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How to Link Aadhaar Card with ICICI Bank Account Online & Offline

Every individual is required to have an authentic identity proof for them to be identified as an Indian Citizen. Aadhaar Card is one of those documents Issued by the Government of India. Aadhaar number is issued to the residents of India after fulfilling the authentication process laid down by the concerned Authority. Any individual, regardless of age and gender, and is an Indian resident, may voluntarily enrol to get an Aadhaar number. An individual needs to enrol for an Aadhaar only once and after removing the duplicates only one unique number will be generated, as the uniqueness is accomplished by way of de-duplication of demographic and biometric information.

What is an Aadhaar Card?

Aadhaar is a 12-digit random number issued by the UIDAI Authority to the citizens of India. An Individual, eager to enrol for aadhaar, needs to provide his or her minimal demographic and biometric information at the time of enrolment and is free of cost. Aadhaar identity policy comes with its inherent features of uniqueness, verification, financial information and e-KYC. 

Background and importance of ICICI aadhaar link

The government of India has proposed linking of all bank accounts with aadhaar. This step will support cleaning out all the duplications as well as fakes and will provide accurate data to allow the application of various direct benefit programs. Usage of Aadhaar lessens the cost of recognizing persons and offers augmented transparency to the Indian government in executing of various schemes. Since Aadhaar is a strategic plan for communal and financial inclusion, public sector delivery restructurings, handling finances, etc, by linking bank accounts with aadhaar, will increase ease and encourage hassle-free people-oriented administration, especially for the deprived andpoor segments of the society. All Government benefits will now be credited through the bank accounts that are linked to your Aadhaar or your UID number. And, hence linking your bank account with your aadhaar is a very important task.

And it is in this line of thought, ICICI Bank, a leading private sector bank in India, has introduced a smooth process of ICICI aadhaar link, by which the ICICI account holders will be able to link their accounts with their Aadhaar number. 

What is the ICICI aadhaar link process?

ICICI aadhaar link is a method by which any person having an ICICI Bank account, can link his or her account details to their Aadhaar Card. By doing the ICICI aadhaar link, all the details for that person will be stored in the government’s warehouse. 

ICICI Bank provides you with several ways to do an ICICI aadhaar link. Here, we will take you through the ICICI aadhaar link processes and understand the steps under each of the procedures.

How to link aadhaar with the ICICI bank account

ICICI aadhaar link can be done in 7 different ways. Here are the below steps mentioned for your reference for each of these methods: 

  1. ICICI aadhaar linkvia the website: Banks need to occasionally update necessary documents for customer identification in their records of all the account holders to follow the RBI rules for Know Your Customer or KYC. In this context, you as an ICICI bank customer are needed to undergo Re-KYC and submit the relevant documents for yourself and other account holders and in this way also, you can furnish your aadhaar number and link the same with your account.
    • Step 1: Visit ICICI Bank’s official website and go to https://www.icicibank.com/nri-banking/update-kyc.page. This page talks about various options of updating and doing re-KYC
    • Step 2: You can simply log in to internet banking and follow the below path
      Internet Banking > Customer Service > Service Requests > Bank Accounts > Request for updation of Re-KYC
    • Step 3: Or You can also visit any ICICI branch to submit the re-KYC form along with other supporting documents including your aadhaar
    • Step 4: Or You can directly send the re-KYC form and documents to the below address and do the needful
      ICICI Bank Towers
      NRICPC, 6th floor, A-Wing, Autumn Estate,
      Opp. MHADA, Near Chandivali Studio;
      Andheri-East, Mumbai – 400 072, India.
  1. ICICI aadhaar linkvia net banking: You as a registeredInternet banking user of ICICI Bank, can link your ICICI Bank accounts with your Aadhaar through this method. You need to have your net banking IDs from the bank before you go ahead with this facility. The steps are as follows: 
    • Step 1: Visit ICICI Bank’s official website https://www.icicibank.com/
    • Step 2: Login using your Internet Banking user ID and password
    • Step 3: The next step is to select your account number from the menu as shown
    • Step 4: Enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number
    • Step 5: You need to enter again your 12-digit Aadhaar Number to confirm
    • Step 6: Fill your mobile number and your e-mail id
    • Step 7: Give your consent
    • Step 8: Click on the Submit key
    • Step 9: Your Aadhaar would be linked with your ICICI Bank account
  1. ICICI aadhaar link via ATM: ICICI Bank also allows you to do ICICI aadhaar link through an ICICI Bank ATM. You need to follow the simple steps as mentioned below:
    • Step 1:Visit any nearest ICICI Bank
    • Step 2:Swipe your debit card and select your preferred language
    • Step 3: Next, enter your debit card PIN
    • Step 4: Select the option stating “More options”
    • Step 5: Now, you need to select “Aadhaar Updation” from the menu
    • Step 6: Enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number
    • Step 7: You need to enter again your 12-digit Aadhaar Number to confirm
    • Step 8: Click on Submit
    • Step 9: Your Aadhaar will be linked with your ICICI Bank account
  1. ICICI aadhaar link via Mobile App: ICICI Bank customers have been given the liberty to do ICICI aadhaar link through the mobile app names iMobile. You need to follow a few easy steps as mentioned below:
    • Step 1: Log in to your iMobile app with your Internet Banking ID and Password or the 4-digit PIN
    • Step 2:Click on the “Services” option
    • Step 3: Next is, select “Instabanking Services”
    • Step 4: You then need to select the option of “Update Aadhaar”
    • Step 5: Enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number
    • Step 6: Submit your request
    • Step 7: Your Aadhaar will be linked with your bank account
    • Step 8: You will also get a message confirming upon successful Aadhaar linking
  1. ICICI aadhaar link via Phone Banking and IVR: You as an ICICI Bank client can use the facility of phone banking and IVR to link your bank accounts with Aadhaar. The process is free of charge and can be done within no time. Follow the below simple steps to link your bank account with Aadhaar:
    • Step 1: Dial the Customer Care Number 1860 120 7777
    • Step 2:Choose your preferred language
    • Step 3: Select 1 for Banking Accounts
    • Step 4: Enter your 12-digits account number or your 16-digits debit card number
    • Step 5: Then, you need to enter your ATM PIN
    • Step 6: After you hear the Aadhaar message, select 1 to update your Aadhaar
    • Step 7: Enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number and confirm
    • Step 8: Your Aadhaar will be linked with your bank account
  1. ICICI aadhaar link via Offline: ICICI Bank has also kept the option of visiting branch and then do your aadhaar and bank account linking. Below are the simple steps to link your bank account with Aadhaar:
    • Step 1:Visit your nearest ICICI Bank branch
    • Step 2:Go to the helpdesk and ask for the “Stay Connected” form
    • Step 3: Fill in the necessary details in the form, like your bank account number, customer ID, etc.
    • Step 4: Mention your 12-digit Aadhaar number in point E
    • Step 5: Do not forget to attach a self-attested copy of your Aadhaar
    • Step 6: Next, submit the form along with your original Aadhaar card to the bank officer
    • Step 7: The officer will give you a receipt and your original Aadhaar after proper authentication
    • Step 8: Your Aadhaar number will be linked with your ICICI bank account successfully
  1. ICICI aadhaar link via SMS: ICICI Bank also provides the facility of sitting at home and then do your aadhaar and bank account linking by just an SMS. Point to note here is that your mobile number must be registered with the bank. Below are the simple steps to link your bank account with Aadhaar:
    • Step 1: Type the message in the below format
      Aadhar <space>12-digit Aadhaar number last 6 digits of ICICI Bank Savings account number
    • Step 2: You need to send the SMS to 9215676766
    • Step 3: You will receive a confirmation message upon successful linking of your Aadhaar with your bank account

Documents needed to do ICICI aadhaar link

You would need the following things to do ICICI aadhaar link:

  • Your Aadhaar card and a self-attested photocopy
  • Registered cell number
  • Net banking ID and password
  • “Stay Connected” form if you are visiting the branch

Fee for ICICI aadhaar link

You need not pay anything for doing an ICICI aadhaar link.

Important points to remember under ICICI aadhaar link

ICICI Bank customers who wish to link their Aadhaar to their bank account must keep a few things in mind before the process of linking. Check the below points to remember while doing an ICICI aadhaar link

  1. According to the Supreme Court verdict, it is not compulsory to link your Aadhaar with your bank account anymore. However, if you wish to do so, you can go ahead and link your Aadhaar with your ICICI bank account.
  2. Never share your bank account details or your aadhaar number with anyone claiming to offer the service of Aadhaar linking services over a phone call.Nobody can call you to ask you for your Aadhaar number or ICICI bank details on the excuse of Aadhaar linking and this is a probable phishing call. And hence never share your details. This is a UIDAI mandate as well.
  3. Remember to get your net banking ID and password while using the iMobile app and internet banking to do the ICICI aadhaar link.
  4. If you are having multiple ICICI bank accounts, you need to check the status of the same with ICICI bank.
  5. You will be able in a position to use SMS facility only if your cell number is linked to your Aadhaar and is registered with your ICICI bank account
  6. Carry your original Aadhaar card to complete the process of verification when you are visiting any ICICI branch.

Pros and Cons of ICICI aadhaar link

  1. Pros:
    There are certain advantages which you may get when you do an ICICI aadhaar link and they are as follows:
    1. Receipt of Direct Benefit Transfer or DBT of LPG Subsidy directly into your ICICI bank account.
    2. Get direct credit of other Government subsidies like pensions, welfare funds, scholarships, MNREGA salaries, etc. into your bank account
    3. Take the advantage of simple and convenient Aadhaar enabled payment systems (AEPS) like
      a) BHIM – Aadhaar Pay.
      b) Aadhaar Based payment on biometric Micro ATM’s at BC’s.
      c) UPI payments through Aadhaar.
    4. Subsidies for many commodity products like sugar, kerosene, rice, pulses and various other granted products will also be transferred directly to your linked bank account.
    5. Students who get scholarships from the government can get his or her money only if their ICICI bank accounts in his or her name is linked with their Aadhaar number. 
    6. Linked ICICI accounts are accessible across the country and you may withdraw funds as an when needed.
    7. By doing a link to your bank account with your aadhaar, you help the government to do justice in the service or benefits distribution and equality.
  1. Cons:
    No system is flawless or perfect. If anyone manages to get into any database, he can do a severe impact on the daily life of an individual. Although the banking system is extremely secured, but there are some disadvantages associated with it and it is always good to be ready for the unanticipatedincidents. Let us see some of those as below:
    1. Since all critical information of an individual is available in one single platform, this could make scrutiny easier and also increases the risks of getting the same hacked.
    2. Since linking is done with your insurance policy also along with your bank accounts, access to this information becomes easier, as when all these separate information’s are put together, a lot of information or data becomes readily available to be misused by any person
    3. This bank account linking may be vulnerable to social hacks together with a risk in a person’s financial information
    4. Chances of data getting leaked

So, now that you knowhow to link aadhaar with ICICI bank account, it would not be difficult for you to follow the process and to do the needful. Do not worry and follow the bank’s guidelines and enjoy the benefits.