therefore, enhances the amount of the claim and gives you maximum financial compensation.
  5. Personal accident cover for pillion rider
    This add-on extends the personal accident cover to the pillion rider riding with you on the bike. Thus, if the pillion rider suffers accidental death or permanent disablement, the add-on pays a lump sum benefit for the contingency suffered.
  6. Consumables cover
    Consumables are the oils, lubricants, nuts and bolts which are used for repairing the bike but which are not covered in the policy. However, if you opt for this add-on you can get coverage for the cost of consumables incurred in repairing the bike.

Hero bike insurance premiums

The premium of your Hero bike depends on the model of the bike and other factors. While third party premiums are fixed across all insurance companies, the comprehensive premium varies. Here is a table showing the expected premium rates of popular Hero bikes

Model of the BikePremium Range
SplendorINR 4,220- INR 4,936
Hero HF DeluxeINR 4,204- INR 4,657
Hero Passion ProINR 4,200- INR 4,817
Hero Pleasure PlusINR 4,174- INR 4,817
Hero Xtreme 160RINR 4, 407- INR 5,302

How to buy a Hero bike insurance?

You can buy two wheeler insurance online for Hero bikes. Online policies are issued instantly and are easy to buy. You can choose Turtlemint to buy Hero insurance online through your computer or Smartphone. Turtlemint is an online platform which is tied-up with leading bike insurance providers in India. By buying online through Turtlemint you can get the quotes of the best bike insurance plans for your Hero bike. Moreover, you can get personalised assistance from Turtlemint’s team of experts to help buy the most suitable bike insurance policy. To buy online through Turtlemint, here are the steps which you can take

  1. Visit https://www.turtlemint.sanity.turtle-feature.com/two-wheeler-insurance/ and enter in your bike details
  2. You need to provide the registration number of your bike to proceed. If you don’t have the number for a new bike, you can proceed by entering in the registration area
  3. Then provide the make, model, variant of the bike, manufacturing year, details of an existing policy, if any and other relevant details asked
  4. You can also enter in your contact details for personalised assistance from Turtlemint’s team
  5. Once all the details are entered, you would get the premium quotes of leading bike insurance providers. You can compare the available quotes and then choose the best policy as per your requirements
  6. You can then buy the policy online through Turtlemint’s platform by paying the premium through any digital means
  7. Once the premium is paid, the policy would be issued instantly and a soft copy of the policy would be forwarded to your email ID. You can do Hero insurance copy download to check the details of the policy

How to do Hero insurance renewal?

You need to do Hero two-wheeler insurance renewal every year to continue the coverage non-stop so that you can drive your bike legally. Hero bike insurance renewal can be done online. There are two ways of doing such renewals which are as follows

  1. Through the insurance company’s website
    You can visit the insurance company’s website from whom you have bought the policy, enter in your policy number and renew the policy online. The policy details would be shown along with the renewal premium which has to be paid. Pay the premium online and the renewal would be done instantly.
  2. Through Turtlemint’s website
    Turtlemint also allows you an easy way to do Hero Motocorp insurance renewal online. If you have bought the policy from Turtlemint you can simply log into your account and renew the bike insurance plan by paying the premium digitally. Alternatively, if you have not bought the policy from Turtlemint you can check the quotes of different insurance companies on Turtlemint’s platform and choose the best policy for your bike on renewal. You can pay the premium and renew the policy with another insurance company.

How to make a claim in Hero bike insurance?

There is a claim process which you need to follow to make a claim in your Hero bike insurance plan. This process is as follows

  1. You have to inform the insurance company immediately in case of a claim and register the claim
  2. If it is a third party claim, you should file a police FIR and the claim would be transferred to the motor accidents tribunal. The tribunal would fix the liability suffered and the insurance company would pay the third party for the fixed liability claim
  3. In case your bike is stolen you should file a police FIR. If the police are unable to trace your bike, they would issue a non-traceable certificate. You would get a claim by presenting this certificate to the insurance company
  4. If your bike suffers any damage, the insurance company would ask you to take the bike to the nearest preferred garage for cashless claims.
  5. At the garage, the surveyor of the insurance company would visit to assess the damages suffered and to prepare a claim report
  6. The surveyor’s report is submitted to the insurance company based on which the company approves the claim
  7. Once the claim is approved, the garage begins repairs on your bike and the bills are settled by the insurance company
  8. Once the bike is repaired, you can take delivery of the bike
  9. If you don’t take your bike to a preferred garage, the claim would be settled on a reimbursement basis. In that case, you would have to bear the repair costs yourself. Thereafter, once the bike is repaired, you have to submit the bills to the company and the company would reimburse you for the costs incurred.

You can also make a bike insurance claim through Turtlemint. Turtlemint has a claim assistance team which helps you get your claims settled in the easiest possible manner. Just inform Turtlemint by calling its helpline number 1800 266 0101 or send an email to support@turtlemint.com. Turtlemint’s claim expert would get in touch with you and help you get the claim settled at the earliest.


Yes, you can get premium discounts if you choose a comprehensive bike insurance policy. There are different types of discounts which you can avail some of which are as follows

  • If you install a safety device in your bike you can get a discount
  • If you don’t make claims in a policy year, you get a no claim discount
  • If you choose a voluntary deductible, you would get a discount in the premium
  • Some companies offer a premium discount if you are an existing customer
  • If you buy a long term policy, you can get a premium discount

Third-party premium is determined by the IRDA and it depends on the cubic capacity of the bike. The rates are dynamic and can be changed upon review by the regulator. The proposed rates, for the financial year 2020-21 are as follows

Cubic capacity (cc) of the bikeThird party premium rate (Proposed)
Up to 75 ccINR 506
76 cc to 150 ccINR 769
151 cc to 350 ccINR 1301
351 cc and aboveINR 2571

There is no limit to the number of add-ons that you can buy with a comprehensive Hero bike insurance policy. You can choose as many add-ons depending on your coverage needs. Every add-on, however, would have an additional premium which would increase the overall premium of the policy.

The premium of a comprehensive bike insurance plan consists of third party premium and own damage premium. Third-party premium is fixed by the IRDA but the own damage premium is calculated by the company. The own-damage premium depends on a lot of factors which include the make, model and variant of the bike, claim experience, registration year and location, manufacturing year, details of the previous policy and the add-ons selected.

The rate of depreciation depends on the type of part. Here is a table showing the depreciation rates for the different parts of the bike

Parts of the bike being repaired or replacedRate of depreciation applicable
Rubber, plastic or nylon parts50%
Fiberglass parts30%
Tyres and tubes50%
Metal partsAs per the depreciation of the Insured Declared Value of the car

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