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A driving license is a must for you to drive anywhere in India and is a requirement as per the law, likewise renewal of Driving license after the expiry date is also very crucial. These renewals are developed to safeguard your eligibility to drive and are not affected due to growing age or any other unexpected situation. The validity of your driving license is for 20 years or till you are of the age of 50, whichever is first, after which license renewal is mandatory as per the law and driving with an expired driving license will be treated as a punishable offence. 

Renewal of Driving license after the expiry date is only valid for 30 days which means you have 30 days grace period within which you need to renew your driving license. Any non-adherence to this law is subject to paying a fine as well. Also, if you are not renewing your expired license within 5 years from the expiry date, then you will again have to apply for a fresh driving license.

Types of Driving Licenses in India:

There are 4 types of Driving Licenses in India

  1. Learner’s License
  2. Permanent Driving License for Private Vehicles
  3. Driving License for Commercial Vehicles
  4. International Driving License

The most popular type of driving license is the permanent driving license for private vehicles.

A. Step by step online process to apply for a driver’s license renewal

Now, we will have a look at the process of renewal of Driving license online. Let us understand the same from the below-mentioned steps. You need to submit a duly filled driving license renewal form number 9 and a set of documents (mentioned in the next section) at the regional transport office in your zone.

  1. You need to visit the official website https://parivahan.gov.in/ and select your state
official website
  1. You need to then click on online services and opt for “Driving License Related Services”
Driving License Related Services
  1. You will be forwarded to this page where you need to choose your state:
  1. Then the specific website of the State would open up
state open
  1. Then you need to click on “Apply Online” and then opt for “Services on Driving License (Renewal/Duplicate/Aedl/Others)

    Renew Driving Licence
  2. The steps for the same would be shown as under:
    1. You would be required to fill the application form with the necessary details
    2. Then you need to upload the necessary documents
    3. You would then need to upload your photograph and your signature if needed
    4. Then you need to book the slot for your Driving License Test
    5. And then you need to make a payment of the fees for the renewal of Driving License
application form
  1. The necessary details would have to be entered like:
    1. Your Driving License Number (mandatory)
    2. Your Date of Birth (mandatory)
    3. Category of the Driving License from the options available other than a regular application only in the case of diplomats, physically challenged, repatriate, etc.
    4. And then submit it to the specific
      1. State
      2. RTO
      3. And Pincode
licence number
  1. After the above step, you will have to then visit RTO physically for authentication of the documents
  2. After the necessary verification by the RTO, you will be given your renewed driving license on the same day or within 15 days

B. Offline Process of applying for the renewal of your driving license

  1. FORM 9 needs to be submitted
    An application form which is for the application for renewal of your driving license
  2. The following details need to be filled in:
    1. Name
    2. Personal details
    3. Address
    4. Date of issue of your driving license
    5. The issuer of your earlier driving license
    6. Date of Renewal
    7. Class of the vehicle
    8. Reason for delay of renewal of your license, in case there is a delay of more than 30 days
    9. Confirmation of the additional documents like medical fitness certificate, recent photographs, a receipt for the payment of fees
    10. Declaration of the applicant
    11. Date

Renewal of your Learner’s License

In order to renew your Learner’s License, you need to re-apply for the same again and it can be done either online or offline.

C. The validity of your Driver’s License

The validity of your Driving License is 20 years only. After the expiry of the driving license, there is a grace period of 30 days given for you to renew your license so that you can enjoy the continuity benefit of your driving license. However, if the grace period of 30 days lapses, you would have to pay a penalty to renew your driving license.

A learner’s license is valid for a period of 6 months. A Permanent Driving License needs to be applied after at least 30 days of issuance of the Learner’s License and within a period of 6 months.

The validity of the Renewal of your Driving License

When a non-transport vehicle is renewed, it is valid for a period of 5 years and when a transport vehicle is renewed, it is valid for a period of 3 years.

Necessary Documents required Permanent driver’s license renewal

You must know the documents which are essential for driver’s license renewal and be ready with the same when needed so that you don’t waste your time and do precisely what you are required to do. Let us see those.Application Form for license renewal:
You need to fill correctly Form Number 9 which is the application for driver’s license renewal.You can also download the form for renewal online or can collect the same from the RTO office which is near to youFitness Certificate for yourself:
You can download form number 1 which is a self-declaration for your physical fitness for Non-Transport Vehicles from the respective RTO website. You will have to obtain a fitness certificate from a qualified doctor confirming that you are physically fit to drive a motor vehicle while applying for driver’s license renewalCopy of your existing driving license:
Your old driving license which is expired is also needed for driver’s license renewalCopy of your age-proof:
You need to give a photocopy of your age proof which can be your Aadhar card, which is also treated as an identity proof as wellYour address proof:
Your driving license has your residential address and hence you have to submit a residence proof when you are applying for driver’s license renewal. You need to submit a photocopy of your valid passport.
Any modification in your residential address must be seen in your updated or renewed driving license. You must inform the RTO with your new address within a monthNo objection Certificate:
If you are relocating from one state to the other, then you must get a No Objection certificate from the RTO which had issued your initial and original driving licensePhoto:
You need to submit your passport-sized photos with the application. In recent days, driving license is issued in the form of a Smartcard which is tamper-proof and laminated containing your recent photoNecessary Fee-
You need to the necessary fee (as mentioned below) for your driver’s license renewal

In the case of commercial or transport vehicles, the same documents need to be submitted along with two extra documents: one is a driver refreshing certificate for heavy motor vehicles and the other form number 1A which is a Medical Certificate for Transport Vehicles.

Necessary Documents required Commercial driver’s license renewal

There is an additional requirement of certain documents for renewal of your commercial driving license as, other than what is already mentioned for a Permanent Driving License:

  1. Medical Certificate Form 1-A
  2. In case of an HMV (High Mobility Vehicle), a driving refreshing Training Certificate needs to be submitted
  3. A short Refresher Driving Training Course for one day for all categories of commercial vehicles

Common fields of driver’s license renewal Form

You must be curious to know what are the common fields which are seen in the driver’s license renewal form. Let us see the same below:

  1. A specific space will be available for you to paste your photograph with a size of 5″ 6″
  2. You need to mention your name with your family details as applicable and request for the renewal of your driving license
  3. You will then be required to fill up the details of your expired driving license as below:
    1. Driving license number
    2. Issue date of your driving license
    3. Issuing Authority for issuance
    4. Issuing Authority for renewal
    5. Type of vehicle which you are authorized to drive
    6. The expiry date of license for transport and non-transport vehicle
  4. You are required to fill up your current address with a declaration if there is any change in your address
  5. Reason for not renewing within the grace period of 30 days, if applicable
  6. Confirmation of payment of the required fee
  7. Declaration of submission of fitness certificate and photographs
  8. Declaration and confirmation that all information given by you is correct with your signature and name

Fees for driver’s license renewal

The fees for driver’s license renewal are dependent on the type of form of the license that you are applying for whether a smart card or in a book form. You will have to pay INR 200 extra if you want to change your residential address.

Let us see the same below:

Type of Driving LicenseDescription of the feeFees
During the tenure of Grace PeriodINR 200 + additional INR 200 for the Smart CardINR 400
After the tenure of Grace PeriodINR 300 + INR 1000 + additional INR 200 for the Smart CardINR 1500

Now that you are well aware of the driver’s license renewal process, you know yourself what you need to do and can help your friends and relatives as well. Hence, follow the rules and process and drive.


Yes, you will get back half the amount of fees paid where the RTO disapproves of the renewal of your driving license.

If the Transport Motor Vehicle Department of the respective state gives the online facility for driving license renewal, then you can renew the license through the same.

You can track your online driving license status through https://sarathi.nic.in:8443/nrportal or directly at the respective RTO office.

Driving a vehicle without a valid driving license, one can be fined up to INR 5000 or can be imprisoned for up to 3 months or both.