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Information on how to fill Aadhaar Correction/Update Form

In India, the two most vital documents which are treated as proof of identity are Voter Identity Card and newly introduced, Aadhaar Card. A Voter Identity Card is issued to you by the Election Commission of India to all citizens of India above 18 years which allows you to cast your vote in several elections held in India. Election Commission of India issues a Voter Identity Card to individuals who would be enrolling themselves in the electoral list. And therefore, your Voter Identity Card is considered to be an official and lawful proof of identity.

What is an Aadhaar Card?

Aadhaar Card is a unique number having 12-digits, issued to Indian citizens by the Unique Identification Authority of India or UIDAI including the children and infants, based on their biometric statistics like fingerprints, iris scan, etc and also demographic data. 

Aadhaar Card is not used as a proof of identity but also can be used as a critical document in many important financial transactions as well as other transactions when needed. You can use this document as a valid proof of identity for getting a passport, to buy an insurance policy or for opening a new bank account and many more. Here, we will take you through the process of the Aadhaar card correction form and how to fill up the same.

Process of submitting Aadhaar card correction form or Aadhaar update form

After enrolling yourself for getting an Aadhaar Card and after receiving the same, subsequently, if you notice that certain details are captured erroneously, you can correct the same. UIDAI has given the facility for you to make corrections or update your Aadhaar card both online as well as offline. You have the liberty to rectify any mistake or update any information kept in the Aadhaar record by using the Aadhaar card correction form. You need not pay any fees for corrections if you do that within 96 hours or 4 days from the date of enrolment. After 4 days, you need to pay a nominal charge of INR 50 for any corrections or updates. In this section, we will discuss both the methods in detail. 

  1. Online Method:
    Let us see the process of submission of the Aadhaar card correction formonline for an incorrect address as an example for a better understanding.

    Step 1: You then need to log in UIDAI self-service portal of
    https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/ssup/login.html to perform this activity

    Step 2: You cangenerate a Virtual ID by entering the 12-digit Aadhaar number, captcha code and verifying it by an OTP sent to your registered mobile number. Virtual ID or VID is a random 16-digit number that is allotted provisionally to your Aadhaar card number for facilitating verification or an e-KYC as shown in the below screenshot.
Virtual ID

Step 3: You can generate a Virtual ID on the Aadhaar portal as shown in the below screenshot.

Virtual ID

Step 4: You need to complete the captcha verification and then click on send OTP

Step 5: You need to enter the OTP received and click on the key “log in”

Step 6: You will be redirected to the Aadhaar card correction form page where there will be 2 options that can be seen. 1st is Updating of address by submitting address proof and 2nd is Updating of address through a secret code. The 2nd option will be applicable when you have an Address Validation Letter with yourself

Step 7: If you choose the 1st option, the next screen will reflect your old address with a provision of entering your updated address and here you would need to fill your new address

Step 8: After the above step, you can edit, if needed, else you can click on submit. Remember that you need to give your consent to the change by ticking the consent box

Step 9: You will then need to upload a valid proof of address as per the specified list

Step 10: After you submit the Aadhaar card correction form online, you will receive an Update Request Number or a URN with which you can track the position of your request for an address change or correction on the Aadhaar portal

  1. Offline Method:
    Here are the necessary steps that you need to follow when you are submitting your Aadhaar Correction Form offline by visiting an Enrolment or an Update Centre.

    Step 1: You need to visit the nearby Aadhaar Enrolment Centre or an Update Centre to get the relevant Aadhaar Correction Form and fill the same correctly

    Step 2: You can also download the Aadhaar Correction Form or the Enrolment form and fill up accurately

    Step 3: Ensure that you carry with you the applicable documents essential to authenticate any of the updations or corrections that you are requesting for

    Step 4: Then, you can submit the Aadhaar Correction Form to the officer in the Enrolment Centre

    Step 5: The officer will validate all the data and will proceed accordingly

    You can check the status of any correction or update in the Aadhar card as done above on the UIDAI self-service portal by entering the Enrolment Id or EID and follow the process of captcha verification as shown in the below screenshot.
Enrolment Id or EID

Instructions to fill the Aadhaar card correction form

Below is the screenshot as to how the Aadhaar card correction form or the Aadhaar Enrolment Form looks like. As because the enrolment and correction form needs to be done in the same form, you may find it confusing as to which information you need to fill when you are submitting an Aadhaar card correction form. The fundamental rule is to fill up the below details:

  1. Enrolment ID or EID of 28 digits which has the enrolment number with a date as well as the time stamp 
  2. Your full name
  3. Only the applicable field or fields for which you need the correction

You can refer to an exhaustive instruction on filling up the Aadhaar card correction form on page 2 of the Aadhaar card correction form in PDF version available on the UIDAI official website.

UIDAI official website

Different fields on the Aadhaar card correction form

In this section, we will see a detailed view of each field that needs to be filled up by you for your clear understanding.

  1. Name: You must fill up your full name without any salutations like Mr. or Mrs. etc, as your full name is officially recognized. You need to authenticate your full name with an effective identity proof like Voters id, Driving Licence, Passport, PAN Card, etc and the same must be as per the specified list provided by UIDAI and Aadhaar enrolment for Aadhaar card correction form. You are also permitted to do minor deviations in the spelling of your name without totally altering the same. For example, if your name is spelt as ‘Adrija’ and you want to update the same to “Adreeja”, you will be allowed to do that and you need not provide any extra proofs
  2. Gender: Select the appropriate gender you fit in to like a Male, Female, or Transgender
  3. Date of Birth or DoB: Enter the date of birth in DDMMYYYY format, hence, if you were born on 3rd November 1975, then the correct way of putting it will be 03111975. Cases where you or an elder person in your family is uninformed about the exact date of birth, then you can put a projected age in years and not in months. If you have a proof for the said date of birth, you can tick against the option of ‘Verified’, and if you don’t possess any proof of the date of birth, tick against the option ‘Declared’
  4. Address: Ensure to write your complete address and remember to take the original documents with you for validation purposes when you visit the Enrolment centre to submit the Aadhaar card correction form. Any mistake in the address may lead to non- receipt of the Aadhaar card. 
  5. Relationship: If you have a child who is less than 5 years and you are applying for his or her Aadhaar, then you need to also provide the name and the Aadhaar number of the father, mother, or the designated guardian mandatorily in the Aadhaar card correction form.
  6. Documents: You need to mention the supporting documents that you will submit as POI -Proof of Identity, DOB- Date of Birth, POA- Proof of Address, and POR- Proof of Relationship
  7. Introducer or HoF: If you do not have any documents and is using verification based Aadhaar card on Head of the Family or Hof or an Introducer, you are then required to provide Aadhaar or EID number of the HoF or the Introducer without fail

Things to remember while filling Aadhaar card correction form

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts which you need to remember for your Aadhaar card correction form.


  1. Always use capital letters when you are filling the Aadhaar card correction form
  2. Submit the correct supporting document for any change 
  3. Link your mobile number with Aadhaar to make any request for correction 
  4. Fill only those fields only which needs correction 
  5. In absence of any original documents, submit certified photocopies 


  1. Never give incorrect or false information 
  2. Do not give old information unreasonably
  3. Ensure to give the updated data in your Aadhaar card correction form
  4. Never use initials like B.K. Sen, instead, write as Bijoy Kumar Sen
  5. Do not use a fade photo cannot be seen properly

In this digital age, the Government of India realises the importance of providing convenience to the citizens of India and hence have introduced the online Aadhar portal which not only helps you to get your Aadhaar card, but also gives you the facility of making corrections or updates very easily. So, apply and get your Aadhaar card now.


No, you cannot update your 2nd cell number online. You need to visit the nearest Permanent Enrolment centre for this purpose.

No, your Aadhaar card number will remain unchanged even after the update.

If you are going to a Permanent Enrollment centre, you can have both Demographics and Biometrics details updated.

If you are using the online Self Service Update portal process of updating, you would be required to upload a scanned copy of the original documents.

Submission of information or data for updates or correction does not promise an update of Aadhaar data. All data submitted will be verified and validated after which only the same will be updated.