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Information On How To Link BSNL With Aadhaar

In India, Aadhaar is a crucial document to prove the identity of any person and it is a 12-digit unique identification number that is issued to the residents of India by the central government. This is the first time, where a digitally based identification document has been introduced to ensure the smooth delivery of the services and many other uses. Aadhaar is supervised and issued by UIDAI -Unique Identification Authority of India. Aadhaar is designed in such a way to add a few critical information in its database thereby authenticating your details as a resident Indian with your name, address, contact number, photo together with your biometric details. 

Usages of an Aadhaar

Aadhaar card has now turn out to be one of the most widespread government identity papers for any citizen residing in India. Your Aadhaar number not only acts as a substantial identity proof but also is used in various services and financial transactions like:

  • Vital for verification of SIM card, bank account or Demat account opening
  • Required for making an investment in a public financial organization
  • Compulsory for taking an LPG gas connection
  • Used in MNREGA scheme- Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act – A well-made plan where the earnings of the employees are directly credited into their account

Rationale and importance of BSNL aadhaar link

Other than the aforementioned segments, there are other service providers where it is obligatory to furnish a Proof of Identity like in booking tickets in flight, train, railways, booking of hotel and many more other. And even though there are other documents that can be given as the identity proof, Aadhaar card, now has become the most used proof of identity due to its uniqueness of capturing biometric and demographic data for each individual, by this means, it reduces the probabilities of frauds and duplications. 

Aadhaar number may also be linked to various services like bank accounts, LPG connection, mobile numbers, etc. BSNL, a Government-owned Telecommunications Company provides service of doing a link aadhaar to BSNL mobile number. Though, the linking process is not compulsory as per the update given by the government in November 2018. BSNL aadhaar link does not indicate that several BSNL numbers possessed by one person will be linked automatically to his or her’s Aadhaar number. Essentially, each BSNL number needs to be linked distinctly to his or her Aadhaar. BSNL aadhaar link facility is applicable for all prepaid as well as post-paid BSNL numbers.

BSNL aadhaar link is a strategy to govern the speedily rising occurrences of fake practices like getting SIM cards against false identity cards. You need to first register your BSNL number with UIDAI to go ahead with the procedure link aadhaar to mobile number BSNL. In case, your BSNL mobile number that you had registered with your Aadhaar varies from the number that you would want to link now, you need to update that new BSNL number with your Aadhaar and then proceed to link aadhaar to mobile number BSNL.

What is BSNL aadhaar link?

BSNL aadhaar link is a method by which you, having a BSNL mobile number can link your details with your Aadhaar Card. Hence, by doing a BSNL aadhaar link, you will be able to store all your details in one central storehouse. 

Here, we will talk about how to link aadhaar with BSNL mobile number and understand the BSNL aadhaar link concept in detail. 

How to link aadhaar with BSNL mobile number?

The steps to do a BSNL aadhaar link are very easy that you need to follow. There are 3 user-friendly and unified methods by which you can to link aadhaar to mobile number BSNL. These are mentioned as below:

  1. OTP or One Time Payment
  2. Offline
  3. IVR or Interactive Voice Response

We will have a detailed conversation of the above process that you can follow to link aadhaar to mobile number BSNL

  1. OTP or One Time Payment
    Under this method, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

    Step 1: Call the Toll- free number 14546 from your BSNL mobile number

    Step 2: The IVR will give you two choices – first is for Indian citizens of India and second for NRI or Non-Resident Indian. Choose that is pertinent to you

    Step 3: Choose the option ‘1’ to allow the customer service agent to validate whether your BSNL number is linked with your Aadhaar or not

    Step 4: Enter your Aadhaar card number and then press the option ‘1’ to approve it

    Step 5: An OTP will be generated and will be sent to your BSNL mobile number

    Step 6: Allow the customer care executive to access your name, date of birth and photo from the UIDAI database

    Step 7: You will be able to hear the last 4 digits of your BSNL mobile number

    Step 8: If these 4 digits match with your BSNL mobile number, enter the OTP that you have and confirm

    Step 9: Press ‘0’ if you do not possess many BSNL mobile numbers that you would want to link aadhaar to mobile number BSNL or else, you may press the option ‘1’ to allow BSNL to go ahead with the Aadhaar authentication process

    Step 10: You will receive a message in your BSNL mobile to confirm that the process for linking your Aadhaar with BSNL number is successful
  2. OfflineLink your Aadhaar with your BSNL number offline by following the simple process as below:

    Step 1: Visit any BSNL store with the self-attested copy of your Aadhaar card

    Step 2: Provide your BSNL mobile number to the store executive for which you would want to do the linking

    Step 3: An OTP will be produced by BSNL and will be sent the mobile number that you have given to the executive

    Step 4: Now, you would be required to submit your biometric data

    Step 5: After the above step, you will get a confirmation message from BSNL

    Step 6: You need to reply with by typing ‘Y’ on a similar number from where you have got the confirmation message and complete the e-KYC process

    Step 7: The process of linking your Aadhaar with your BSNL number will be successfully done within 24 hours
  3. IVR or Interactive Voice Response
    Now, we will discuss the procedure to do link aadhaar to mobile number BSNL via IVR:

    Step 1: Call 14546 -a toll-free number from your BSNL mobile

    Step 2: Carefully follow the instructions given via IVR

    Step 3: Choose the option to “Link Aadhaar with Mobile Number”

    Step 4: Now, you need to enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number and confirm the same

    Step 5: Your Aadhaar would be linked with your BSNL mobile number

    Step 6: You will receive a confirmation message for a successful confirmation in your mobile number.

Documents needed to do BSNL aadhaar link

You need to provide a self-attested copy of your Aadhaar for the purpose of verification. No extra proof is essential for your address and identity authentication.

Fee for BSNL aadhaar link

You need not pay any charge for doing a BSNL Aadhar link. You need to just give your BSNL phone number, Aadhaar number and your biometrics for verification for which there is no charge.

Pros and Cons of BSNL Aadhar link

  1. Pros:
    • From a wider outlook, BSNL Aadhar link helps in rationalizing the economy, thereby enhancing the country’s growth and lessen down the occurrences of corruption
    • The purpose of the BSNL Aadhar link is to distinguish between the actual users and fake users
    • Online verification of your ITR may be done via your Aadhaar card with the help of an OTP or a one-time password that is generated and sent to your BSNL mobile number that is linked to your Aadhaar number
  2. Cons:
    • In case of multiple BSNL connections, you need to have them linked separately and you cannot presume that if you do one linking, the others will get automatically connected or lined
    • People who are not at all conversant with the process and comes from a poor section of the society, they will not be able to use the online facility of doing BSNL Aadhar link

Important points to remember under BSNL Aadhar link

Vodafone users who wish to link their Aadhar to Vodafone mobile number must keep a few things in mind before the process of linking or the verification process. Check the below points to remember while doing a BSNL Aadhar link

  1. Always have your original Aadhaar card handy to complete the procedure of re-verification
  2. The re-verification process can be done from anywhere in the country
  3. Ensure to have your cell number registered with your aadhaar
  4. You can use the m-Aadhaar app as well for linking your Aadhaar card with your BSNL mobile number
  5. BSNL Aadhar linksimplifies the procedure of Aadhaar-based e-KYC for a better way of authentication
  6. For doing a BSNL Aadhar link, you only need to do provide your Aadhaar number to the BSNL officer and then complete your biometric verification

Doing a BSNL aadhaar link is very easy and hassle-free, now you can easily do a BSNL aadhaar link by following the above steps and be a responsible citizen also and help the government to have a strong process of distribution of service without any false identities.