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How to Link Aadhar with LIC Policy via Online & Offline Mode

The Life Insurance Corporation of India is a leading life insurance provider in India having the largest market share. The company was formed in the year 1956 and is the oldest life insurance company. LIC offers a range of life insurance policies and its customers trust the company with their life insurance needs.

The Government introduced the Aadhar card as a unique identification card for Indian citizens. The card contains a unique 12-digit number which identifies the holder of the card. Aadhar card is, therefore, used as a primary identification proof in most financial transactions. Even LIC policies can be bought with your Aadhar card serving as proof of identification, age and address. Moreover, you can also link Aadhar to LIC policies that you have. This linking would help you store all your policy details at one place and LIC would also be able to identify the policyholders with their respective Aadhar numbers.

Advantages of LIC Aadhar link

It is not mandatory to link Aadhar to LIC policy that you own. However, it is beneficial for you to do LIC Aadhar link for the following reasons –

  • It would be easier for LIC to identify and authenticate your identity through your Aadhar card details when your policies are linked to Aadhar. This would help the company avoid fraudulent claims
  • You can complete the authentication of your policies by providing your Aadhar number which would ease up the authentication process and make things simpler
  • When you do LIC policy Aadhar link the chances of laundering of black money also reduce and the company can find a proper trail of your transactions.

The process of LIC Aadhar link is simple enough and you can link Aadhar to LIC with some simple steps. There are both the online mode and offline mode for LIC Aadhar link and the process is each of these modes is explained hereunder –

Online process of LIC Aadhar link

To link Aadhar to LIC policy online, the process is as follows –

  • Visit the website of LIC https://www.licindia.in/Home.aspx and on the home page find the link for LIC Aadhar link
  • Click on this link wherein a new page would open
  • You would have to enter in your LIC policy number (s), full name as it appears on your Aadhar card, date of birth, Aadhar card number, gender, PAN Card number, mobile number and any other details required
  • Enter in the captcha code and generate an OTP
  • The OTP is sent to your registered mobile number which you should enter to complete the process of LIC Aadhar link
  • Once the linking is done, you would get a confirmation message
  • Alternatively, you can also log into your online LIC account and update your Aadhar card details therein. Visit https://www.licindia.in/Home-(1)/LICOnlineServicePortal and click on ‘Registered User’. Log into your online account and update your Aadhar card details
  • If you have not registered for online services, register yourself by clicking on ‘New User’
  • Create a user ID and password and provide the other required information
  • Upload the scanned image of your Aadhar card and PAN card to complete the registration process
  • You would, then, become a registered user of LIC for online services and then you can update your Aadhar details online through your account.

Offline process of LIC Aadhar link

If you want to do LIC policy Aadhar link offline then you can do so by visiting the branches of LIC and doing the linking therein. The steps for offline linking are as follows –

  • There is an Aadhar linking mandate form which is available online as well as at the branches of LIC.
  • For downloading the form online, the link is https://www.licindia.in/getattachment/Home-(1)/Online-Aadhaar-PAN-Mandate.pdf.aspx
  • Fill up the form stating the following details –
  • Your name
  • Policy number (s)
  • Aadhar card number
  • PAN card number
  • Name of the branch where you are submitting the form
  • Sign the form and submit it at the branch office of LIC. To find the branch closest to your area, you can locate LIC’s branches online. Just visit https://www.licindia.in/LOCATOR/Branch, enter your State and city and hit ‘Search’. The list of branches in your city would be displayed. You can visit any branch as per your suitability
  • You would also have to submit self-attested copies of your Aadhar card and your PAN Card to complete the process of LIC Aadhar link
  • Once the form and the documents are submitted, LIC would verify all details
  • Once the details are verified, the LIC Aadhar link would be done and you would get a confirmation of the same on your registered email id and/or mobile number

LIC Aadhaar Link for lapsed LIC policies

If you have not paid the due premiums on time for your LIC policy, the policy would lapse. A lapsed policy can also be linked to your Aadhaar card. You can link the policy online or offline. If linking offline, mention the policy number in the Aadhaar mandate form to get it linked with your Aadhaar card.

LIC Aadhaar Link for multiple policies

If you hold multiple LIC policies in your name you can link all the policies at once. When linking online provide the policy numbers of all LIC policies that you have, whether they are in-force or lapsed. Then provide your Aadhaar number to complete the linking. If you are linking offline, the mandate form allows you to enter the multiple policy numbers in the same form. You, therefore, would not have to fill and submit multiple forms for your multiple LIC policies as a single form would complete the linking.

Things to remember when linking LIC policies with Aadhaar

When you are doing LIC Aadhaar Link, the following points should be kept in mind –

  • Keep your LIC policy documents handy so that the policy numbers can be easily accessed
  • Keep your Aadhaar Card and your PAN Card also handy for providing the correct Aadhaar and PAN numbers which would be required at the time of linking
  • Your mobile number should be registered with your Aadhaar card. This is necessary because an OTP is sent when you link your Aadhaar with LIC policies online. This OTP has to be entered to complete the LIC Aadhaar Link

If you have any queries regarding LIC Aadhar link and are unable to link Aadhar to LIC, you can also get in touch with LIC and seek a resolution. You can find the customer care number and address for your area online on https://www.licindia.in/Customer-Services/Phone-Help-Line. Speak to the customer care executive and seek assistance for LIC Aadhar link. Alternatively, you can also send a message to LIC’s customer care department by writing LICHELP and send the SMS to 9222492224 or to 56767877. The company would then get in touch with you and provide you witha the solution for LIC Aadhar link.

The Government introduced the concept of LIC Aadhar link for the benefits which this step would provide. Though the linking is not mandatory, it is better to do it for the benefits that you can get. The process for LIC Aadhar link is also simple and it would not take too much of an effort or time to do it.


After submission of the Aadhar linking form, it takes some time for the details to be verified by the insurance company. Only when the verification is done would the linking be successfully done. Once the linking is done, you would get a confirmation message and/or an email and this confirmation notification would let you know if your Aadhar card has been successfully linked with your LIC policy.

Being the policyholder you can link your Aadhar card to the policy. Your wife’s Aadhar card can also be linked if you want. There is no specification on whose Aadhar card should be linked but since you are paying the premium linking your card makes the most sense.

When filling up the Aadhar linking form you would have to enter in your LIC policy number, name, date of birth, gender, father/spouse’s name, PAN Card number, email ID and mobile number as registered in Aadhar records.

In order to do a successful linking of Aadhar with your LIC policy number, you need the mobile number which is registered with Aadhar. You can, therefore, change your mobile number registered in your LIC policy. This change can be done online through LIC’s online customer portal. You can also visit the LIC branch and request to update your mobile number. Once the mobile number matches your Aadhar registered number, you would be able to complete the linking.