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IFFCO Tokio Third Party Bike Insurance Overview

IFFCO Tokio offers different types of third party liability plans which are mandated by the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. These plans cover only the basic legal liability which you face if you cause any type of third party damage. The possible third party damages which are covered under third party plans include the following

  1. Death of a third party
  2. The physical injury suffered by a third party
  3. Damage to any property belonging to a third party
  4. Under any of these damages, you face a financial liability to compensate the third party for the loss caused. This financial liability is taken care of by third party liability insurance. In case of death and physical injury, unlimited coverage is provided. However, for property damages, claims up to INR 7.5 lakhs are paid under IFFCO Tokio two-wheeler insurance policies.

IFFCO Tokio Claim Settlement Ratio




Industry Average

Bike claim settlement ratio is the percentage of claims settled against the total claims received by the insurance company in a given fiscal year. IFFCO Tokio has a claim settlement ratio of 89%, as compared to the industry average of 94.67%.

IFFCO Tokio Premium Calculator

Use our IFFCO Tokio bike insurance premium calculator to estimate IFFCO Tokio bike insurance premium for your bike within 30 seconds

Add-ons Available Under IFFCO Tokio Two Wheeler Insurance Plans

Add-ons are additional coverage benefits which can be chosen voluntarily by paying an additional premium. Add-ons help increase the scope of coverage of the bike insurance policy. IFFCO Tokio two wheeler insurance plans offer the following types of add-ons with the comprehensive policy:

Under this add-on, if the owner or driver of the bike suffers an accident or injury due to the bike, compensation is paid to cover the financial loss suffered.

The parts of the bike face wear and tear in the normal usage of the bike. This wear and tear is not covered under two-wheeler insurance policies. As such, in case of a claim, IFFCO Tokio deducts the relevant depreciation from the bike’s parts and then settles the claim. The depreciation deducted is as follows

Parts of the bike Rate of depreciation
Rubber, plastic or nylon parts


Fibreglass parts 30%
Tyres and tubes 50%
Metal parts As per the depreciation of the Insured Declared Value of the car

This depreciation reduces the claim amount and you have to pay the deficit claim yourself. Zero depreciation add-on removes this depreciation deduction. If the add-on is selected, IFFCO Tokio pays the actual cost of the parts which have been repaired or replaced without deducting depreciation. Thus, you get a higher claim pay-out.

How To Raise A Claim Under IFFCO Tokio Third Party Bike Insurance

You face a two-wheeler claim when your two-wheeler is damaged or stolen or when you face third party liability. The claim process which you should follow for these contingencies is as follows

  1. In any type of claim, you should inform IFFCO Tokio immediately of the claim
  2. If it is a third party claim file the claim at the police station and make an FIR. The claim would, then, be taken to the motor accidents tribunal. The tribunal would rule the amount of liability that you face. Based on this ruling IFFCO Tokio would pay the compensation to the third party
  3. If your bike has been stolen, police FIR is necessary. If the police are not able to trace the location of your bike, they would issue a non-traceable certificate. Submit this certificate to the insurance company and the company would, then, pay the claim
  4. If your bike is damaged the insurance company would tell you the nearest preferred garage for cashless repairs
  5. Take your bike to the cashless garage and the insurance company’s surveyor would visit the garage for assessing the damages
  6. The surveyor would assess the damage and prepare a claim report which would be submitted to IFFCO Tokio
  7. The company would approve the claim and the repairs on your bike would start
  8. When the repairs are completed you can take delivery of your bike and the company would settle the repair costs with the garage

Alternatively, if you have bought your IFFCO Tokio two wheeler insurance policy from Turtlemint, you can inform Turtlemint and the company would get your claim settled easily. Just call 1800 266 0101 or send an email to claims@turtlemint.com. The company would, then, handle your claims and get you a settlement at the earliest.

Documents Required For Claims

To get the settlement of your IFFCO Tokio two-wheeler insurance policy, submit the following documents to the company

  1. RC Book of the bike
  2. Driving license
  3. Claim form
  4. Policy bond
  5. Police FIR,wherever required
  6. Any other document required by the company

IFFCO Tokio Customer Care

Customer Care Number

How To Buy IFFCO Tokio Third Party Bike Insurance

If you want to buy IFFCO Tokio two-wheeler insurance policy,there are two main ways of doing so.They are as follows

  1. Offline mode

You can apply for an IFFCO Tokio two wheeler insurance policy offline in any one of the following ways

  • Through the branch of the company: IFFCO Tokio has a widespread network of branches in India. You can visit the branch which is nearest to your home or office and apply for an IFFCO Tokio two wheeler insurance policy from there. You would have to fill up an application form and submit it to apply for the policy. The premium should also be paid after which the policy would be issued
  • Through an IFFCO Tokio agent: Many individuals act as intermediaries and sell insurance policies of IFFCO Tokio. You can find an IFFCO Tokio agent and buy the policy from him/her. Under this process also you would have to fill up an application form and pay the premium and the policy would be bought.
  1. Online mode

Another, an easier alternative is to buy IFFCO Tokio two-wheeler insurance policy online. You can simply visit the company’s website at https://www.iffcotokio.co.in/, choose ‘Two-wheeler insurance’ and then choose ‘Buy Now’. Provide the details of your bike to check the premium that you would have to pay. Pay the premium online and the policy would be issued.

You can also buy IFFCO Tokio two wheeler insurance through Turtlemint.Turtlemint is an online platform which is tied-up with IFFCO Tokio and sells its policies online on its platform. Turtlemint gives you the ease of buying a two-wheeler insurance policy. You can also get your queries solved through the company’s executives. Moreover, Turtlemint is tied-up with other different bike insurance providers which allow you to compare the different bike insurance policies and choose the best.

  1. To buy IFFCO Tokio two wheeler insurance policy through Turtlemint,here are the steps
    1. Visit https://www.turtlemint.com/two-wheeler-insurance and enter in the registration number of your bike
    2. Thereafter you would have to enter the details of your bike like the make, model,variant, manufacturing year, registration year, place of registration, etc.
    3. Once all the details are entered, you would be able to see the different policies which offer you two-wheeler insurance
    4. Select IFFCO Tokio two wheeler insurance plan or any other policy that is best
    5. Pay the premium online and your policy would be issued instantly


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