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Information About Driving Licence Test

Driving may be a passion for many and a necessity to others. Whatever be the case, driving your own vehicle is a life skill which should be acquired. However, passing a driving test is a pre-requisite to obtaining a driving license and it is of extreme importance.

Like any academic course, after learning to drive, you would have to pass a practical and a theory test in order to obtain a license to drive a vehicle for every country. In India as well, you would require to pass a driving test in order to drive a vehicle on the Indian roads according to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. No one will be allowed to drive a without a valid Driving licence. Thus, if you wish to drive any, you should get a valid driving licence. 

Steps to apply for a Driving License in India:

There are steps to obtain your driving license. First, you would have to apply for a Learners licence, which is treated as a temporary licence for a specific timeframe. Before the expiry of the learner’s license, you would have to appear for the Driving Test, as per the norms of the RTO in order to obtain a Driving licence. The minimum age to apply for a Driving License is 18 years.

You will have to go through the test which is commonly known as the Driving Test to obtain a driving license. This test will measure your driving skills with the knowledge of the traffic rules and regulations. Driving Test comprises both a written test and a practical test. The written test will give you a learner’s licence which is named as learners license test. 

You can apply for your driving test after a period of 1 month from the date of applying for a learner’s license within a tenure of 6 months. There would be a practical test of driving the vehicle under the supervision of the examiner. Passing both the tests is mandatory in order to obtain a valid driving license. 

H2 Test Process for Driver’s license test in India

As mentioned above, you will have to appear for the driving test and the process to apply for the same are as follows:

  • Request for a permanent driving license is to be filed 30 days from the issuance of the learner’s license. The application must be filed within a period of 180 days after the 30 days’ time period of the learner’s license is completed
  • You can obtain the Driver’s license test application form CMV 4 from the RTO office or can download online
  • You must be physically present at the venue at least an hour before the test
  • All the necessary documents mentioned as below need to be submitted by you after which you will have to pay the fees at the counter for the test
  • Application for the driving test can, however, be done online

H2 Documents that need to be submitted at the time of Driver’s License Test

There are a number of documents that need to be submitted at the time of appearing for the Driver’s License Test like:

  1. A valid learner’s licence
  2. Essential documents of the motor vehicle in which you choose to give the driving test like
    1. Certificate of Registration of the vehicle, 
    2. A valid Insurance Certificate of the vehicle, 
    3. Tax details of the vehicle
    4. A valid PUC Certificate 
  3. In case you are appearing for a driving test with a vehicle of a transport company of a Driving Training School, the Vehicle Fitness Certificate and other linked documents need to be submitted like:
    1. Form CMV 5 which is issued by the respective Driving Training School
    2. A valid Pollution Under Control Certificate
  4. Correctly filled application form
  5. Current passport sized photographs

H2 The process for the Physical Driving Test

The driving test process is State-specific nevertheless, the test will be taken in the presence of a Motor Vehicle Inspector. The norms are:

  1. You will have to experience a ‘Parallel Parking test’, ‘Forward 8 shaped track tests’, or ‘Reverse S Test’ or ‘Drive backwards on S-shaped track’
  2. You must ensure that his or her feet do not touch the ground for two-wheeler test, although for car test, you should use of rear-view mirrors, use correct hand indications and change gears competently
  3. Then, the driving test will start
  4. You will be given information about some of the traffic rules by the instructor
  5. If you have completed reasonably well in the driving test, the testing authority will sanction and affirm the status of the driving licence
  6. The RTO officer will give instruction for the issue of the driving licence if you have passed the driving test and you would be taken to a different room to take your photograph for the license
  7. You would also need to give a written test related to traffic rules and regulations which is the learner’s license test
  8. For an online application for driving license, a written test is conducted online which you need to pass
  9. Upon passing both the assessments, you will be given a receipt which will be treated as a driving license till getting the final driving licence

H2 Test Process for Learner’s license test in India

The basic test process for getting a learner’s license is mostly the same as above. You as a learner needs to appear for an online exam if the online driving license application is made or a written test that will measure your acquaintance about the traffic rules and safety symbols. Important points to note here as below:

  1. You to be present at the test venue minimum half an hour before the chosen slot
  2. Generally, RTOs gives a printed notice having vital points on the rules and various signals on which they will be tested
  3. Submission of the confirmation slip at the designated counter is needed to be done by you with the payment for the test
  4. If you are unable to pass the test, you can repeat the test after a week
  5. You may apply for a Driving License 30 days post the date of issue of the Learner’s License. The application for permanent Driving License needs to be filed within 180 days of the date of issue of the Learner’s License as mentioned above.

H2 Details of Driving Test for different vehicle types

It is very important for you to know that the driving test depends on the type of vehicle you own and accordingly you will have to prepare yourself. Below is a comprehensive view of the details of the driving test for some vehicles.

  • Driving Test for Heavy Vehicles
    Procurement a driving licence for heavy vehicles like trucks, buses, and lorries was a little easy since the test method was easy and much comfortable till 2014. But with an increase in the number of vehicles and accidents, guidelines have become much strict and the tests are more organized and controlled now.You need to appear for a test on a track specifically intended for heavy vehicles. Till now, many RTOs have these guidelines intact, but there are still many RTOs where the licence can be got easily. The test has been made difficult so that only those with right and correct skills will be driving heavy vehicles.
  • Driving Test Sequence Light Motor Vehicle
    Below are the skills that are evaluated as a driver for a motorcar:
    • Capability to Parallel Park (along with a kerb)
    • Capability to drive onward on the road which is ‘8” shaped
    • Capability to drive frontward without a backward drive on a road having a mounting Slope
    • Capability to drive back on the road which is ‘S” shaped.
  • Driving Track Test for Two Wheelers
    If you are the owner of a two-wheeler, then below are the steps which you must adhere to for a two-wheeler driving test:
    • You should be at the RTO office at the scheduled time with the effective Learner’s License
    • You must carry the receipt for the Driving Test Fee
    • You should report at the Registration Desk beforehand

The SARATHI software record will authenticate the applicant’s identity, Learning License and other required documents. There will be a thumb impression authentication for you as a part of the verification of the identity

  1. If you are qualified, then you are given Permission papers having details like name, learning license, personal details, type of vehicle etc. to go to the Testing Zone
  2. The applicant has to carry an exclusive ID number and an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) card to use in the test track
  3. You must have the capability to drive onward on the road which is ‘8” shaped without putting the feet down and must complete within the specified time
  4. Signal Lights will be there in the track to help you
  5. You are allowed to start the two-wheeler and go ahead and cross the START mark, post which the Signal light will be again red
  6. You should make sure that no marker poles are bashed down while riding on the track
  7. A timer will be on the moment your vehicle crosses the START mark. The timer will be on till the vehicle cross the STOP mark or till the prearranged time is over
  8. The system will spot any violation to the above rule and scores will be reduced
  9. A video will be taken for you finishing the test
  10. This video clip will be deposited as a part of your driving test record
  11. Also, your photo will be taken through a mounted camera inside the vehicle in the middle of the driving test.

H2 Learners license test pattern & questions

You also must be inquisitive as well to know what type of questions come in the driving test. Well, the questions will be in the multiple-choice set-up, where you need to choose the right answer. You will have to answer these questions properly to pass the learner’s license test.

Let us see some sample questions for passing the learner’s license test. The correct answers are in bold

  1. On the road that is chosen as one way, you should not:
    1. Do the driving in reverse gear
    2. Must not overtake
    3. Must not park
  2. You will be allowed to overtake a vehicle which is in front through
    1. The left-hand side of the vehicle in front
    2. The right-hand side of the vehicle ahead
    3. If the road is widespread
  3. A learner’s license is valid for a period of
    1. 31 days
    2. 6 months
    3. Till the permanent driving licence is received
  4. The below sign indicates 
right turn not allowed
  1. U-turn not allowed
  2. Right turn not allowed
  3. Overtaking through left prohibited
  1. The below sign indicates
    1. No entry
    2. Speed limits end
    3. One way

The driving test is very easy and there is nothing to be worried about. The more you practise, the more efficient you become, as the saying goes “practice makes a man perfect”. Hence learn sincerely and give your best shot in the driving test.


In India, driving licences are effective for 20 years from the issue date or till the holder attains 50 years, whichever is former. For commercial vehicles, it is valid till 3 years.

Driving a vehicle without a driving license is a severe offence and might be fined up to INR 5000 or imprisonment until 3 months or both.

No parameter on the number of times an individual can fail a driving test.

If you fail the driving test, you are allowed to apply for a retest post 7 days.

Yes, it is mandatory as the law for getting the permanent driving license.