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Types of Motor Vehicle Permit

Travelling from one place to another with your vehicle might require a certain permit. A Vehicle Permit is basically a certificate which allows your vehicle to travel from one place to another. In India, there are two types of vehicle permits, namely National Permit and Local Permit. The charges imposed by the respective authority for a diverse type of vehicles are also different. These permits are mainly applicable to commercial vehicles to carry goods or people from one place to another. 

The National Permit, also known as All India Permit is a kind of registration given to transporters via the Department of Transport of the respective State Government, for carrying goods to run all over India. The State Government is empowered to issue these two kinds of permits for goods deportment, one is the State Permit and the other one is National Permit as mentioned earlier. Obtaining a vehicle permit is mandatory as per the Central Motor Vehicles Rules Act, 1989 and is of utmost importance so that only authorized vehicles to enter the necessary jurisdiction and no illegal or unauthorized vehicle pass in from one state to the other. 

Vehicle Type and its permit details of the vehicle

Irrespective of the type of vehicle, a permit is necessary for you to take a commercial vehicle from one state to the other. Vehicle permit details can be broadly categorized based on the type of vehicles which are goods vehicles and passenger vehicles.

  • Vehicle permit details for goods vehicles
    There are different kinds of Vehicle permit details offered for goods carrying vehicle like:
    • Permits for Goods carrier:
      If you are having a vehicle which carries goods, then goods carrier permit can be attained by you as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, Section 79, if the vehicle runs inside the state for a definite zone in the state
    • Permits for Counter Signatures of Goods Transporter:
      This permit is issued in a state and is effective in the other state subject to the approval by the regional transport authority in the respective state. In Delhi, such permits will not be provided that are being registered in the other state having a gross weight of till 7500 kg if these vehicles are not functional on fresh fuel
    • National permits: This permit details of the vehicle are issued to a goods automobile which needs to be moved out of the home-based state. A national permit is usually issued for minimum 4 states as per Central Motor Vehicles Rule, 1989. The age of the goods carrying vehicle should be less than 12 years and the age of a multi-axle vehicle should be less than 15 years. If you own this kind of vehicles, then you will have to fill and submit to RTO Form Number 46 which is the application for grant authorization for tourist permit or national permit and Form Number 48 which is the application for the grant of national permit to the regional or state transport authority for applying for a national permit
  • Permits available for passenger vehicle
    There are different kinds of vehicle permit details offered for a passenger-carrying vehicle like:
    • Permits for Auto Rickshaw and Taxi:
      This Vehicle permit is issued to auto rickshaws and taxis in the province of Delhi by MLO Burari. The tariff imposed by these vehicles is usually designed by a meter
    • Permit for Maxi cab: This Vehicle permit is issued to the vehicle which takes passengers through a definite way in Delhi. The charges are directed by the STA and the total passengers in the vehicle with the driver should be less than 13
    • Phat-Phat Sewa:
      This Vehicle permit was formerly issued to vehicles that were having 3 wheels and with engines from Harley Davidson. Currently, this permit is issued to vehicles that run on a definite route and can carry 10 people with the driver
    • Eco-Friendly Sewa:
      This Vehicle permit is issued to all vehicles that essentially has 3 wheels and runs on battery. These vehicles have a capacity of up to 11 with the driver
    • Permits for Chartered Buses:
      This Vehicle permitthrough a PCA form is the most shared kind of permit issued for rental and payment purpose. A contract gets signed between the permit holder and the vehicle operator which permits the bus to run from one place to the other on a definite route. The bus driver must have the passengers list who are travelling in this bus and will not allow anyone else
    • Permits for Stage carriage:
      This Vehicle permit is issued by the Delhi Government to the buses travelling on various routes in the city taking passengers. The Delhi Transport Corporation or DTC buses and the private buses falls under this class
    • Permits on a temporary basis:
      These Vehicle permit details are issued to vehicles to function outside the boundary of Delhi for a restricted time period. The conditions under which a vehicle is being issued a provisional permit are as below:
      1. For vehicles running beyond the city limits and having passengers
        1. For any religious affair or resolution OR
        2. For any cyclical business
        3. Who can apply for renewal of a vehicle permit
      2. If you own a motor cab, then to get a permit for the motor cabs, the below conditions needs to be met:
        1. The vehicle colour needs to be mandatorily white
        2. With a seating capacity of 5 only
        3. You need to have an office with a telephone at a suitable location such that passengers can book it
        4. You should have the required finances to buy the vehicle for which you are applying for a permit
        5. Also, you need to have adequate parking space for the parking of vehicles
    • Rent a cab permits:
      To get a Rent a cab permit, the below standards must be adhered to by you if you are owing a rent a cab:
      1. You should own a 24-hour telephone and have enough parking space
      2. You must have experience in business in the transport and various passengers
      3. You must be the owner of minimum 50 cabs and 50% of them must be air-conditioned
      4. The passenger tax to be paid in the state of where the vehicle runs
    • Institution OR School Buses:
      These vehicle permit details are given to vehicles that are possessed by the educational institutions. These vehicles are usually painted in golden yellow and also is relieved of the road tax
    • All India Tourist Permit or the AITP:
      For this vehicle permit details, If the type of vehicle is a bus, it must be a luxury bus and has to be white in colour. It must contain a blue ribbon of 5 cms breath and is to be positioned at the middle of the outside of the body. A must mention the word named ‘Tourist’ on the two edges of the vehicle.

      It is important for you to note that The National Permit for a vehicle is valid for 9 years from the issuance date for a motor cab and 8 years for any other vehicle. If the vehicle is substituted by a separate vehicle that is less than 2 years old, there is no need for any renewal. Additionally, it is important for the motor vehicle to be prepared with public address system, ease of drinking water, small fans, indoor curtains, well maintained push and pull back seats a completely separate driver cabin etc.

Table for the Vehicle Permit fees and Permit Period for Goods vehicles & Passenger vehicles

We will give a table below about the fees and time period for both goods vehicles and passenger vehicles for you to have an idea about the same.


Vehicle TypeAmount of Fees (INR)Period of Permit
Light Goods Vehicle or LGV2000 and 500 for Authorization5 years and 1 year
Heavy Good Vehicle25005 years


Vehicle TypeAmount of Fees (INR)Period of Permit
Light Goods Vehicle or LGV2015 and 500 for Authorization5 years and 1 year
Heavy Good Vehicle25155 years

Fees for Motor Vehicle Permit
For the procurement of a National Permit for any class of vehicle an individual must choose minimum 3 states but without Delhi. A compound fee as specified by the respective states needs to be deposited through Bank Drafts.
Here is a list of the fees charged for getting a National Permit for different states in India.
Name of the StateAmount (INR)
West Bengal5000
Madhya Pradesh5000
Jammu and Kashmir5000
Himachal Pradesh5000
Uttar Pradesh5000
Tamil Nadu3000
Andhra Pradesh3000

Fees and period of Motor Vehicle Permit

Here is a list of the vehicle permit fee and period of permit basis the type of the vehicle which will certainly help you to understand the validity of the permit according to the type of the vehicle.

Vehicle TypeAmount (INR)Period of Permit
Light goods Vehicle12155 years
Heavy Good Vehicle16155 years
Busses Contract Carriage Permit11005 years
Busses All India Tourist Permit5001 years
Stage Carriage Permit for Blueline, Redlines, Suvidha and Interstate Permits (Renewal fee)11005 years
One Point to the other Point Permit5004 months
Counter-signature for Haryana & Punjab – For LGV and HMV1500 & 2500Both 5 years
Counter-Signature for other State Stage Carriage25005 years

Step by step process to apply for a vehicle permit and its details

Everything has a method which you need to follow, and so is the process of applying for a vehicle permit. The following steps need to be followed by you for applying for a vehicle permit:

  1. You will have to go to the respective RTO office
  2. You can download the application form as mentioned above for vehicle permit
  3. You must make sure that they are qualified for the procedure as per the vehicle type
  4. You can also get the necessary application forms from the appropriate RTO offices that must be filled up correctly and furnished along with address and identity proof of documents and suitable fees
  5. RTO Representatives will then start processing the application
  6. The permit will consist of the condition of the Vehicle, vehicle’s Body built, seating arrangements of seats etc. will be done by the RTO authorities
  7. Post-inspection of the vehicle for its appropriateness and other essential requirements the application would be processed further

    Documents required for Motor vehicle permit’s application: You must take note of the below list of documents needed for getting Motor vehicle permitsare:
  1. Application form number 46 and 48 as mentioned above
  2. Certificate of Registration of the vehicle
  3. Vehicle’s Fitness Certificate
  4. Certificate of Insurance of the vehicle.
  5. Tax payment proof for the present Quarter to the Homebased State
  6. National Permit Fee
  7. Demand drafts in favour of the Transport Authorities agreed for other states for the payment of all taxes
  8. Payment of green tax as appropriate

Legal Definitions:
Section 88 of The Motor Vehicle Act

Section 88 in the Motor Vehicle Act is regarding the National Permit and licenses issued by a State Regional Transport Authority (RTO) for the carriage of goods. National Permit is defined under the mentioned section as below:

“National permit” means a permit granted by the appropriate authority to goods carriages to operate throughout the territory of India or in such contiguous States, not being less than four in number, including the State in which the permit is issued as may be specified in such permit in accordance with the choice indicated in the application.”

The National permits for goods carriages and the related sections are 69, 77, 79, 80-86, 4[clause (d) of sub-section (1) of section 87 and section 89]. The other sections related to applying minimum for 3 states are 73, 74, 80-86 2[clause (d) of sub-section (1) of section 87 and section 89.

Now you have a better idea about the types of motor vehicle permits and how it is issued and most importantly why this is issued. So, get your vehicle ready to get a permit if needed and drive safely and freely.


You can visit the official website https://parivahan.gov.in/parivahan/sites/default/files/FAQDOCS/Permit/PERMIT and get the required services pertaining to permits.

An Indian citizen or operator of transport or the Co-operative Societies, who are eager and are willing to get into the business of transport can apply for a permit of any type of vehicle as per their choice.

State Transport Authority or STA is authorized for issuance of Stage Carriage Permit for 4 and more than 4 Regions or Districts, All Bengal Luxury Taxi Permit in case of West Bengal, other state or Inter-State Permit, etc. Regional Transport Authority or RTA is meant for a particular Revenue District and is authorized for issuance of Stage Carriage Permit for 3 Districts, for Contract Carriage Permit, for Taxi-Permit, for National Permit, for Goods Permit, etc.

Any Establishment can have this Permit for carrying its own staffs without any purpose of making profits.

You will have to give a written application after which the transport authority will verify if there is any police case which is pending against your Permit Vehicle. After the police authentication report and upon payment of INR 1000 by you per part, the duplicate permit will be issued.