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Information on how to update Biometric Data for Aadhaar

An Aadhar Card is a unique identification tool for the citizens of India which helps them be identified through a 12-digit unique identification number called the Aadhar number. The Aadhar card contains your demographic details like your name, address, contact number and age and also your biometric details which include your photograph, your eye’s iris scan and the prints of all the fingers of your hand. These details are recorded at a centralised database which is monitored and maintained by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). Besides keeping a record of all your details, UIDAI also allows you to update your demographic or biometric details on your Aadhar cards. You can follow the prescribed steps and get your details updated.

The need for updating your details in Aadhar

Your demographic details like your name, address or phone number can change due to many reasons. You can change your name legally or when you get married your name might change. Similarly, your mobile number can also change if you change it. If you buy a new house or you relocate there can be a change in your address. 

Biometric details change in the case of children. As children grow up, their face and fingerprints change. Similarly, if you are in an accident or there is a grave injury, your biometric details can also change.

Whenever any demographic or biometric detail changes, you should get the change updated in your Aadhar card too. While demographic changes can be updated online through UIDAI’s website or through the mAadhar mobile application, in case of biometric updates, the process is slightly different. So, let’s find out how you can update changes in your biometric data.

What are the biometric details recorded in Aadhaar?

When you apply for an Aadhaar card, three biometric details are captured by the Aadhaar enrolment agency and then recorded in your Aadhaar card. These biometric details include the following –

  • Iris scan of your eyes
  • Fingerprints of all the 8 fingers and two thumbs
  • Photograph

Submission of biometric data in Aadhar

Your biometric details are recorded by UIDAI when you apply for an Aadhar Card. At that time, your fingerprints of all fingers of your hand, photograph and iris scan is recorded by the executives at Aadhar Enrolment Centres. This record is then transferred to the UIDAI central database where it is stored. Based on the enrolment form and the biometric data submitted at the time of enrolment, the Aadhar card is issued.

Why is an Aadhar biometric update required?

An Aadhar biometric update is needed when your biometric details are already stored with UIDAI and there have been changes to such details. A biometric update can be needed in the following cases –

  1. When infants having an Aadhaar card attain 5 years of age
  2. When children aged 5 years and above attain 15 years of age
  3. When you suffer any injury or sickness which results in the change in your biometrics like eye transplant surgeries, etc.

In this case, the new biometric details would have to be furnished to UIDAI so that the UIDAI’s database remains up-to-date. 

In that case, the new biometric details would have to be furnished to UIDAI so that the UIDAI’s database remains up-to-date. 

How to do Aadhaar biometric update?

You cannot do Aadhar card biometric update online. For the Aadhar biometric update, you would have to visit a permanent Aadhar enrolment centre and get your biometrics updated there. 

The process to get Aadhar biometric updated. therefore, involves two steps. One is locating the nearest Aadhaar enrolment centre and the other is to visit the centre and get the details updated. The processes are as follows –

Locating an Aadhaar enrolment centre

  1. Locating the nearest Aadhaar enrolment centre can be done online through UIDAI website or through mAadhaar app.
  2. For locating the centre online, visit https://uidai.gov.in/ and under ‘Get Aadhaar’ choose ‘Locate an enrolment centre’.
  3. You would be given three options of locating – ‘State’, ‘Postal Code’ and ‘Search Box’
  4. You can choose either of the three options, enter in the details and the list of nearest Aadhaar enrolment centre would be shown.
  5. If you have the mAadhaar application on your Smartphone, you can use the application to locate the Aadhaar enrolment centre
  6. Open the application and choose the ‘Enrolment Centre’
  7. In the next page choose from ‘Search by Text’ or ‘Advanced Search’
  8. Under ‘Search by Text’ you would have to enter the name of the centre to locate it
  9. Under ‘Advanced Search’ you can locate the Aadhaar enrolment centre either through PIN Code or through State and district.

Updating Aadhaar biometrics

Once you have located the Aadhaar enrolment centre closest to you, you can then proceed to update the biometric details. The process is as follows – 

  1. Step 1:
    Locate the nearest permanent Aadhar Enrolment Centre in your locality. You can locate the centre online through the UIDAI website
  2. Step 2:
    Visit the centre and fill up the Aadhar update form available there
  3. Step 3:
    When you submit the form, authentication would be required. You can get your iris scanned or submit your fingerprints, whichever has not changed, for completing the authentication process.
  4. Step 4:
    Once the authentication process is done, the changed biometrics would be recorded
  5. Step 5:
    The recorded biometrics would then be locked and updated in UIDAI’s database
  6. Step 6:
    You would have to pay a specified amount of money as a fee in case of Aadhar biometric update.

Aadhar biometric update for children

When children are being enrolled under Aadhar, their age is an important criterion. Children who are aged below 5 years are allotted Baal Aadhar. In such an Aadhar card, the biometric details of the child are not recorded. Instead, the biometric details of the parents are recorded. That is why when children holding a Baal Aadhar attain 5 years of age, they have to provide their own biometric details. In such cases, Aadhar biometric update is done and the biometric details of children aged 5 years and above but below 15 years are recorded. Furthermore, when the child attains 15 years of age, the biometric data has to be updated once again. 

So, if a child enrols for Aadhar when he is aged below 5 years, Aadhar biometric update would be required twice, once when the child attains 5 years and once again when the child attains 15 years. On the other hand, if a child aged between 5 years and 15 years applies for Aadhar card, Aadhar biometric update would be done once when the child attains 15 years of age. If, however, the child is aged 15 years or above, Aadhar biometric update would not be mandatory unless otherwise required.

Why updated biometric details are important?

Your biometric details serve to help identify you from other individuals. Updated biometric details ensure that there is no duplication of Aadhar number for an individual. Since two individuals cannot have the same biometric details, they can be easily identified through their updated biometrics. The UIDAI promotes updating of biometric data so that it can allot a unique Aadhar identification number to each individual who enrols under Aadhar. Moreover, biometric details ensure that an individual cannot apply for two Aadhar cards making the card a genuine and authentic source of identification.

Fees for Aadhar biometric update

For Aadhar biometric update a fee would have to be paid every time that an update is done. The fee is INR 50 which includes taxes. This fee would be payable at the Aadhar Enrolment Centre where you go to get your biometric details updated. You can pay the fee in cash or through your debit or credit card or any other online payment mode. In the case of Aadhar biometric update for children, however, the mandatory update which is required when the child attains 5 years and then again when the child attains 15 years would be free. In such cases, no fee would be payable for Aadhar biometric update.

So, keep your demographic and biometric details updated in your Aadhar card at all times so that at the time of any Aadhar based authentication, a mismatch does not cause any hassles.


The biometric details which are recorded in Aadhar are your photograph, iris scan of both of your eyes and the prints of all ten fingers of your hands.

If adults face any contingency which alters their biometric data, Aadhar biometric update would be required. These contingencies can be an accidental injury or any illness which causes changes in your biometric details. Moreover, it is advisable for adults to get their biometric details updated after every 10 years.

No, Aadhar biometric update cannot be done through mAadhar application. For any type of biometric update, you would have to visit the permanent Aadhar Enrolment Centre

No, the Aadhaar card number does not change after you have updated the biometrics in your Aadhaar card.