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Information on How To Link Vodafone With Aadhaar

In India, the Unique Identification Authority of India- UIDAI has been assigned with the responsibility of providing a 12-digit unique identity number to the Indian citizens. These are the random digits that issue and will certainly support the government to offer appropriate benefits to the residents, thereby ensuring that the right people get the right benefit. The United States of America, have already executed this unique number know-how to provide protection and safety to its residents. Similarly, India’s authorized body named UIDAI was brought into the picture and was founded in 2009, for issuing “Aadhaar” under the control of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. This 12-digit unique number is called Aadhaar. Let us understand in short as to what is an aadhaar.

What is an Aadhaar?

Aadhaar is a 12-digit unique ID issued by the UIDAI to any person residing in India. Irrespective of the age and gender, any individual enrols themselves to obtain an Aadhaar number. Aadhaar needs two vital data, one is the demographic details of the person applying and the other is the biometric data like your fingerprints and iris scan of the applicant during the enrolment process. Applying and procuring an Aadhaar is a one-time exercise and will remain effective for the entire life.

Background of Aadhaar and importance of a mobile number in Aadhaar

Over a period of time, Aadhaar has become a very important verification way to authenticate your identity. It provides you with the collection of your biometric proof and is treated as an unconventional and unique technique of authentication of identity. It is an exclusive way of storing essential data in an official warehouse of the country. And during your Aadhaar enrolment, you need to provide a valid contact number and your email id that belongs to you. These will be documented as your perpetual contact details in your aadhaar card. It is important that you give a valid and correct mobile number for you to avail of benefits, do financial transactions and many more. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have your mobile number recorded in your Aadhaar records. Also, you can add or update your mobile number if needed, and you must do this, as all messages about your Aadhaar and other important notifications will be sent to your mobile number and also is important for you to complete the KYC verification procedure, permissible by the banks and many insurance companies. 

Importance of Vodafone aadhaar link

The uniqueness of your Aadhaar card lies in the fact that it is not only an important proof of identity, but also used in all types of services like availing government subsidies, bank account opening, investment, LPG gas connection, and many more. Also, linking your Aadhaar number with all your financial instruments, vital papers as well as your mobile number, has been suggested strongly to prevent scams and false duplications and also to perform all the transactions smoothly. 

And it is in this line of belief, Vodafone has come up with an easy process of Vodafone aadhaar link, by which the Vodafone mobile holders will be able to link their mobiles with their Aadhaar number. Initially, as per the directive by the Government of India, Linking Aadhaar with your mobile number was made compulsory by the Government as per the order released by the Supreme Court. This step is taken to eradicate connections that are issued on false documents. Verification of your Mobile Number with your Aadhaar is free of charge and gets completed in just a few seconds at the UIDAI official website. The government of India had instructed customers to get their Aadhaar linked with their Vodafone mobile numbers. However, currently, it is not a mandatory one.

What is the Vodafone aadhaar link process?

Vodafone aadhaar link is a technique in which any person having an active Vodafone account or cell number can link his or her details of the card to their Aadhaar Card. Hence, by doing a Vodafone aadhaar link, all the details for that person will be stored in the government’s database. 

Vodafone provides you with a couple of ways to do a Vodafone aadhaar link. Here, we will take you through the Vodafone aadhaar link process and understand the method.

How to link aadhaar with Vodafone mobile number

Vodafone aadhaar linkcan be done in 3 different ways. Here are the below steps mentioned for your reference for each of the methods: 

  1. Vodafone aadhaar link via OTP: This process was introduced initially but as of now, it is not valid anymore. This facility is not available for all Vodafone subscribers. Only those users, who have their mobile number already linked with Aadhaar, will be in a position to avail of this facility. Clients who have not linked their mobile number with Aadhaar need to visit the nearest Vodafone store for verification and doing Vodafone aadhaar link. The steps are as follows: 

    Step 1: Visit Vodafone’s official website

    Step 2: Enter your mobile number that needs to be linked, verified with your Aadhaar

    Step 3: An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number

    Step 4: Then, enter OTP and click on “Submit” and proceed further

    Step 5: You will get to see a consent message on the screen. You need to enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number

    Step 6: A message will be sent by Vodafone for generating an OTP

    Step 7: You will receive another consent notification about your e-KYC details

    Step 8: Accept the terms and conditions and enter the received OTP

    Step 9: Upon completing the process, you will get a confirmation message about the Vodafone aadhaar link
  2. Vodafone aadhaar link via Offline: Below steps were pertinent to individuals who already had an existing mobile number. So, if you have an existing Vodafone mobile number, you can simply follow the steps to do Vodafone aadhaar link

    Step 1: Visit your nearest Vodafone store

    Step 2: Submits a self-attested copy of your Aadhar along with your mobile number

    Step 3: A 4-digit OTP will be generated and will be sent to your mobile number

    Step 4: You need to submit the OTP to the store officer and give your biometrics

    Step 5: You will receive a confirmation message after 24 hours to which you need to reply “Y” to complete the we-KYC procedure

  3. Vodafone aadhaar link via IVR: The Government of India introduces a one-point contact number for linking Aadhaar to Vodafone mobile via IVR or Interactive Voice Response services. Both pre-paid, as well as post-paid customers, may follow the below steps to link their Aadhaar with their phone number.

    Step 1: You need to dial a toll-free number 14546 from your mobile phone

    Step 2: Press 1, If you are a resident of India and re-verify your Aadhar

    Step 3: Enter your 12-digit Aadhaar card number

    Step 4: Then, you need to press 1 to approve your Aadhar number

    Step 5: Now, enter your mobile number registered with your Aadhaar to get an OTP

    Step 6: Give your permission to allow Vodafone to have your name, date of birth and photo from the UIDAI central database

    Step 7: Enter the OTP which you have received

    Step 8: Lastly, press 1 to complete the process

Documents required for Vodafone aadhaar link

There are not many documents which you will need to aVodafone aadhaar link. All you need to carry is a self-attested copy of your Aadhaar card to a Vodafone store. And nothing else would be required for doing this process.

Fee required for Vodafone aadhaar link

You, as a Vodafone subscriber, need not pay any fee to do a Vodafone aadhaar link.

Pros and Cons of Vodafone aadhaar link

  1. Pros:
    • From a broader perspective, Vodafone aadhaar link helps in rationalization of the economy, enhance growth and stops frequencies of corruption
    • The purpose of Vodafone aadhaar link is to recognize the huge count of false mobile subscribers and to further reinforce the genuineness of Aadhaar, as a significant document for e-KYC
    • Doorstep facilities in order to do the re-verification for the certain class of people like senior citizens, seriously ill person, or for differently abled person, for their ease of using their mobile phones 
    • Online authentication of your ITR can be done using your Aadhaar card with the help of one-time password or an OTP that will be generated in your mobile number that is linked to your Aadhaar number
  2. Cons:
    • If you have more than one mobile number, you need to link all of them individually and you cannot assume that all can be done at one go
    • Not many will be able to verify their cell number via online method in UIDAI portal

Important points to remember under Vodafone aadhaar link

Vodafone users who wish to link their Aadhar to Vodafone mobile number must keep few things in mind before the process of linking or the verification process. Check the below points to remember while doing a Vodafone aadhaar link

  • Carry your original Aadhaar card to complete the process of re-verification
  • Re-verification process can be done from anyplace all over the country. You need not do the same in your original place 
  • Vodafone Aadhaar process of activation is totally free of cost
  • Ensure to have your cell number registered with your aadhaar
  • You can use the m-Aadhaar app as well for linking your Aadhaar card with your Vodafone mobile number
  • Vodafone aadhaar link eases the process of Aadhaar-based e-KYC, to have your details authenticated and verified
  • For you to link your Aadhaar with your mobile number, you just need to do provide your Aadhaar number to Vodafone officer and go ahead with the biometric verification
  • The procedure to link your Aadhaar to your mobile number is identical to other operators as well

So, now that you know how to link aadhaar with Vodafone mobile number, it would not be difficult for you to follow the process and to do the needful.