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Information on How to Link Driving License with Aadhaar

The Aadhaar card and driving license are the two important and essential documents. Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), a statutory authority established in the year 2009 collects Indian resident’s demographic, biometric and personal data and then issues 12 digit unique identification number called ‘aadhaar’. An Aadhaar card is essential for every Indian resident to avail the benefits of government welfare schemes and subsidies such as scholarships and LPG subsidy benefits. Linking of aadhaar to various services and documents like driving license and PAN card benefits in various ways. 

Driving license is a mandatory requirement and it is an official document issued by the Government of India that permits an individual to operate one or more types of motorised vehicles such as motorbike, car, bus, truck etc., on a public road under no supervision. It was made mandatory by the government to get aadhaar linked to the driving license of individuals before which was discontinued later in 2018 after the Supreme Court’s Judgement. However, now again the Government of India is planning to make aadhaar linking mandatory for driving license to stop forgery and to keep a check on the issuance of duplicate driving licenses. Let’s understand the process to link driving licenses with aadhaar.

The process to link driving license with aadhaar

Linking the aadhaar card to your driving license can be processed in two ways –offline and online. Let’s take a look at both the methods to link driving license with aadhaar.

The process to link driving license with aadhaar via online method

As our nation is embarking on the journey of digital transformation, there are easy provisions to get every work done on a digital platform. The process to link the driving license to aadhaar is no different. You can get the linking done just by following certain steps on a digital platform. Regional Road Transport Offices (RTOs) of each state offers various services on its digital platform now to make it easy and convenient for the residents. Even the driving license can be applied online. The process to link driving license with aadhaar may vary from state to state, the basic process is quite similar. Let’s take a look at the aadhaar linking process for your driving license.

Following are the step-by-step process to link driving license with aadhaar online –

  • Visit your state’s transport website. For example, you are residing in Karnataka and the driving license issued by the Government of Karnataka, you need to visit the Karnataka’s transport website – https://transport.karnataka.gov.in/english
  • Search for ‘Link aadhaar’ option and click on it
  • Select ‘driving license’ from the drop down menu
  • Provide your driving license number and click on ‘get details’ options
  • All the details related to your driving license will be displayed
  • Check carefully and verify the details 
  • Then, enter the 12 digit aadhaar number (UID) in the relevant box
  • Input your mobile number that is registered with aadhaar
  • Once the details are verified, aadhaar and mobile number is provided, click on the ‘submit’ button to proceed
  • Once you submit the details, one time password (OTP) will be sent to you on your aadhaar registered mobile number
  • Enter the one time password (OTP) received to complete the process to link driving license with aadhaar
  • There is also an option to check the status of linking aadhaar with a driving license online.

List of links for Transport Authority websites in India

You can easily access the transport authority websites specific to each state in India. To make it’s easy and even more convenient, we have listed out the link for transport authority websites

  1. Transport Authority Andaman and Nicobar Islands
  2. Transport Authority Andra Pradesh
  3. Transport Authority Arunachal Pradesh
  4. Transport Authority Assam
  5. Transport Authority Bihar
  6. Transport Authority Chandigarh
  7. Transport Authority Chhattisgarh
  8. Transport Authority Dadra and Nager Haveli
  9. Transport Authority Daman and Diu
  10. Transport Authority Delhi
  11. Transport Authority Goa
  12. Transport Authority Gujarat
  13. Transport Authority Haryana
  14. Transport Authority Himachal Pradesh
  15. Transport Authority Jammu and Kashmir
  16. Transport Authority Jharkhand
  17. Transport Authority Karnataka
  18. Transport Authority Kerala
  19. Transport Authority Lakshadweep
  20. Transport Authority Madhya Pradesh
  21. Transport Authority Maharashtra
  22. Transport Authority Manipur
  23. Transport Authority Meghalaya
  24. Transport Authority Mizoram
  25. Transport Authority Nagaland
  26. Transport Authority Orissa
  27. Transport Authority Pondicherry
  28. Transport Authority Punjab
  29. Transport Authority Rajasthan
  30. Transport Authority Sikkim
  31. Transport Authority Tamil Nadu
  32. Transport Authority Telangana
  33. Transport Authority Tripura
  34. Transport Authority Uttar Pradesh
  35. Transport Authority Uttarakhand
  36. Transport Authority West Bengal

Process to link driving license with aadhaar via offline method

If you prefer to get your aadhaar card linked to your driving license via offline method, you can do so by visiting the regional road transport office (RTO) to place the request to link driving license with aadhaar. Following is the step-by-step process to link driving license with aadhaar via offline method –

  • Visit the nearest Regional Road Transport Office (RTO) with your aadhaar card and driving license (both originals and copy)
  • Obtain an aadhaar registration form
  • Fill in the details in the form. Ensure to mention every detail correctly such as your driving license number and 12-digit aadhaar number and other relevant details
  • Enclose a copy of aadhaar and driving license and submit the duly filled and signed aadhaar registration form to the concerned official at RTO
  • The official will verify all the details filled in by you with your original aadhaar and driving license
  • Once the linking of aadhaar card is done with your driving license, confirmation SMS will be sent on your registered mobile number.

Advantages of linking aadhaar to driving license

In India, a driving license issued by one state authority is valid for use in all other states and union territories. Hence, there is no requirement of issuance of multiple driving licenses to the same individual. However, the government of India has many times come across instances of duplicate driving licenses and forgery. Thus, in order to avoid and nullify such instances, The Central Government plans to make it compulsory to link driving license with aadhaar card. Following are the advantages of linking aadhaar to driving license –

  • Linking of aadhaar to driving license helps to curb forgery cases
  • Duplicate driving license cannot be made if the aadhaar gets linked to the driving license. 

Aadhaar definitely plays a vital role in keeping check of duplicate driving licenses and forgery with the consolidated data including biometrics of an individual is recorded.