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A Complete Guide on What is SRN in Aadhar Card

The Government of India has come up with quite a few kinds of documents which support as a proof of identity proof for Indian citizen. Aadhaar Card is one such document that is issued by the Government. From the day it’s been introduced, the Aadhaar card has become an extremely significant document that is used to substantiate or validate an individual’s entity. Let’s understand in short what is an Aadhaar card.

What is an Aadhaar card?

Aadhaar Card is a unique identity number issued to every Indian citizen by the Government of India in collaboration with the UIDAI-Unique Identification Authority of India. The card has a random mixture of 12 unique numerical digits for every Aadhaar cardholder. This 12-digit number is identified as the Aadhaar card number and is used to identify people. A very special characteristic of this card is that it comprises the demographic and biometric data of an individual and consequently the same is used for authentication purposes. Aadhaar card issuance is free of cost and application to enrol for an Aadhaar card is purely voluntary. An Aadhaar card once issued will be valid for the entire lifetime

The key purpose of the Aadhaar Card is to use the card as a proof of identity, but it has several other usages in many aspects of our day-to-day lives and is considered to be a vital document. You can use an Aadhaar card as an identity proof for getting a passport, availing various subsidies, for opening a new bank account, mutual fund investments and many more. You need to enrol yourself for obtaining an Aadhaar Card by filling an Enrolment form giving your correct details as per the requirement. And once you receive the same, you may see that few details are captured erroneously, UIDAI has given the facility for you to correct or update the same. Here, we will take you through the various aspects of this correction or update process and also how to check your Aadhaar update/ correction status.

Corrections or updates allowed in your Aadhaar card data under two groups namely, demographics and biometrics. Demographics means you can change your name, date of birth, email, address, cell number, and gender, whereas Biometrics comprises of iris scan, fingerprints, and photographs. Point to note here is you can make changes in the address online or offline, but for changes in any other information, you need to visit the nearest permanent enrolment centre. We will be speaking about how you can change your address. 

What is the SRN number in the Aadhaar card?

SRN is 28 digits Service Request Number that is generated automatically after placing a request any update or correction in your Aadhaar card. The number is allotted to you during the transaction. It is also mentioned in the Acknowledgement Slip. You can use the SRN number in Aadhaar to know the status of the correction or update online.

Furthermore, SRN or Service Request Number is created when you put an Aadhaar Address update request by way of a Validation Letter. 

What is a URN number in the Aadhaar card?

URN or Update Request Number is a 14-digit numerical data that is generated after you finish the procedure of correction or update online. It will show on the screen as soon as you submit the request. Furthermore, you will get a message to your registered cell number mentioning your URN. An example of a URN is 6789/ 67890/ 67890.

When an SRN number is allotted to you?

SRN Number or Service Request Number is generated when you place a request for correction or an update for your Address by way of a Validation Letter.Address Validation Letter is a letter that is sent to Address Verifier’s address. The letter will have a secret code that is sent for authentication after the Address Verifier gives his/ her permission to use his/her address by you. After you submit the request successfully you will get the Aadhaar Validation Letter within a period of 30 days from the date of placing the request. You can also track your request status by using the SRN Number and your Aadhaar number from the official website of UIDAI https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/checkSSUPStatus/checkupdatestatus

Steps for updating or correction in an Aadhaar Card 

From the above discussion, we can see that there are two kinds of numbers, the first one being the Unique Request Number or URN and the second one is Service Request Number or SRN in Aadhaar. The Unique Request Number is also a 14-digit number assigned to you if you have your correction or update done at any of the Enrolment Centre instead of online. On the other hand, Service Request Number is allotted to you if you edit your details online.

You are allowed to update your address online in Self Service Update Portal or SSUP by visiting https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/ssup/login.html. For other updates for your demographic details like name, date of birth, address. gender, mobile number, and your Email id and your Biometric details like fingerprints, Iris scan and your photograph in your Aadhaar, you need to visit Permanent Enrolment Centre. You need to follow the below steps:

Step 1: Log into the official website of UIDAI SSUPhttps://ssup.uidai.gov.in/ssup/login.html.

Step 2: Enter your Aadhaar number or Virtual ID as shown below

Aadhaar number

Step 3: Fill in the captcha verification process and click on “Send OTP” after which you will receive an OTP in your registered mobile number

Step 4: Select the Address Update checkbox

Step 5: Fill the respective fields with the necessary details to be updated in English together with Local Language. When you are correcting your Address, do not forget to write your complete address

Step 6: Then upload the original coloured scanned copies of your PoA-Proof of Address document as per the specified List

Step 7: Check the data that you have entered for correction in English with the local language. An important point to note that UIDAI will not do any corrections to the information what you have provided

Step 8: Submit the update request. Note your URN or Update Request Number carefully as you will need this for future tracking

Step 9: You are allowed to download or print your Update Acknowledgement copy

Step 10: This Acknowledgement has the URN and the SRN in Aadhaar with which you can track the status of your request for update or correction of your address

Another important point to note here is that you can also check the status of your online address update request by using the URN in the UIDAI SSUP portal. You are also allowed to check the status of your Address Validation Letter request by using the SRN in Aadhaar as shown below in the screenshot

SRN in Aadhaar

So, now with the availability of both online and offline options, you can go ahead and make corrections or updates in your Aadhaar card. Make sure your details are updated correctly so that you do not face any problems in the future and you can be benefitted from holding an Aadhaar card. Because of the rise in the importance and universal acceptance of an Aadhar card in all types of transactions and all sectors, you must have your Aadhaar Status updated. By getting an Aadhaar, you will not only make your job procedures quicker and easier, but you will be able to avail of the added benefits of numerous schemes launched by the Government.


After the request gets generated, the printed Address Validation Letter will get be validated manually and then the same will be sent to the Verifier’s address via DoP or India Speed Post. You need to follow the below-mentioned steps to update the address: –

  • Visit the SSUP portal https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/ssup
  • Click ‘Proceed to Update Address’ link
  • Login with your Aadhaar number
  • Choose the option ‘Update Address via Secret Code’
  • Enter the Secret Code
  • Check your new address and then submit
  • Take note of your Update Request Number or URN which will be shown on the screen

Point to note here is that you will be given only three chance to enter the Secret Code entry

After which you will not be allowed to do so.

After you submit the respective update successfully, you will get a Service Request Number or SRN number. You will receive the Aadhaar Validation Letter within 30 days from the date of placing such a request.

Not exactly. This implies that your service request update for the address validation letter is complete and the details are being submitted. Now, all the necessary information which you have provided will be authenticated and after this process is over, your request will be processed and you will receive a message confirming the same.

You can correct/ update your cell number by visiting the nearest Permanent Enrolment Centre.

Yes, you are allowed to update your present address by placing a request for Address Validation Letter with the support of an Address Verifier, who will permit you to use his or her address as your residence proof.