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Link Aadhar to Driving Licence

As an Indian citizen, there are certain crucial documents which are issued by the Government of India pertaining to the identity of any individual. Two such important documents are Aadhaar Card and Driving license. Both these documents have their respective purposes and serve as a tool of identification. Let’s understand these documents in details –

What is an Aadhar card?

An Aadhaar card is a card which contains an exclusive number which is issued to Indian citizens who enrol under it. This number is a unique identification number which helps in identification of the individual. The Aadhar card is issued by UIDAI, Unique Identification Authority of India. The Aadhar card contains your demographic as well as biometric details stored on it. You can also link your card to other documents and financial accounts that you have to centralize all your records in one place.

What is a driving license?

A driving licence is an authorized document that allows you, as a holder, to drive a vehicle on Indian public roads and highways. A driving licence is obligatory in India and no individual is allowed to drive a vehicle in a public place without a proper Driving licence as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

Linking of Aadhar card with driving license

Both the Aadhar card and driving license are important documents which contain the details of an individual. To keep a centralized record and also for close monitoring of various activities by an individual, the Central Government planned to link Aadhaar to Driving licence. The linking of Aadhar with driving license is not mandatory but it proves beneficial if you can do it.

How to link Aadhar card to driving license?

There are two ways in which you can link Aadhaar to driving licence. One way is through the online medium while the other is the offline mode. Let’s understand the detailed process to link Aadhaar to driving licence under both the ways –

A. The online process to link Aadhaar card to Driving license

The procedure to link Aadhaar to Driving licence will vary from one state to the other state. Nevertheless, the main process remains the same for all states and union territories in India and you can follow the same without any issue. The process mentioned below can also be used by you to link Aadhaar to Driving licence by visiting the authorized website of the department of transport of all the states and union territories of India. Let us now understand the process of how to link Aadhaar to Driving licence which is explained for a quick reference:

  • You will have to go to the official road transport website of the respective state where the driving licence was issued
  • A drop-down card will be seen post which you will have to select “Driving Licence” and plug in the Licence number
  • An OTP would be sent to your registered mobile number for authentication purposes. You would have to enter in the OT after which your mobile number would be verified and the Aadhar card would be linked to your driving license
  • You need to tap on “Get Details” key and particulars of driving licence will be seen by you
  • Two empty places will be seen where you will have to put “Aadhaar Number” and “Mobile number”. You will have to fill in both the numbers as required and check the details and then you need to submit
  • You will have to tap on the “Link Aadhar” key and find for “Aadhar Number Entry” choice.

The offline process to link Aadhaar to driving licence

To link Aadhaar to driving licence offline, you would have to visit the RTO from where your driving license was issued. At the RTO you would get an Aadhar linking form. Fill up the form mentioning the details of your driving license and your Aadhar card. Submit the filled and signed form along with self-attested copies of your Aadhar card and driving license.

The RTO would, then, verify and assess your form. The driving license and Aadhar card details would be cross-referenced with the copies submitted. Once everything is found to be in order, the RTO would link Aadhaar to driving licence. This linking might take some time and once your Aadhar card is linked to your driving license, you would get a confirmation message from the RTO stating the same.

Reason for a special focus by the Government

There is a reason why the Government has started this initiative of Driving licence Aadhaar linkThere have been many examples where one person is holding an extra driving license which is illegal. According to the rules of road transport, an individual is not allowed to have multiple drivers’ licenses. Moreover, a driving license which gets issued in a state is legally valid in all the other states and union territories of India. Therefore, no one needs to hold several driving licenses. Driving license Aadhar link would, therefore, ensure that one individual holds one license only. 

Benefits of Driving licence Aadhaar link

Other benefits of driving license Aadhar link are as follows –

  1. Driving licence Aadhaar link will bring the entire process under a single umbrella
  2. The Aadhaar-based integrated system will allow the certified agencies to authenticate the details of the license of all car owners in India
  3. The certified agencies will be in a position to recognize the false or forged driving licences
  4. Transport departments will be also in a position to recognize the fake documents and can take necessary legal steps where a person has more than one driving licenses
  5. An essential centralized online record will be created to have details of all the drivers and will be accessible all over India subsequently making the renewal process of duplicate licences impossible
  6. The order of Driving licence Aadhaar link will encourage transparency and fight corruption to a great extent
  7. The entire procedure will be done automatically. Hence, all will be given a driving licence within a time span of 72 hours post passing the driving exam
  8. The number of road accidents will come down considerably as no one can obtain a licence without passing the test
  9. Many means of transport associated procedures will much faster and free of hassle
  10. Driving Licenses which are not connected with Aadhaar Card will be neutralized as one driving license can only be linked with the Aadhaar card and the issue of fake duplicate licenses can easily be under control

It is important for you to note that the linking process is not yet mandatory in India, however, linking is beneficial for the above-mentioned reasons and should be done.

List of different Union territories & state-wise websites where one can apply for Driving licence Aadhaar link

You will be allowed to link Aadhaar to Driving licence online by visiting the below official websites of the various States and Union Territories. This process is easy and you can link your Aadhar card with your driving license on these websites.

The websites are as follows –

  • Transport Department of Haryana – https://haryanatransport.gov.in/
  • Transport Department of Punjab – https://punjab.gov.in/department-of-transport
  • Transport Department of Rajasthan – https://www.transport.rajasthan.gov.in/content/transportportal/en.html#
  • Transport Department of Maharashtra – https://transport.maharashtra.gov.in/1035/Home
  • Transport Department of Goa – https://goatransport.gov.in/Default
  • Transport Department of West Bengal – https://transport.wb.gov.in/
  • Transport Department of Bihar – https://transport.bih.nic.in/
  • Transport Department of Orissa – https://as2.ori.nic.in:8080/web/
  • Transport Department of Mizoram – https://transport.mizoram.gov.in/
  • Transport Department of Manipur – https://manipurtransport.in/
  • Transport Department of Arunachal Pradesh -https://www.arunachalipr.gov.in
  • Transport Department of Andhra Pradesh – https://www.aptransport.org/
  • Transport Department of Telangana – https://transport.telangana.gov.in/
  • Transport Department of Tamil Nadu – https://tnsta.gov.in/
  • Transport Department of Karnataka -https://etc.karnataka.gov.in/
  • Transport Department of Nagaland – https://mvd.nagaland.gov.in/
  • Transport Department of Chhattisgarh – https://cgtransport.org/CGTS/Default.html
  • Transport Department of Jammu And Kashmir – https://www.jaktrans.nic.in/
  • Transport Department Ladakh – https://leh.nic.in/
  • Transport Department of Himachal Pradesh – https://himachal.nic.in/index.php?lang=1&dpt_id=3
  • Transport Department of Uttarakhand – https://transport.uk.gov.in/
  • Transport Department of Uttar Pradesh – https://uptransport.upsdc.gov.in/en-us/
  • Transport Department of Jharkhand -https://jhtransport.gov.in/
  • Transport Department of Meghalaya – https://megtransport.gov.in/
  • Transport Department of Sikkim – https://sikkim.gov.in/departments/transport-department
  • Transport Department of Kerala – https://mvd.kerala.gov.in/
  • Transport Department of Assam – https://transport.assam.gov.in/
  • Transport Department of Madhya Pradesh – https://www.transport.mp.gov.in/
  • Transport Department of Gujarat – https://rtogujarat.gov.in/
  • Transport Department of Daman and Diu – https://daman.nic.in/rtodaman/default.asp
  • Transport Department of Tripura – https://tsu.trp.nic.in/transport/
  • Transport Department of Andaman and Nicobar Islands – https://db.and.nic.in/mvd/
  • Transport Department of Puducherry – https://www.india.gov.in/official-website-transport-department-puducherry
  • Transport Department of Delhi – https://transport.delhi.gov.in/home/transport-department
  • Transport Department of Chandigarh – https://chdtransport.gov.in/

Linking driving license with Aadhar card is a simple process and you can do so online in whatever State that you are in. So, link your driving license with your Aadhar card and help the Government weed out multiple licenses in a single name.


It is not compulsory now. But in future Government is planning to make this a mandatory process.

Yes, it will hold good and the process remains the same.

Yes, you can. You need to visit the official site of Transport Department of Maharashtra and do the needful.

Individuals have to be more than 3 years of age and have to be an Indian resident.

All state departments have not yet made functional the process to link Aadhaar to Driving